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Hello! I'm MusicOverMatter, and I'm (obviously) an author! I don't believe in revealing things that are too personel to the general internet public, but I'll say this:

1. I LOVE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!!! Especially the 1990 version. :) Which, I'm currently writing a phanfic about. If I ever met MY Erik (Note, the intense possessiveness implied.) I would probably be the one proposing to HIM, whereupon if he refused, I'd kidnap him and bring him to some basement where I'd sing to him, then threaten him with living death should he continue to resist me. :D Yeah... That's why there are forces who make VERY sure their characters are either fictional, or already dead. :( No Erik for me, Boo-Hoo...

2. I LOVE LABYRINTH!! Jareth, please stop visiting my room and asking me to run the Labyrinth. As much as I'd love to dance with you in a fancy ball gown in an amazing ballroom with you singing your heart out to me... I'm afraid that not only would it be too much for my already unstable sense of self-control, but I'd also kill you (which, I am quite able to do.) if ANYTHING happened to my sister. Tough Love, precious. ;)

3. Yes, it IS legal to have a major crush on more than one fictional character. Because the chances of you actually meeting any of them are so low, it isn't considered really as a decision or a relationship. So you aren't cheating on anyone. If I for some reason met BOTH around the same time... Let's just say choosing only one would be the least of my problems...

4. I adore horses!!!!!!!! If they aren't one of the few things that are a salve to my sometimes aching soul, then I'm not a born-and-raised country girl.

5. I compose and am a huge fan of most types of music! Enya, Loreena Mckennitt, Josh Groban, Andrea Boccelli, Sarah Brightman, Celine Dion, Celtic Woman, Michael Crawford, Ramin Karimloo, Hugh Panaro, Taylor Swift, Sugarland, and many others of similar genres are among my favorites. I have not heard a single opera song I don't like. I can sing most, and admire all.

6. No offense to those who do, but I do not like Justin Beiber, One Direction, Jonas Brothers or any "Boy-Bands". No flames do I wish to evoke, but please don't talk to me about how much you like them. Like them, love the, adore them, just don't tell me about it. You will find no kindred spirit here.

7. I love reading!!! Jane Austin is one of the most talented writers of ALL history, and I don't like it when people make a TV series where the whole plot is thrown to the dogs of modern filth, to the point where Jane herself would haunt the souls of those who committed such an abomination if she ever found out. If you know what I am talking about, and like that series, once more, I believe in America's policy of "Freedom of Speech", and the human right of "Freedom of Opinion". I'm not attacking YOU, just that grotesque series. :)

8. There are pleny of other movies and series I love, but I'm afraid they wouldn't fit. Just know I love classics, like 'Princess Bride', 'Pride and Prejudice', and 'Ever After'.

So that's basically me! Please read my stories, because I put so much of myself in them, and plainly I'm a bit of a feedback glutton, or so I've discovered recently. :)

Recently, I WENT TO SEE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA ON BROADWAY FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D It was amazing, words fail me if I try describing it (Which is VERY rare for me). But I CAN say that Hugh Panaro is absolutely one of the best phantoms EVER. It sounds like he has the singing spirit of Michael Crawford! It's soft and sensual, yet can really pack power when it wants to. His performance was FLAWLESS. :) I enjoyed it QUITE thoroughly! If you ever get a chance to see him preform, you will NOT regret it, trust me on this one. :)

Had to post this:


:) LOL so true! Especially because it's right, and we should all be melting into a puddle of guilt. Because of this pic I made a vow to give ALL bad guys a chance to be "misunderstood", before they get demoted to EVIL!! :) Then again, even hot bad guys get demoted to me when they pass the "understandable-level". So the burn-factor wasn't as high as it was for SOME people I know... (You know who you are, Lizzie. :p)

Here's the picture for what a domino is:


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