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Author has written 8 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Pokémon, Bleach, Soul Eater, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, and Fairy Tail.

potentialauthor18 here, my bio-sheet for Last Joker is right below, since I assume that's why anyone would visit my profile.

Name: Just call me PA18 for short

Gender: I am man, hear me roar

Age: Likely older than you

Sexuality: I like women

Last Joker OC Spots

Normal Mages: 4/15

S-Class Mages: 2/4

Slayer: 0/1

(This is the Bio-sheet for Last Joker. Please fill it out completely and erase everything in parentheses or that doesn't apply to your OC. When you send it to me, kindly title it like this- Last Joker: OC Name. I'd also like to thank Raiyane for allowing me to use her bio-sheet. I have changed things about it but have kept much of the basic structure. So this might feel familiar to some of you.)




Age: (I'd prefer an age limit of at least 17 for regular members and 22 for S-Class)

Voice tone: (What do they sound like generally?)

Birthday: (The story starts in X791 and the guild has been around for three years).

Sexual Orientation:

Guild rank: (This guild will only have normal mages and S-Class. I will also be accepting only one Slayer, preferably a Dragon Slayer and then only second generation. If you are interested in making the Slayer, please keep in mind that I plan on making them a brand new member of the guild.)



Body build:

Skin tone:

Eye color/shape:

Hair color/style:

Guild Mark: (Color and location. The mark looks like two playing cards angled together with a J on one and a L on the other.)

Distinguishing traits: (Anything physical about your character that sticks out, like scars, tattoos, hairy legs. Those sort of things.)

Standard Outfit:


General: (I believe that this is the most important part of any OC. They can look cool as hell and have awesome magic, but if they have as much personality as a brick wall then all that potential is wasted. Give me as much as you can here, in full sentences that fully describe your character, thereby making them easier for me to write. I expect this to be the longest section and please feel free to ramble on, anything extra is absolutely fine. Even if something would fit into another section, the more you give me to work with the more likely your OC will be properly portrayed and accepted. Take your time with it and try to think of something different, a personality that makes your character stick out, not just be part of the crowd. Also keep in mind that while this is a dark guild, it's not your standard one, so having bloodthirsty murder's with no morals whatsoever is a no go. Your OC can be serious but they have to fit into the guild in some way.)

Quirk(s): (Most characters have something about that them that is just weird and/or funny. Find something you like and preferably find a reason for it. Maybe their really goofy quirk actually has a serious story behind it. Be creative or just plain stupid if you want to. It doesn't necessarily have to be something funny, maybe just a small action that they do often enough to be noticeable.)

Fears: (Everyone has something their afraid of. Some have lots of things. While it's going to be expected that your OC won't want to see their friends and guild mates get hurt or die, there should be at least something else besides that. Sometimes the simplest things are better, or rather, funnier.)

Hobbies: (What does your OC do when they aren't going on missions or training like every other anime character. Sure, training is likely one of them, but not everybody wants to do nothing but beat the crap out of each other all day. Think of something that matches their character, or not. An unexpected interest could be surprising and grab somebody's attention.)



Family: (I know that it's easy to just say that their family is dead, the guild is their family, or what have you, but you could really be missing out on something interesting that way. Just imagine what it'd be like if your character had family but were part of a Dark Guild. Might not sit well with them, maybe your character hides it, maybe they're just that accepting? This part can really be fun if you let it be, so feel free to try your hand.)

General: (This part can be as important or irrelevant as you feel the need to make it. While it would be preferable to have a well thought out and explained history, if they really just had a fairly simple and standard background until joining Last Joker, then you don't have to make it to in depth. That doesn't mean this part can be blank, it just doesn't have to be as large as others. Still, some of the most interesting characters usually have a story to tell, so don't leave it out if it's there. If I feel that there isn't enough reason for a character to act the way they do, I might ask you to expand upon this. Something that must be included is why they have joined Last Joker. Since this is a Dark Guild, there has to be a reason they did so. It can be something regarding the law or something funny if you can think it up. Also, while it's generally expected to have some darker pasts here and there, please don't be horribly cliché and have your characters parents murdered by a dark guild so that your OC doesn't have to bother with having a family and just don't make it dark without having a legitimate reason. Also explain how they got their magic, very important.)


Magic: (Hey, it's everyone's favorite part! Which is why it's at the bottom. You can pick existing magic, but try to make it a variation of your own and not simply using a canon character's spells. Darkness Magic might also be slightly more prominent than something like Re-quip and Take-Over. This is a Dark Guild so that would make sense. While it's fine to put your own spin on a magic, I'd be most interested in seeing completely original magic. It will require the most work from you, since you'll have to explain every little thing about it, considering that there will be no source material for me to draw from. Tell me it's rules and it's weakness', all you can. If I feel a magic is overpowered or unbalanced, I'll ask you to change some things about it. I'll also mention that your character can only have up to two magics, unless they are the Slayer. Most OC's should only have one magic and if you have two, make sure that its not to powerful.)

