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Hello my fellow writers and readers. I am going though a major overhaul of my account and will also be creating new stories for you all to read!



Hello my friends. Recently I've had a few people say to me that they don't like the amount of slang i use in my fics. I'm sorry if this like a pet peeve to any grammar nazi's out there but in the context which i tend to use slang i think its necessary. In my fics i only use slang when doing the kids dialogue or thoughts as lets face no child speaks/thinks proper Queens English. Not even the English do (trust me here-English/British born and raised). If i use slang in any other context then I'm very sorry. Slang-in kids dialogue only (I'm not suddenly make McGonagal talk in slang).


I am not abandoning the Hogwarts Four, after 4 months of swearing and stress it's going on holiday. I will get back to i just need a break.

To freshen up my mind i am going to write a Twilight fic despite my veiws on the Saga (see below) i think that there some aspects and characters which are interesting. I am going to focus on Bella and Marcus fic picking up when Edward the Idoit leaves. Yeah i know it's been done before but it's going to be fun exercise.

Its going to focus on:

-Marcus and Bella's developing feelings and how they help each other get over their pasts

-Explore the effects of their losses and gains from their PVO and others

-Explore their pasts and opinions on things

And yes there will be Cullen return at some ponit in the fic. This also still in the planning phase.

First up abit of info about me and my favourite novels/movies.

A warning, i am never going to write fanfics for the classics eg sherlock holmes. They are classics for a reason and were written by the gods of writting and no mere mortal shall ever be able to be like them.

UPDATES-Every month-hopefully, maybe


The Harry Potter Series

There can be no doubt that JK is genius and I will forever worship her creation but recently i have 'gone off' harry potter. Orignally when I first read the series I thought that Dumbledore could do no wrong and that everything was grand! After reading the books in my angst teen years and after reading number 7 in great detail i now cannot stand the books. Mainly because I HATE Ablus Dumbledore.

1. Because of his treatment concerning the almighty Head of Slytherin Severus Snape. This particular turnabout happened after I read several fanfics written by the author Loten. Loten ponits out something that is very important: Dumbledore is manipulator who effectively sealed Snapes fate the moment he walked into Hogwarts. During the Maruader era Dumbledore ignores the antics of Potter and Black and so pushing Snape into darkness. The icing on the cake being the Shack incident in 6th year. Black attempted to commit murder and his excuse was basically - Snapes gonna end up a death eater, might as well kill him now. Plus it was just a joke. No, Sirius it was murder. But Dumbledore slaps his knuckles and pats Potter's head for being a brave Gryffindor and then walks up to tramutised Snape and says- you must promise not tell anyone about what you saw, if you do promise then i will wipe your memory or expell you, take your pick.

Dumbledore then has the gall to use Snape's love for Lily to bond Snape to him as a spy and then forces him to commit murder in Harry's Sixth Year. His reasoning does not even make sense! Snape could not protect the student and Dumbledore condemned him to a year loathing and certain death.

I also do not like Lily Potter. Okay she scarificed herself for Harry, she was a loving mother. She was also a little minx. Just because your best friend swears at you does not mean you cut of all ties after knowing them since you were 7. Lily bowed down to peer pressure. Slytherin House was having a bad decade, being unfairly treated by the Head and his Deputy and gaining a bad reputation because of Tom Riddle ensured that hanging with a Slytherin was soical no. Lily saw that Snape was bowing to peer pressure and instead to helping she repeatedly preached Gryffindor ideals at him and then when he was bing openly humilated during "Snape's Worst Memory", she left and cut him off. I firmly believe that of Lily had not been there Snape would never have said the M word. He was upset because Lily was seeing at his lowest moment and he lashed out. If she hadn't been there then there would have been no reason to say it. The rest of his sad story may have been very different.

Because of this, and lack of inspiration the Hogwarts Four is on Haitus, to refresh my mind i am going to start something new.

Other Series

Artemis Fowl- okay up til book four, then he lost my interest. I now will only read up til book four.

Percy Jackson- okay but I won't read the new ones

Ranger Apprentice- BLOODY BRILLANT!

Brotherband-didn't hold my interest

Chronicles of Narnia - EPIC!

Lord of The Rings (incluidng the Hobbit)- AWESOME


The Twilight Saga

I HATE THE MOVIES! The only good thing about the movie is their version of the Volturi, thats it. I HATE THE BOOKS! The Edward/ Bella relationship ticks me off. It practically encourages young girls to like guys that stalk you and are overly possessive of you. Sorry i just don't like it.

I do like the Volturi. Unlike Ms Meyer and other i don't by the whole not really a familiy thing. The core coven , the brothers and their missus', have put up with each other for 3000 years. If you secretly disliked Aro could you put up with him for 3000 years? And also with Aro's gift it's ponitless to secretly hate him. No I think that the coven are a family and like fanfics that show this, especially the relationship between the brothers. Marcus ,Aro and Caius are team who, i my opinion really think of each other as brothers. I mean seriously you put up with them for 3000 years there has got to be some love.

I am not adverse to Marcus and Bella fics, ones that pick from New Moon either from the confrontation and eventual deal in Volterra, or if Bella seeks out the Volturi in a sucide attempt or of the coven drop by Forks to survey the Cullen coven (who are not there). They are both damaged people at this stage who need someone to heal some nasy wounds. I particular like the slow and steady approach stories, Marcus is a widower and Bella is in zombie sucide mode. Its gonna be a while before a relationship starts.

I am considering writing a Bella/Marcus fic to clear my mind and to start something new.


The Avengers

The best superhero movie of all time. I loved it and I loved Loki, he is such a tragic character. He became what he is because of Odin's favouritism towards Thor and the fact that he kept a very important secret from him. And the fact that the effects are freakin' awesome helps to.

Star Wars

I was born in the 90s so i didn't even see the originals eg 4-6. When i did it thought OH MY GOD THIS IS AWESOME. Saw 1-3. 1-2i BORING. 3-SO FRIGGIN SAD. I like Star Wars but i really hate how the Jedi council handled Anakin's Jedi career. If they hadn't been so damn suspious it might not have ended so bad.


Okay, sometimes lame but most of the time. My Fav character had to be the Duchess Satine. The pacifist ruling over a planet of anceint warriors. A woman fighting for peace within a corrupt republic. The only woman to shut up Obi-wan and the only woman Obi-wan loved. I was heartbroken when she died. Not matter how cool Darth Maul is I seriously hated him after that episode.

Other than that i am nuetral towards the Clone Wars as a series.

LOTR- Its amazing and nothing more needs to be said

TV Shows

Doctor Who-The greatest Sci-fi show ever! (I'm British so i am allowed to be biased)

Star Trek-not too bad

Sherlock- One word- fantastic

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