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First off, I don't like writing profiles and bios. I like to keep my crazy ass a little mysterious. However, I will give you some information...

My name is Ronda, I'm 33, and I am from Seattle, by way of Michigan.

Coming soon: "The Apocalypse Diaries" (zombie apocalypse fic; TBD/OC & AJPunk; co-write with shiki94), "The Orton Way 2: The Next Generation" (set fifteen years after the first one), "Parenthood: Broski Style" (sequel to "Not Another Hoeski" Zack Ryder/OC), "Song of the Siryn" (X-Men movie-verse, set after Days of Future Past), "Girl Meets... the Biggest Lie" (Girl/Boy Meets World; Maya), "Shadow of Love" (Paige/Cody Rhodes/AJ Lee; romance/drama)

My OCs

Visuals for all of my OCs can now be found here. (If you want to know who any of the celebs used are, just shoot me a PM and ask!)

Bio for Mary Williams (My main OC):

Birth/Real Name: Maryanne Alexis (Williams) DiBiase

Ring Name: Mary Williams

Birth Date/Age: March 24, 1984/31

Birthplace: Oak Park, Illinois

Current Residence: West Palm Beach, Florida

Billed From: Chicago, Illinois

Occupation: Wrestler/Technical Engineer

Parents: Jeffery Williams (wrestler/college football star) & Kathryn (Christensen) Williams (housewife/occasional valet)

Siblings: Alexander Levi Williams (28; wrestler) & Chelsea Riley Williams (25; singer/ring announcer)

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Significant Other: Ted DiBiase (sometimes varies by story)

Children: Marcus Elijah Williams (5; age sometimes varies by story), Annaleigh Meredith DiBiase (born August 2014)

Past Relationships: Ted DiBiase (September 1999 – May 2001) & Elijah Simmons (March-September 2008), others depending on individual story

Friends: AJ Lee, Kaitlyn, Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, CM Punk, Lita, Edge, John Cena, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Zack Ryder, Sheamus, Mickie James, Candice Michelle, Stephanie McMahon, Brooke Hogan, Trish Stratus, The Miz, Paige, Brooke Adams/Miss Tessmacher

Enemies: Aksana, The Bella Twins, Melina, Eve Torres, Rosa Mendes, Eva Marie, Lana, and basically any male who thinks she can't do something just because she's a girl

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 135 lbs.

Hair: brown, sometimes with multi-color streaks (usually bright red)

Eyes: light blue

Portrayed By: Meghan Ory (adult) and Paris Jackson (teen)

She keeps her long, dark hair straight and hardly every wears it up. She is very much a jeans and t-shirt girl outside of the ring. Most of her t-shirts are vintage style and show off her favorite video games, movies, and bands. She only owns two dresses for special occasions (Hall of Fame), but has an array of denim mini-skirts. She wears Converse, Vans, and flip-flops outside of the ring, but leaves the customized Converse boots to AJ. Her left eyebrow is pierced, but only her friends and family know it because she takes it out when she gets to work. She also has her tongue pierced, but only special people know about that. Basically, you would only know if your tongue has been in her mouth.

"Canon" History: Maryanne Alexis was the first of three children born to Jeff and Kathryn Williams in Oak Park, Illinois. By the time that she was born, her father was already on the WWF's developmental roster. She grew up with wrestling and has always loved it more than anything in the world. By the time she was four, Kathryn began taking Mary and her brother Levi to shows that their father would be performing in. When their mother was pregnant with their younger sister, another family member was more than happy to take Mary and Levi so they wouldn't miss out on the action. It was that summer when Jeff took Mary and Levi to SummerSlam too meet some of the other wrestlers' kids. During the program, the children played together and talked about how much they missed their daddies while they were out on the road together. This was the night that Mary met Ted DiBiase, Jr. along with Ted's older brother Mike DiBiase, Sarona Reiher (Tamina Snuka), Joe Hennig (Michael McGuillicutty/Curtis Axel), Natalie Neidhart (Natalya), Brooke Bollea (Hogan), and Stephanie McMahon. Because this was such a success, it became a regular occurrence. Over the years the group changed in accordance to who was with the company, but they found ways to keep in touch. This of course getting a lot easier when their parents began letting them use email. The second time Mary went to SummerSlam, she met Cody Runnels (Rhodes). This lead to Mary, Ted, and Cody becoming a trio in following years.