Spells: (Try and give me a list of at least six spells, more if you want or less if your magic isn't as heavily focused on separate spells. Make sure to explain if the spell requires a certain pose or time to use. Include each spells weakness' and what it's generally used for. Tell me which ones are their strongest, most used, things like that.)

Later Spells: (These are spells that your character currently doesn't know but will later learn for a need or through training. I'd highly suggest you try to come up with at least two. If their magic isn't heavily spell based, try to come up with some new ways that they learn to use their magic.)

Weapons/Armor/Equipment: (Anything that your OC commonly uses or wears that serves some type of purpose. This is not required so feel free to delete it if it's not relevant. The Slayer cannot have a weapon since they don't really need one.)

Strengths: (What is your character good at combat wise? What would their job be during a team assault? Ask yourself questions and give me the answers here.)

Weakness': (Simply, Last Joker isn't exactly known for it's amazing combat abilities, so your character is going to have their weakness'. Things directly related to combat that obviously affect their effectiveness. Likely to be both physical and mental, that goes for Strengths as well.)

STATS (I liked this idea so I'll also be using it. Just gives me a general idea of where they compare to other characters. So it goes 1-10, one being your OC has no skill whatsoever in that particular attribute. Ten meaning your OC is excessively skilled and a monster, so there likely won't be any tens for most OC's, save the S-Class and unless it's basically your characters only skill. Try to keep it balanced and obviously consider five the middle ground, meaning just about anyone with any skill in that area. Like the magic, be sure to leave your character room to grow.)

-Physical Strength: (Punches/Non-magic weapons strength)

-Physical Defense: (Defense against punches/non-magic weapons)

-Magical Strength: (How much damage their spells can do)

-Magical Defense: (How much damage they can take from magical attacks)

-Agility: (Speed, ability to dodge)

-Intelligence: (Ability to understand and strategize)

-Physical Endurance: (How long can they go on in a fight? Stamina or will-power)

-Magical Endurance: (This is how much ability they have to use spells. Do they run out of juice fast or are they the little engine that could?)

-Fun Stat: (It's the fun stat, so have fun with it and replace this with your own and rank it however you see fit.)


(Random but they are fairly important and don't quite fit anywhere else.)

Am I allowed to kill your character?:(This is completely up to you and even if you say yes, that doesn't mean I'll kill them off. If they are killed off, you can make another character.)

Am I allowed to arrest your character?: (Let me be more precise. Since it's a Dark Guild, it's a possibility that someone could be captured and taken prisoner by the law. This means they might not ever be in the guild again. This doesn't mean they'll never be in the story again, just possibly not as members of Last Joker.)

Does your character have a preference in Guild Masters?: (Kind of just for giggles.)

What is your character's dream?: (Not all have to have one, but if they have something they want aside from being part of Last Joker, tell me.)

Does your character like dogs?: (I mean Bear. He'll eat your food and is slightly mischievous. Also very friendly.)


Romance: (Do you want your character in a relationship? Yes, no, don't care? Do they have a type? Just put stuff related to that here.)

Sleeping Quarters: (What does your OC keep in their room? What kind of items do they decorate with? Do they want their own room or are they fine with sharing?)

Theme Songs:

Quotes: (They would be nice, particularly if there's something you want your character to say sometime. Or to just give me a general idea of how they go about talking.)

Plot Points: (Is there something specific you wish to see your character do in this story? I'd suggest at least one, so have at it. It doesn't have to be a whole arc, maybe just some simple situations you'd like to see.)

Here's the bio sheet for my Bleach OC story. Please fill it out accordingly and add anything in "other" that I might have missed. Also kindly erase the notes that I put in parentheses. If you for some reason want to use this bio sheet yourself, feel free to ask me and I'll probably say yes.

Name: (Will have to be Japanese, just how it goes. My OC's name are pretty boring and simple so I can't say much, but please don't pick something like Ryu, Sakura, or something else equally cliche)


Personality: (This part must be rather extensive, without question. It is the most important part, as it'll be what I will use to write your character. I will not accept OC's with only words and a few sentences as their personality. Try to make it interesting and don't hesitate to ramble. The more the better. Include any mannerisms or quirks that they may have.)

Apparent Age:


(This part is for if you want your OC to be wearing any particular clothes in their intro and also if your OC will be customizing their shihakusho. Keep in mind that the 13 Court Guard Squads are a military and only allow so much to change on your wardrobe. So please keep it relatively simple, or just go with the regular uniform, and don't give your OC a sweatshirt and jeans. Also put your OC's gigai clothes. Gigai can have sweatshirts and jeans. :)

Starting clothes-


Gigai clothes-

Sleeping clothes-

History: (This part only has to be as long as it is important. So if your OC's past isn't to important, feel free to keep it short. Preferably nothing overly dark, although it is Bleach so it'd be weird if it wasn't a little dark.)

