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April 11th 2017

I have not been able to update my stories or add any new ones for personal reasons thank you to all that still read them. I will try my best to work on something new or update some older stories if I get the chance.

thank you

50 shades fanatic I enjoy reading all the amazing Fan-Fiction that i find on this amazing forum. I love seeing how somebody's imagination can add to the stories we already know and love. We all imagine different happenings to the stories that we read and its so exciting when someone shares that feeling and posts a fanfic taking your perception to a different level.

Thank you again for reading my Fan-Fiction stories and for all of your kind comments and messages. I know some of you have asked me to add or change certain elements to the stories but honestly I just can only write what comes to mind. I'm not really a writer and before this I have never written anything so when I cant think of something to add I just stop and start new. I will try though but writing is new to me and hopefully I will get better. xoxo

I love writing in my "What if" theme and mostly all my stories are just different ways of Anastasia and Christian connecting and finding love. I have gotten a wonderful response to them so I will try to keep it going as long as I can come up with fresh idea's. Not to say that it wont change in the future.

My stories deal with mature situations and are intended for mature readers 18 and over please. By clicking any of the links below or reading any of my Fan-Fic stories you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age.

Please be kind when leaving comments. This is just for fun so please dont take it too seriously. I don't always use perfect grammar and sometimes I make no sense at all but I am human so go easy on me. Everybody who posts a story on here is at risk for some harsh criticism so try to be kind and think about the effort they have put into their writing for your enjoyment. Personally I wont lose any sleep but sometimes I read these wonderful stories that are on FF and people say such mean things and pick at every little error, its just not necessary.

Some of you have asked me why I love writing these stories and its simple,when the books series ended i was left wanting more so this was a way to fulfill that fantasy in me and I hope for some of you. I do hope E.L James re-writes the stories in Christian Grey's POV. I would be first in line to read it but for now I just have to make stuff up !!

All stories and storylines written on my account belong to me with the exception of 50 shades characters and direct book quotes. This is all my original work that I have created due to my love of this great book series. I hope you enjoy.

xoxo Peace & Love to All. Hope you Enjoy my Fan-Fiction stories.

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