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Hi im Must-Love-Tomlinson and well I love Louis Tomlinson & One Direction so on this account I'll be uploading stories from my Tumblr account(: just go find me at to read my stories also I support Larry Stylinson and Niam also a little bit of Ziall & Ziam and i now started supporting Nouis(:
Stories Going To Be Working On

-A Thousand Miles

Summary:Louis Tomlinson has just arrived at HalesBury high school in his new town the reason why he had to move there is a mistery just like himself he hopes that everything well turn out ok but it doesn’t..cause back home Louis had left his best mates and his crush who is another he feels broken inside but he trys to fix it soon Louis meets Paige Simon(Miley Cyrus) and Henry Jones(Zac Efron)he gains trust from them and soon is dating the populist girl in school the head cheerleader Amanda Carson(Victoria Justice)but he still cant get his mine off of his five best mates while back home the boys are missing there boobear expaclley Harry Styles who had liked Louis back but never told cause he scared about what people will think even though his other friends Niall Horan and Liam Payn are dating but now its to late..or is it?So Harry goes to Louis new town of course the boys come with but what will happen?Find Out In my new story A Thousand Miles based on the song(:

-Beneath His Sleeves

Summary:Whats Underneath Louis Sleeve?The boys keep on wondering and worrying about there best friend.

-Why Dont You Love Me?

Summary:Harry styles couldnt take it anymore!The reason was because of Louis & Eleanor they were always kissing and hugging and Harry was getting sick of it,he wanted to be the one that Louis kissed goodbye,good night,and every minute,he wanted to be the one that Louis always hugged,he wanted Louis to say “I love you” and “I miss you” to him not her!Yes Harry was jelouse of the two and there loveness it was killing him inside and it just got worse!..

-Read All About

Summary:“EXTRA EXTRA Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson cought kissing in an alley way Read the Headliner newspaper on everybodys doorstep on what had happened on pricisissly at June 10th 2012 at atleast 7am on a Friday morning but who knew one paper could lead to drama for the boys and managment”Said Anne Junes the Sunday Morning News lady along with her costar Jeremy Franks who was shaking his head for the poor boys


Summary:Louis was the nerd of Red Cheifs high school all he ever wanted was sum friends will soon he gets some there names are Harry the Jock,Liam the RoomMate,Niall the Quite Guy and Zayn the Heart breaker but what if feelings are formed what if secrets are found out..Will the friendship end coming soon on Teenagers.

Psst..Hey you yeah you wanna know my tumblr & youtube pages?Well go click on the links to them and read my amazing stories on Tumblr & check things out on Youtube(;



Also you may wanna know dis info..

All my stories are like AUish and involve somebody getting hurt or something bad happening like in Beneath His Sleeve Louis cuts himself and in some others my now making that happens...its not because I hate them or I dont like them its cause I just want something intristing to happen to him or anybody in my stories...

Now something completely random that my friend made up(: i wuv her for making this up

Swag swag swag on Lou.

Niall by the fire and hes eatin fondue.

Liam knows about me.

Harry knows about you

so say hello to Dj MALIK


from the bottom of the stairs to the top of the charts.

I love these boys from the bottom of my heart-One Direction"Boyfriend Version"

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