Favorite Food:

Hobbies: (What does your OC do in their spare time? Training and stuff is probably a natural choice, but list anything else you'd like your OC to be doing while not fighting.)

Squad; Seat(This is what they will eventually be in, more or less their max strength):

Skills: (So I'd like you to put a number to your OC's skill(whenever they're an actual officer) in the different combat techniques of the Soul Reapers. Again, keep in mind your OC's limits. None of the OC's will be allowed to have a maxed stat. A four would be if your OC is exceptionally skilled at a skill, three for slightly above average skills, and two would be about average for a non seated Soul Reaper. One if your OC has absolutely no skill at all. Please keep it balanced. You can have one skill at 4 and at least one has to be a 2 or 1. These are not quite Lieutenants and aren't meant to be incredibly strong. Simply, if you're looking at this as a possible self-insert, this story is not for you. Include info on how they use these skills as well. Examples, Ikkaku fights using his sword and scabbard. Explain their battle style if they have one. If they use Hakuda, describe what they do more. Punches, kicks, holds, throws? Shunko is not an option for this, as only Captain level officers have used it so far. Do they implement Hoho in the middle of combat or is it mainly used for traveling? As for Kido, please give me a list of spells they can use or use more often than others. If you want to make up a unique spell for them, I will allow it so long as I can make sure it's suitably balanced or just doesn't sound overpowered. They leave enough spaces in the Kido that it's pretty believable for there to be more spells so please put numbers to your original spells if you make any.)

Zanjutsu(Swordsmanship)- /5


Hakuda(Hand-to-hand combat)- /5


Hoho(Shunpo, fast speed movement)- /5


Kido-(Soul Reapers Magic. Hado-Destruction, Bakudo-Binding, and Healing magic)- /5


Zanpakuto: (Please explain what your OC's sealed Zanpakuto looks like, including what type of sword it is, and where they hold their sword. Waist, which side, on their back, etc.)

Zanpakuto(Shikai): (Put the release phrase and name of your Zanpakuto as if your OC was releasing it. I would like the release phrase in English and the name in Japanese, please. Then put the pose they take to do so and what the released sword looks like, along with it's abilities, if it has any, as well as if it's a melee-type, kido-type, etc. Please don't make the appearance overly complicated and keep it's power accordingly balanced to your OC's eventual seat.)

Zanpakuto(Bankai): (Not necessary and will likely not be achieved, but fill free to add one if you wish. I might end up doing some small what if chapters for the OC's Bankai. Basically just to show what their Bankai would be if they were able to achieve it.)

Zanpakuto(Spirit and Inner World): (Please put down what both look like, along with a general idea of how the world represents your OC's state of mind and what happens when it changes.)

Personality- (Can be just as important as the Soul Reaper's, since it is a whole other character on their own. I'm hoping to get in the Zanpakuto Rebellion so keep that in mind.)

OC Quotes: (If you have any particular lines you like the sound of. I may or may not use them, so it's all up to you on if you fill this part out or not.)

Other: (If I missed anything or there's just some random stuff you want to add.)

Likes: OC's! Well, I like making and reading good OC's. Now I've made plenty of bad ones, but I think that everyone has to do that. Unless you're just that good, your first OC's are probably gonna suck! I have a few that I'm fairly proud of and more that I'm not so proud of(mainly older ones, I keep 'em around to remind of what not to do). *NOTICE!* If you want somebody to review your OC for you, I'm always here! If it's bad, I'll tell you why it's bad. If it's good, I'll tell you good job. While I will try to be polite, expect some sarcasm to slip through the cracks.

Favorite Anime/Manga(no particular order, just how they come to me): Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail(quite recently actually), Tokyo Ghoul(oddly enough, not a gore guy at all, but this series interested me), Dragon Ball Z(:D), Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam 00(Love most of them, but this was one of the first that I actually watched on TV and not Youtube), Gundam Build Fighters(love it!), No Game No Life, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi(as a big fan and relatively poor martial artist myself, I loved this series. Manga was definitely better though), Soul Eater, Yugioh(play some myself, although not as much anymore), and probably some more that I can't remember.

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Now we're finally to my OC's! Let me just say that I absolutely love OC's. Whether it be making them, reading about them, writing them, or even disliking them. They all are equally enjoyable in their own way. It's very rare that you'll ever see me write a story without OC's, or read ones as well. In fact, I probably make OC's more often that I actually write stories. I truly want to work on my stories, but I just lose interest and find something else to look at. Not a good habit, but I'll try to get back to them. Sorry readers! All OC's you see here are up for grabs, so if anyone reading this would like to use one, feel free to PM me and ask! Or if none of these float your boat, I'll happily make one(or more) for you. It's my passion.

DBZ OC(if you don't know what this is then that's too bad). Here is another slightly older OC. So he's pretty Stuish. Simple as that. Turning into a super badass form of a Saiyan is pretty silly, but it's an idea I made up with my brother when we were kids. His initial personality is okay, pretty basic, so he'd be a decent comedy relief character.

