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i absolutely love josh hutcherson, peeta mellark, alexander ludwig, Cato, Clove and Isabelle furhman.

There is no one in the world who will say otherwise or i will attack people.

i really need to improve my english skills for school and writing is a good way.

Im born and bred in Brisbane

My dad Australian, mum is from New Zealand

I’m in grade 9

I’m in love with the Hunger Games and Ship Clato, Gadge, Fannie but mainly CLATO

I love alexander Ludwig and Isabelle Fuhrman.

Some say that I look like isabelle fuhrman

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Diet coke,mini M&Ms, malteasers

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Rock concert

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A purple-pink rose and alexander ludwig

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Cropped tank top

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I don’t own a CD player but the hunger games is in my blue-ray player thingy.

List of my favourite hunger games characters (IN ORDER)

List of least favourite hunger games characters (IN ORDER)
Glimmer (major slut)
Mrs Mellark (the bitch hit Peeta)
Pres Snow (who likes him?)

Senaca Crane (his beard creeps me out)

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Peeta (how can that even be a question?)

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Favorite book series'?

Hunger Games




year 9

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Braid or curled

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