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Author has written 3 stories for Legend of Zelda.

Theres really not much to know about me. I love video games, reading, movies, dancing, swimming, ect. I discovered the world of FanFics when I was about 10 and have been search for a good website for them ever since. Then I saw the light when I found this lovely site and was an anonymous reviewer. I've always loved making up stories and recently decided to share them with the world.

Currently I am writing my first real story, It was meant to be. It's mostly a learning process for me and I'm kinda making things up as I go along. I do have many ideas for stories and one-shots that I will be posting the summaries of below. So, if anyone has any ideas or questions about that, they will be there but mostly it's for me to keep track of my ideas.

Here's how they'll be set up:


Rating followed by why it would be rated as such. Then a brief summary.

This next line is any extra information that I may have about it.

Get it? Got it? Good!

Just Cosplaying

Rated T for swearing. My past is a little foggy but I'm sure most people don't remember every aspect of their childhood. But when a crazy, tight wearing (VERY hot) guy appears and "saves" me from an equally crazy "villain", things get out of hand. As if that wasn't bad enough, they think I'm the Princess of Hyrule. Me? I have no idea what's going on, I was just cosplaying.

This is a modern AU based of the Legend of Zelda. I have a good chunk of this figured out but if you have ideas, I'd love to hear them. I need coverart for this, if your interested PM me.

There goes my life

Rated T? He's just a kid himself, how's he gonna raise one?

Songfic based off of the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time mostly. A prequel oneshot, A "What happened to Link's parents?" type deal. Based off of Kenny Chesney "There goes my life".

My Closet (will be changed)

Rated T for ... well for a lot of things. Most girls wear make up to stand out. I wear it to blend in. I'm a useless waste of space that's taking up the air of someone who might actually amount to something in life. I know that. I know I'm hideous, ugly and stupid. Nobody wants me. Nobody will ever want me. I'm the girl in the back of classroom. the one that never talks. The one you don't spare a glance. It's okay if you don't know my name, most people don't, I wouldn't expect you to. Don't try to apologize either for bumping into me because you didn't see me. Why don't you see me during the day? I have this place I go to. My sanctuary. My name is Zelda Harkanin.

Yeah I know, it's not that good and really dark but it's been flouting around in my head for a long time. I have everything planned out except the little details. Again modern, AU for the Legend of Zelda. As I mentioned the title will be changed. Again I still need cover art, if your interested PM me.

The Legend of Wicked

Rated T for swearing. We all know the story of the girl from Kansas, whose house fell on the sister. But what of the before? What if the wickedest of them all was once friends with Groose the Good? Is a person born wicked? Or is Wickedness thrust upon them?

A Legend of Zelda version of Wicked. Based off the musical, the book is WAY too dark for me to try anything like this with.

Daddy's Little Girl

Rating K? "Daddy, Daddy, don't leave. I'll do anything to keep you right here with me. Somebody hear me out."

Songfic based off of The Legend of Zelda and a song I found on YouTube called Daddy's Little Girl by Frankie J.

Finding Cinderella

Rated K. A night Link thought he would hate, turned into a moment he never wants to forget. Their dance was like a dream, safe away from his nightmare of a life, but was that all it was? A dream? How far will he go to look for someone who left him with nothing but a slipper of glass? Will he want to keep chasing a dream and lose any chance of the reality before him?

My Legend of Zelda version of Cinderella. If I do this story there might be a comparison story from Cinderella's point of view. I have everything except one part planned out. This needs cover art.

Another Tragedy (tentative)

Rated K maybe T depending on how deep I decide to make it. I don't understand what went wrong! All the pieces were in places and even now I can feel my grips on the story loosening. It's not fair! I just want the perfect tragedy ... wait perhaps ... yes that might work. It'll be risky though, but worth it for the perfect tragedy. I'll just take the elements of the last story that worked, that caused the most angst. Yes ... it might work and this time, I'll be sure to keep control.

This is a Princess Tutu story. I really don't have a lot of this planned out, mostly just the outline. This isn't even far enough to mention coverart, but I imagine it will be modern and AU obviously.

The Guardians (tentative)

Rated K possibly T. Monsters have appeared across this small New England town. With no other alternative, it's time to call upon six new youths to save us all.

This is a Power Rangers story. These will all be my own characters. I'm not sure how I want to go about this so it most likely won't be posted for a long, LONG time.

The American

Rating? Magic has never left that circle that surrounds Europe, Asia and Africa. So what does it mean when a young, teen is discovered in America with exceptional magical abilities? What are they going to do with this sarcastic and, frankly, rude girl? What would they be willing to do when she unknowingly threatens everything they've worked so hard to build?

This is a Harry Potter story, post Harry defeating Voldemort. This may include James (Harry and Ginny's son), Teddy (Lupin and Tonk's son, Harry's godson) and Victoire (Bill and Fleur's daughter). This is still just an idea, probably will have more when I reread the series (which is about every other month or so).

An Assassin's Choice

Rated T because of Assassin's Creed. The short life of a young boy who was swayed by the kind action and promising words of a stranger.

Obviously an Assassin's Creed story, I think It's be a one shot. Hint hint, the stranger is Ezio.

These are just idea's I don't know if I'll ever write any of them but if I do it'll be after I finish the story I'm working on. If you want to read that just scroll down a little more, or if your on the mobile page click the button that says My Stories.

If you have any thing you would like to ask me feel more than welcomed to ask. Nothing inappropriate please. Also I would be unbelievably happy if you guys would read my stories and/or participated in my poll. It would really mean a lot to me. Enjoy reading!

Till next time!

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

It was meant to be reviews
The lives of two best friends change forever when their normal routine is interrupted by strange voices. They get thrown into a series of events and when ever they ask "Why?", people only say "It was meant to be." Can the they escape their fate and become something more than the Princess of Destiny and her Hero? Rated T for violence and mild swearing.
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