Name: Strike Shields

Starting age: 15

Starting race: Human

Sex: Male

Starting Height: 5'4"

Starting Power Level: 25(This will of course go up during the story. I expect your character's power level to be somewhere around here unless you plan on A: Being a Saiyan. B: Already knowing the Z Fighters. C: Some reason that I can't think of right now.

Starting Energy Color: Yellow

Appearance: Black hair that reaches just above his shoulders. It is fairly smooth, but more messy than Trunks. He has black eyes and white skin.

Apparel: Wears a costume similar to Goku's except for the color and no symbol on the back. The orange is black and the blue is red. This is based on my character from DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi. The story line is nowhere near the same but this is just for reference. This clothing will be some foreshadowing about his future.

Weapons(if any): Carries a revolver that he puts energy into so he can shoot. This will become the basis for one of his icon moves.

Starting attitude: He is generally carefree, to a fault actually, and is used to life on the streets. That is how he became a decent fighter to begin with. He grew up fighting for his life and this is how he meets the Z-fighters. This will be taking place probably after the last episode of DBGT. He has a sharp tongue which he uses in battle almost as much as his fist.

Specials(You can have up to six moves, but your character will not know them all to begin with; only three. This does not include moves along the line of Super Kamehameha. That is just a more powerful version, nothing more. Also, I kind of based these attacks off of the game DBZ Budakai Tenkaichi 2): High Power Rush-A basic rush move which involves Strike blasting himself at his opponent and throwing a flurry of punches at them, ending with a kick.

Revolver- Strike's hand glows with energy and he puts that energy into the gun. He then uses this to fire energy bullets. This move will change quite a few times(As can your character's moves.)

Energy Cannon-This is basically a full power energy beam. Strike brings his right hand back, down by his side as if to punch, then brings his hand in front of him with a blast of energy.

Transformations Can eventually perform Kaioken, which is once again a foreshadowing of what he eventually becomes.

This story was going to center around my character and his transformation from a decently powerful human to something altogether more sinister. Through events that would've been explained in the story, Strike becomes a Shade. This is not exactly like a shade from Eragon or something like that. This is a creation(of mine and the people in the story) that has powers to rival the Super Saiyans. This is why everything says "starting". His moves, apparel, attitude, and power level will change drastically because of this transformation. He also gains the ability to turn into a Super Shade. When he changes into a Super Shade, his hair becomes red and stands up just like a Saiyans does. His eyes turn yellow during this transformation as well.

Quotes: "You may be stronger than me. You may be smarter. But...you don't have my sense of humor!(Facepalm)" "Dude. I gotta pee." "Uhg, that one felt like a train hit me. Lay off the roids man, otherwise your balls'll shrink." "You can't touch this dude! I'm gonna ninja the crap out of you!" "I may only be human, but that means I gotta live while I'm alive." "You about to fire your laser?" "You know what I love about the beach? All the babes!" "So I'm about to die? Well that sucks, I haven't even got my drivers license(which is useless considering he can fly)." "You know why I can't be serious? Me neither, so I'm as lost as you are." "My dad taught me to never back down. So I'm gonna have to keep getting in your way, otherwise what'll I tell my old man?"

Another OC! Teen Titans Character. This one's ok, but he might be slightly boring. Also has a somewhat sad past, but that was really so the other OC's can have a reason to beat up a bunch of easy bad guys. All in all, I'd rate this one as pretty average but not not particularly interesting.

Name/Nickname (Provide both if they have both): Daimian Black the 2nd/ Junior

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Powers/Weapons: He can teleport. When he does so he disappears he gets covered by black smoke. He can teleport anywhere that he see's. He carries around a metal baseball bat as well. He can also teleport people with him. He can only do this one person at a time.

Typical Outfit/Sleepwear/Formal/beach-wear: He normally wears a sleeveless red shirt and blue jeans. He wears a black bandanna over most of his hair. He also wears black gloves with no fingers and metal studs on the knuckles. His shoes are red skater shoes.

Brief history: Be as DESCRIPTIVE as possible: His dad worked for the mafia and never cared much for him. His parents pretty much ignored him and only bothered to send him to school. He always wanted to run away and finally did when he discovered his powers. He doesn't know how he got them and he doesn't care. They got him away from his life and he likes it that way.

Family-life (if they have one): They don't know where he went and his dad only wants him back because he could help in the "family business". This leads to Daiman wanting to be a hero. His father's name is also Daimian.

Physical Description: He has brown hair that is short in the back and long in the front. His bangs are wide and cover his forehead. They, of course, stick out from his bandanna. His eyes are blue. He is 5' 7" and white. He is pretty skinny but fairly strong. He is a fast runner even though he doesn't have to be.

Weaknesses: He isn't super powerful and his power becomes hard to control if he's under some type of stress. It needs to be pretty extreme though. Electricity can temporarily disable his power. He's no more durable than any other human, just harder to hit.