In 1996 Mary had began expressing interest to pursue a career in wresting. Jeff was attempting to retire, as he wanted to spend as much time at home with his wife, and their youngest child, Chelsea, who was six years younger than Mary. Dustin Runnels had recently came back to the WWF, portraying the character known as Goldust. They had briefly met six years earlier when he teamed up with his father and briefly feuded with Ted DiBiase, Sr. Knowing how hard it was for a second generation wrestler to make it in the business Dustin was more than happy to take Mary under his wing. She had already began taking strength and conditioning classes, so the twelve year-old had already began building muscle. Mary, being a very smart girl, picked up on the basics very easily. It was only a number of months before Dustin began teaching her special moves and having her spar with some of the smaller wrestlers currently working for the WWF at the time.

After years of fighting their feelings, and much encouragement from their friends, Ted and Mary began dating in the summer of 1999. The biggest thing keeping them from making things official was the distance. Mary lived in Chicago, where Ted lived in Mississippi. They had actually shared their first kiss two years before when they were thirteen and fourteen, but were afraid to take it to the next step. By that time, they had email, video chat, instant messaging, and cell phones to keep in touch with. They attempted to keep things innocent while they were together, having been told that they should wait for marriage, but their hearts told them otherwise. During Christmas break, six months after they began dating, they had sex in his bedroom while their families were all downstairs sharing a drink by the fire after dinner. They had told everyone that they wanted to watch something other than what everyone else was watching, and they were allowed to go into his room, alone, with the door locked. Something that a parent should never allow their teenagers to do, but it was believed that Ted and Mary were waiting like they had been taught. They continued their relationship until the summer after they both finished high school, Mary finishing a year early. When Mary declared that she wanted to go straight into wrestling, Ted decided that it was best to break things off while he was in college. Mary was never the same after this.

Because she already had years of training, Mary was ready for the big leagues soon after making it into WWF's developmental roster in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Seeing as she was only seventeen, the company was hesitant to call her up to the main roster during the "Attitude Era". Most of the Divas in the WWF at the time were there based on their sex appeal and most of the things they did were not appropriate for an underage girl. Because of this, Mary began wrestling men in OVW, and began to excel even more than she had when she was going up against the women. Taking nothing away from the woman wrestlers, it was just that the men were more on Mary's level. This showed in the ring. After two years in OVW, then nineteen year-old Mary was still not called up to the main roster. This prompted her to ask to be released from her developmental contract and spend a few years wrestling in Japan. In 2008, Mary made her way back to the states and signed a new developmental contract with the WWE, now taking place in Florida Championship Wrestling. They were well aware of what she was capable of, but they wanted to make sure that she and her brother Levi remembered the differences and were ready for American wrestling once more.

Mary was only with the company six months before discovering that she was pregnant. She had been dating a man named Elijah Simmons, but he had been killed in a drunk driving accident just before she was able to tell him that she was carrying his child. Being in no condition to wrestle, Mary had to be released from her developmental contract once again. Normally, the WWE didn't take so many chances on talent, but given the circumstances, they promised that if she still wished to wrestle after having her baby, she would be signed once again. On May 26th, 2009 Mary gave birth to Marcus Elijah Williams. She wanted to give him his father's last name, but his family blamed her for his death and threatened to sue if she did. That fall, Mary signed a new developmental contract, coming back better than ever.

