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Hey guys this is my profile and here is a smal amount of information about me!!

- I am an amature writer and hope you will understand if I make mistakes

- I appreciate honesty over everything and want true reviews but not haters or people who don't care about writing and just want to slag others!

- I am TEAM JACOB so all jake haters may want to leave now!! I Don't hate Edward I just think Jacob is better for bella and Edward messed up and doesn't deserve a second chance!!

The pairings I support are

Jacob and bella

Sam and Leah ( I always thought that was unfair)

Charlie and Sue (Clearwater)

Quil and claire ( even though it is kind of creepy)

Pairings I find interesting

Embry and Bella

Quil and Bella ( actually any wolf pack member is ok! )

Jacob and Leah ( well its better than jake and renesmee!)

Embry and Leah (neither ever imprint)

Pairing I hate

Edward and bella

Emmet and bella

Jasper and bella

(basically any member of the Cullen coven)

Mike Newton and Bella


- Tables turned - bella and Jacob fanfic with twist I thought it would be interesting to reverse the situations! Jacob black been just started forks high school after the trauma of his mothers death!! Soon Alice Cullen catches his eye and they begin a relationship and he discovershair is a vampire then she drops him for jasper! He becomes a cold hard shell of the old jake he uses pleasure to forget his problems and becomes the towns player! Can his childhood friend (bella)who is about to phase help him ogood he a lost cause! this will begin in June 2012

- '. .' ( no name yet) the quilete boys have a bet on who can 'get' bella first but unexpected feelings develop and the story takes a very different turn! starts August 2012

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