Strengths: He is fast and smart. He usually teleports behind people, because that's what they expect, and then does something completely different. He has very good reflexes since he occasionally found himself in a comprising position while trying to master his power.

Personality (Descriptive!): He seems like a pretty easygoing guy. He is naturally curious and will happily volunteer to go down the dark scary hole. He does this because he knows that he can leave if it gets tough. He can sometimes be cocky. He is very sarcastic, especially when fighting, but knows to lay off his team. He likes to meet new people and acts friendly. He has a serious side. He may act nice but he is actually pretty brutal. If you turn out to be someone he doesn't like then you've just met your worst enemy. He doesn't like seeing his friends hurt and will occasionally rescue them when they don't want it. He would do absolutely anything to protect his friends and is usually the person to make the hard decisions. Even if it's one that they would rather leave undecided. He loves his friends because he never had many growing up. He knows how precious they are.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

One Piece OC. This one could be alright, just kinda meant to be the first mate swordsman. Cause those guys are almost always one of the coolest characters. Except mine is a marine. A bit cliche in some parts, but that's what I get for trying to make a swordsman in One Piece.

Name: Jack N.(Nife) Vernandez

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Rank: Lieutenant


Hair: Charcoal black and pulled into a ponytail, tied with dark green cloth and rests over one of his shoulders.

Eyes: Olive green eyes

Skin: White

Height/Body Build: 5' 6"/His clothes hide how muscular he actually is, as he's constantly training to further his skill with étoilelame. He's somewhat shorter than most of the marines under his command, although this usually doesn't seem to affect him.


Daily: Sleeveless, Dark blue marine shirt and a white, long sleeved marine jacket over it, left unbuttoned. Dark green pants with the ends stuffed into his black boots. Wears his sword on his left side, tied by a black belt. The sheath is black and has two rings of silver circling right below where the sword enters, along with silver rings on the end. The sword itself has a four-pointed start shape, silver, and black cloth tied around the hilt, with more silver covering the pommel.


Attacks: Jack's fighting style focuses on quick drawing. He never keeps his sword out and always returns it to the sheathe after attacking. Many can hardly keep up with the speed of his attacks and it appears to them as if his sword is a beam of light. There is a very good reason for this, on which I'll go into detail after listing some attacks. All of his attacks state how many times he'll attack with his sword before returning it to the sheathe.
1 un 2 deux 3 trois 4 quatre 5 cinq 6 six 7 sept 8 huit 9 neuf 10 dix 11 onze 12 douze 13 treize 14 quatorze 15 quinze 16 seize 17 dex-sept 18 dex-huit 19-dix-neuf 20-vingt.

Un(one) Lumière(light)- Which means he will attack once before returning his sword to his sheathe. So far, he can attack up to 20 times before sheathing his sword. I've gone ahead and listed the numbers from 1-20 above. So you can basically insert any number, followed by Lumière. If you do accept him and need more numbers, I'll gladly look them up for you and PM them. Now for his attacks that don't center around how many times he's attacking.

Faux Attaque(False Attack)-Jack makes it looks like he's attacking, though actually all he's doing is drawing his sword halfway and then returning it to the sheathe. Really just used to fool his opponent into blocking, that way he can attack their open spot. Doesn't usually work more than once and he's not foolish enough to believe so. Since the last word sounds like 'attack' people generally assume that's what he's going to do.

Epée Arène(Sword Arena)-He slashes many times around himself and/or his opponent, creating a circular dome of slashes that would be dangerous to escape from. This is another attack that he must charge up, the number of minutes(or seconds) he charges equal to the amount of time the arena will stay in existence. So it can be used as a shield to protect himself or as a trap to keep an opponent from escaping.

Grandiose Ligne...Entaillie!(Grand Line...Slash!)-Says the first part when he begins charging, then yells slash whenever he attacks. His strongest attack, Jack must charge up, getting into a drawing stance. It takes longer than all his attacks, exactly one minute(which may not seem like much, but in the middle of a fight, it way too long), but can be charged longer to do more damage. Whenever he's done charging, at least for the minimum of one minute, he'll slash once, sending a large, skinny arch of light at his opponent. It can be quite devastating if it hits, and only powerful swords will be able to withstand it(or unless you have some type of ability like Jozu or something.)

Now about his sword. The thing is, there's actually no blade. Yep, that's right, the scabbard is really just there to hide the fact that his sword has no actual blade, at least not a permanent one. His sword must be swung hard enough for the blade to materialize, but after that force is gone, the blade will disappear. étoilelame is the name of his sword, meaning star edge. He found the sword hilt by his master, who simply told him to fight with it. Thinking this was insane, Jack confusingly trained with his "sword". Eventually, he figured it out. From then on, he trained in quickly drawing it, creating the blade of light. As a Marine, he eventually was given the nickname, "Brightblade Jack". He doesn't tell anyone that he doesn't have to, although he will usually tell his opponent how many times he's going to attack before using one of those moves. He'll at least do for the first attack, as a courtesy.