Mary and Levi made their main roster debut when they accompanied their father to the ring for his final match at WrestleMania XXVI in March of 2010. Jeff had his farewell match against William Regal, which he won. Her heart dropped into her stomach when she realized that Ted was on the match card in a triple threat match against Cody and Randy Orton. Her feelings for Ted had never really went away, but they had just lost touch over the years. She managed to avoid him all night, but was happy to reunite with Natalie, who now went by Natalya, and meet her boyfriend, TJ Wilson, who went by Tyson Kidd. At the end of the event, she cried backstage after Shawn Michaels lost to The Undertaker, thus being forced into retirement. Shawn walked backstage to see this and walked up to her, hugging her tightly and assuring her that it wouldn't be the last she sees of him. She had met him when she was young and hanging out backstage, so they had grown close over the years.

For most of the year, Mary flew under the radar, never being thrust into the spotlight. It wasn't until her mentor, Goldust, had taken it upon himself to ask her to join him in mixed tag matches. This gave her the push she needed to get noticed by the fans. That winter he asked her to join him on NXT to help with his rookie, Aksana. Mary appeared for a couple of tag matches before showing up for the wedding episode. She had already grown to dislike Aksana in and out of the ring by that time, and was very vocal about it. While making her appearances, she met April Mendez aka AJ Lee and Celeste Bonin aka Kaitlyn and instantly became friends with both girls. During the wedding episode Mary reunited with Cody and Ted, sparks immediately flying between her and her old boyfriend. They exchanged phone numbers and began getting reacquainted as he feuded with Goldust. Mary was more than happy to join Goldust for mixed tag matches against Ted and Maryse. Each time, she would linger in the ring after Maryse tagged in, playfully getting in a move on Ted before letting her mentor take over. During the summer of 2012 Mary and Ted began dating again, but were very hesitant about getting serious after all of the years they had spent apart. It didn't take long before Mary to become a success in the ring, capturing multiple title reigns. A few months after they began dating again, Ted proposed. They married on Valentine's Day in 2013. Mary continued competing in the WWE after Ted quit, only taking a break when she became pregnant with his child. Ted and Mary welcomed Annaleigh Meredith into the world on August 12, 2014, and Mary was back in the ring three months later.

(By "canon" I mean original history. Any story with a variation starts at the point where "canon" is changed, and goes from there.)

Variations/What ifs:

What if Jeff had died when Mary was very young and Kathryn was a perpetual ring rat? "My Happy Ending", which is currently being rewritten into "My Head-On Collision with Life".

What if Mary has a drunken one night stand when she returned to the US before reuniting with Ted instead of dating Elijah? "True Love Waits"

What if Stephanie arranged a "kayfabe baby daddy" for Mary after Elijah's passing, and this man took things to the most extreme level? "How Did We Get Here?" (co-written with shiki94)

What if Mary suffered a debilitating injury and ran away for over a decade? "Crashing Down"

Bray Wyatt slips into his character a little too well, kidnapping Marcus in "In His Hands".

Mary and her friends are modern day teenagers in an extremely small mid-west town in "And Then There's You".

Mary is an elder vampire in a story where Paige is the lead in "Love and Blood".

Mary also co-stars in a number of stories by shiki94, with permission.

One Shots:

"Goldust Digger"

"Caught Up"

"Total Reality Check"

"A Little Understanding"

"A Turning Point"

Cameo Appearance:

"Their Mutual Disdain"

Personality: Fluidly goes between face, heel, and tweener, yet is always a fan favorite. Trained by men and always wrestles like she is going up against a man. She enjoys using kickboxing skills while in the ring, but will mostly grapple. Very aggressive, playful, seductive, and popular with the male superstars. She is highly intelligent, but she doesn't always use the same logic as everyone else. She very much knows how to get exactly what she wants at all times. The fact that she has more male friends, than female ones, leads to many misconceptions. She is often called a slut, which she just rolls her eyes at. She is very sweet and protective when it comes to those she cares about. If she doesn't like you, she's a snarky bitch. She is a little jaded when it comes to romance for various reasons, so whenever she's close to making a commitment, she manages to find a way to slip out of it.