Personality: Is very quiet and serious, but gets flustered when people don't listen to him. As a fairly young Lieutenant, he sometimes has a problem with that. While he can teach them a lesson with his sword, he doesn't like having to resort to that. He attempts to follow his orders to the best of his ability, which sometimes conflicts with his own opinions. He joined the navy to become a better man but is quickly finding himself going the wrong direction. As such, he does not normally smile, since he holds a small bit of self loathing, thanks to the orders he has carried out. Not all is bad though, as he's done plenty of things to be proud of. He's fought back pirates, saved a child from a sinking ship, and earned the respect of some of his superiors(although at a cost). A for the subject of women, Jack tries to keep up the appearance of a serious Marine officer, but can be easily embarrassed and self conscious when they pay too much attention. He respects women, but also finds them somewhat intimidating. Wants to look professional, like a gentleman. He impresses this upon the men he commands but they hardly listen, just barely following his orders when he says so. He can also gather up quite the temper, although he'll just become more serious and quiet. It does take quite a bit to get him pissed, as he prides himself on keeping a hold of his emotions. He has entertained the idea of quitting the Marines, but worries that the action will make him feel like even less of a man that he set out to be. It's a great weight on him and affects his attitude accordingly.

Likes: Being listened too, following orders he agrees with, and doing his best to be an honorable man.

Dislikes: Being ignored, following orders he'd rather not have heard, and hurting women/girls(he has his opinions on which one they might be. They may technically be a woman, but he still might consider them a little girl.)

Soul Eater OC. I guess I'm pretty proud of this one. I spent some time thinking him up and really liked the end result. He's a bit much, but hey, Soul Eater is fucking crazy. A six foot tall high school student isn't the weirdest thing around there. I might have made him too strong for a weapon but I did give him his limits.

Also, I tend to make shorter OC's, so it was a different experience for me to create a tall guy. Anyone else get annoyed when you submit an averagely sized OC to a story and they're freaking dwarfed by all the monstrous teenagers?

Name: Michael Raven the 5th

Nickname: People just call him either Michael or Raven.

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Weapon or Meister: Weapon

Weapon Form: A flamberge, with a blue handle and blackened steel, the edge is silver and can be used in a one or two handed fashion. Whenever he fights, his right leg turns into the blade, which he constantly shifts back and forth in between his human leg and his weaponized one. He is also extremely strong and can lift things many time his size.

Soul Perception : Fairly decent, he can see individual souls. Might be due to the fact that he notices the smallest speck of dirt.

Appearance: He is 6' 2"(yeah, his father is big and so is he) and quite muscular. His eyes are a pale grey, almost white. His black hair is long and smooth, with a blue piece of cloth tying the end into a ponytail. He generally lets it fall down his back, were it reaches past his midsection.

Clothing: Wears a white shirt which he always has fully buttoned. He has a dark blue school jacket with yellow buttons that goes down above his waist and has a high collar. He keeps it likewise buttoned. He also wears matching blue slacks and black boots.

History: Was raised by his father to serve his Meister. Pretty much to be a bodyguard, he was taught to place his Meister's safety, comfort, demands, needs, wants, and life above his own. His father is also a weapon and constantly reminded Micheal that he was a part of one of the most illustrious Weapon families to date. His mother is unknown to him, but she was his father's Meister. His father keeps this from him, since the Raven's are not supposed to become close to their Meisters in this way. His father believes that his feelings were what caused his wife's untimely death, a thought that haunts him.

Hobbies: Ironing his Meisters clothes, making breakfast/lunch/dinner, cleaning the house, and whatever else his Meister needs. He also trains to better protect his Meister and studies to become a wealth of information if his Meister should ever require it. Besides what he considers his job, Michael will occasional indulge himself by reading mystery novels.

Personality: Normally quite calm and direct, Michael tries very hard to not show any emotion and does a good job of keeping his face a mask of blankness. Michael is overprotective of his Meister and will usually fight on his own, to decrease the danger to her(I know I want him to have a female Meister). He makes sure that whatever she needs is taken care of and feels no shame in his actions. He has, to his self-directed anger, developed feelings for his Meister which he desperately attempts to keep shut away. Michael can become quite angry if anyone makes advances toward his Meister and will usually react with force. He also insists on calling her "Lady ????", since she's deserving of respect. Eventually they could break him of it, if they want to.

Intelligence: Michael is quite intelligent and won't hesitate to offer his knowledge to his Meister.

Likes: Fighting for his Meister, listening to music, cooking, and whenever his Meister is happy.

Dislikes: Pursuers of his Meister's affections, dirt, Kishin, witches, and his feelings that he has for his Meister(it honestly scares him sometimes)

List A Secret This Character Has: Michael finds himself developing feelings for his Meister which he deems unprofessional and a right pain in the ass.

Harry Potter OC. This one is so-so. Also pretty Stuish, where his history is concerned and definitely where he lives. Honestly, I really need to re-work this guy to make him good. He has potential, but at the moment isn't something I'd like to submit again.

Name/Nickname: Raniero Capella/Nero

Nationality: American/Italian

Age (11-17 ONLY):16

HOUSE: Slytherin

Most Advanced Spell up to this point: He performs spells like Diffindo, Confringo, Expulso, Stupify, Expelliarmus, and other aggresive spells. His Patronum is a wyvern.

Wand Type: 12 inches. Firm, swift, and good for offensive spell work. Rosewood and dragon heartstring(by the way, rosewood is a dark reddish brown color. It is also somewhat fragrant).

Gender: Male

Typical Outfit/Sleepwear/Formal/beach-wear: Usually wears the basic school uniforms except he wears black cowboy boots. His uniform is normally pretty battered(from getting into fights). He sleeps in nothing except some black pajama pants. Has a pair of deep emerald swim trunks. When he dresses formal he wears his black dress robes which are fairly tight on him. He also wears a small half-cape that he puts over his left shoulder.

Brief history: Be as DESCRIPTIVE as possible: His parents work for the ministry and both hate muggles. After learning that he didn't share their hate, they kicked him out of the house and forced him to go to Hogwarts as an assistant. He was only 8. He became the assistant of the DADA teacher. Three years later he was enrolled. Since he was there before others, he became quite adept at a fast rate. He doesn't like his family but he is a pure blood.

Family-life (if they have one): Stays at school instead of going home. When school ends he just lives in the dorms.

Physical Description: He is fairly tall, 6'2". He is quite tan and has a very muscular physique. His hair is very long and silky black. It goes down past his shoulders and he usually has it in a rough ponytail. He has bright green eyes and a perfect smile, if he smiled that often.

Weaknesses: Herbology, Divination, and Muggle Studies(he never understands Muggles). He can also loose his temper quite easily, evidenced by his fights.

Strengths: He is strong, courageous, clever, commanding, practiced at hiding his emotions, and very good with his wand. He is an expert at offensive spells and proves this by starting a dueling club. DADA, Charms, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, and Flying.

Personality (Descriptive!): He is not the typical Slytherin. He is honorable and doesn't like people picking on others. This usually involves him fighting both people. He will usually fight them both because it would be unfair for him to single only one out. He doesn't care one way or the other if your part Muggle. This causes some strain among some in his house but he doesn't care what they think. He follows the rules when it suites him, and does the same for younger students. For example, he would have let Harry and co. keep making their potion so long as he thought it could help. Most of his house respects him and the rest fear/hates/generally dislikes him. He enjoys sports(hint hint) and would probably play chaser. He loves flying. It makes him feel like he can get away from the people on the ground. It is one of the few times where he is seen smiling. He rides a Firebolt(in the story ,"The Time of New", he rides the upgraded version because it takes place a hundred years in the future). He reads a lot and this generally makes him knowledgeable on many subjects. Except for the subjects he's bad at. For some reason he doesn't seem to try and improve on them. Not as bad as Hermione but he will happily explain things to other people. Nero is very fond of dragons and makes them the object of most of his studies. He hopes to eventually study them in real life. Dragon wise, he likes them almost as much as Hagrid(except he's more practical). He usually comes across as angry and serious. He understands jokes but almost never feels the need to laugh. He may not be the most friendly person, but he comes to grow on you. Most of the teachers trust him to solve little disputes.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Bleach OC. Like my Soul Eater OC, I really liked how this guy turned out. I'm looking forward to continuing the story and revealing more about him. Which hopefully will happen sometime. I'm so lazy. He's not the best either, but I was fanboying over Gin Ichimaru when I thought him up. Some good came from that, and some bad. Basically, I made him to be insane(not sure how he came to be that way, need to work on it). Since his hair grows a little longer on one side, it's hides his crazy eye. If you moved it out of the way, his face would look pretty creepy. One eye skinny and calm, the other wide and frantic. He also has that Yumichika rip-off by hiding his zanpakuto's true ability, but I think it's more humorous. Mainly because the two really dislike each other but actually have something in common. To start off with, I'm having him be real weak. I want him to grow in strength, not just automatically become a Lieutenant or Captain cause he's so fucking strong. Eventually he'll become 4th seat and that will more or less be the pinnacle of his strength for a long time. Apologies for anybody reading this bio and seeing that most of it is gone. I've basically copied and pasted most of it on a different document so that to much isn't give away. So if any of you are readers were trying to find out more about him, hello and sorry, but no cigar. Been up for a while though, so you could have read it at that time I suppose. Either way, if you are reading this and are either interested or would like to use this OC, PM me and I'd be happy to send you the details.

Name: Shiro Takeshi

Gender: Male

Personality: N/A until story catches up.