Outside of the ring, Mary is a sweetheart. She is very close to her younger sister, and began showing maternal instincts at a young age. She is very laid back and easy going, making friends with nearly everyone that she meets. Mary is a hugger. She is very much the type of person to walk up and randomly hug someone out of no where, just because she felt like it. Because of this, she is also very big on cuddling, and is more than willing to do so with just about anyone. If you need her at work, she is most likely curled up next to someone on a couch in a dressing room.

(All also applies to stories where she is not a wrestler.)

In Wrestling:

Generation: second, but can be first for the story

Debut: 2001

WWE Debut: WrestleMania XXVI (2010)

Trained By: Dustin Runnels aka Goldust & OVW staff

Entrance Themes: "Get the Party Started" by P!nk (2003-2007), "I'm So Sick" by Flyleaf (2007-present), "Better Off Dead" by ZZ Ward (2012-present; used as part of "The New Chickbusters")

Ring Attire: denim hot pants and a tank top, occasionally with fishnet stockings and arm warmers or leggings. She always wears combat style boots in lieu of normal wrestling boots.

Entrance: Walks out onto the stage as the music from Super Mario Brothers plays, puts on a plastic smile and does a fashion show twirl on the stage before either high-fiving or taunting the crowd, depending on whether she's a face or heel. Once she gets to the ring, she sits on the apron for a few moments before spinning around and sliding under the bottom rope.

Finishing Moves:

- Snap DDT (1999 – 2007; used as a signature after)

- "Final Cut" (Vertical suplex lifted and dropped into a snap swinging neckbreaker) – Adopted from Dustin Rhodes/Goldust (2006-2010; used sporadically later)

- "Best Regards" (Rolling cutter transitioned into a snap DDT) (2010-present)

- "Tribute" (Top rope moonsault with threatrics) (2012-present)

Titles Held:

In Ohio Valley Wrestling:

- OVW Women's Championship (5 Times)

- OVW Television Championship (1 Time)

In Oz Academy:

- Oz Academy Openweight Championship (3 Times)

In Ice Ribbon:

- ICEx60 Championship (1 Time)

- Triangle Ribbon Championship (4 Times)

In Florida Championship Wrestling:

- Queen of FCW (1 Time)

- FCW Divas Championship (2 Times)

- Florida Tag Team Championship (1 Time; with Levi Williams)

In World Wrestling Entertainment:

- Women's/Diva's Championship (2 Times) (which one depends on the story)

- Intercontinental Championship (2 Times)

- United States Championship (1 Time)


- Ted DiBiase

- Goldust

- AJ Lee

- Kaitlyn

Wrestlers Managed:

- Aksana

- Goldust

- AJ Lee

- Kaitlyn

- Ted DiBiase

- Paige (Only in "My Happy Ending"/"My Head-On Collision with Life")

- John Cena (Only in "My Happy Ending"/ "My Head-On Collision with Life")

Obviously, I really like legacies/multi-generation wrestlers. For me is a nostalgic thing. Remembering their fathers, and seeing just that much more love for the profession in their eyes when they're in the ring. I do like other wrestlers, but I do tend to favor the legacies in my stories. My favorite wrestlers actually fall under a vast variety of performers, and honestly, it would take much less time to list the ones that I don't like.

I also like The Walking Dead, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Once Upon a Time, Freakshow (am I the only one who ships Asia and Morgue?), Pretty Little Liars (guilty pleasure), Bates Motel, Supernatural, Bitten, The 100, American Horror Story, anything Stephen King, and superheroes.

As far as music goes, I will listen to just about anything. I like every genre. However, there are a few artists/bands that I don't particularly care for. My pen name and tumblr url come from Emily Osment lyrics. She's very underrated! Check out her new group Ramshackle on YouTube. I promise that you won't regret it.

Twitter: @StarshineGoomba

Tumblr: twistmelikeahurricane

AIM and Facebook: PM me for it!

Sara's homecoming dress in "The Promise".

Mary's Gothic School Girl costume from "Goldust Digger".

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