Apparent Age: 22

Appearance: 5'6" and about 125 lbs. Is white skinned and has rather skinny eyes. His eyes are black in color. His hair is also black and is combed back, save for a tuft of hairs that hang over his right eye. Shiro's right eye is often opened quite wide, in stark contrast to his left, which appears relaxed most of the time. The reason he let's his hair grow over his right eye and not the left is so that it can hide it while he absorbs information. As such, it gives him a rather crazed appearance when visible.

Clothes: Wears a basic Soul Reaper Shihakushō, wears socks with his sandals. Also wears black gloves.

History: Killed by a Hollow while trying to escape some bandits, Shiro was spared from being devoured when a Soul Reaper appeared and saved him. After that, he became very interested in Soul Reapers and tried his best to find out more about them. This led to him living with an old man called Michi, who through strict and harsh teaching, made the boy a little bit more knowledgeable about this new world, piece by piece. Takeshi is from the Sabitsura district, in East Rukongai.

Favorite Food: He enjoys sushi, since you don't have to cook it. That and beef jerky.

Hobbies: Training, fighting enemies/friends, carving, and practicing Jinzen.

Talents: He's well trained in the arts of Zanjutsu(Swordsmanship), Hakuda(unarmed fighting, though mainly in the form of throws and holds), and Hoho(High speed movements like Shunpo).

Squad, seat: N/A until story gets to it.

Zanpakuto: N/A until story gets to it.

Zanpakuto(Shikai): N/A until story gets to it.

Zanpakuto(Bankai): N/A

Zanpakuto(Spirit and Inner World): N/A until story gets to it.

Shiro Quotes:N/A give away to much for now.

Theme song(s): I Get Wicked(TFK), Glory(HU), Frontline(Pillar)

Yugioh OC's(GX here but could be changed) First one for this fandom. He also may be slightly Stuish, but whatever, I basically made him to be the Kenpachi of Yugioh, more of a support character. He's fun if nothing else.

Name: Wes Versai

Dorm: Obelisk Blue

Appearance: Black, ragged hair with long bangs and hangs behind his neck on top of his shoulders. He has pale white skin and piercing black eyes. He stands 6' 3" and gives quite an intimidating impression. Wes is muscular but looks skinny because of his height. He walks with his hands in his pockets and wears his deck on a chain hanging of his jeans. He has ripped the back of his jacket off at the waist, because he thought it looked ridiculous. Has a white sleeveless shirt on under his jacket and wears black jeans with a chain hanging from the belt loops. His apparel is completed with black cowboy boots. His skin is slightly pale because he likes to walk around at night, especially when the moons out. It helps him think.

Personality: A quiet person, Wes usually does not associate with other students, unless they want to duel. While he is normally quiet, he is not easily intimidated and will calmly speak his mind. He doesn't really show much emotion, except in his duels. That's when his personality really shows itself. He becomes much more animated and outspoken, not caring for the opinions of anyone outside of his duel. He is an extremely powerful duelist and loves being able to test his skills. He dislikes weak duelists and prefers to not waste his time on them. He does not discriminate against dorms. If he finds a worthy opponent, they take priority over anything else until they've had a duel. "I duel for enjoyment. So long as this duel keeps me entertained, I don't care if I win or lose." This statement is a good example of how Wes thinks. If his opponent is slacking or he thinks they're holding out on them, he'll refrain from finishing them off. This sometimes costs him the duel but he is not solely interested in winning. He'll do all he can to achieve that but he lives for strong duels. If it comes down to it, Wes prefers an impressive duel over victory. Many of his dorm-mates consider him slightly crazy because of this, but he doesn't care. He won't be satisfied with a duel until he's sure that his opponent has given they're very best. He's not afraid to break the rules to get the duel he wants, nor go back on any promise he's made. But if his opponent defeats him, he'll stand by his word. "Before you were not worthy of my word. Now that you've earned it, I'll never go back on a promise. You can count on that."

History: Wes applied to Duel Academy to meet strong duelist, period. He easily defeated his proctor and also made a surprisingly good score on the written test. He started his time in school by dueling as many of his fellow Obiliesk's as he could. He found some unworthy of their position, at least in his opinion, and decided then that your dorm didn't matter. He's now constantly on the look out for strong duelist and if they win so much the better. "Losing gives me something to strive for. Where's the fun if you always win? No, that wouldn't do at all." Since he doesn't interact with many students, except to duel, he is usually a bit behind the loop on school news.

Deck: The three main cards in his deck are; Lightpulsar Dragon, Darkflare Dragon, and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon(his ace). His deck consist of dark and light attribute dragons, which reflects his look. Pale skin and a white shirt, black pants, black hair, and black boots. Light and darkness. Lame, yes. But hey, Yugioh character's clothes can nearly be as insane as their hair.

Another Yugioh GX OC. I enjoyed making this guy, since he's kind of not what I'm used to. Not cool at all. Lol! He doesn't have to have Duel Spirits. I understand that's a pretty cliche thing, but it's only for my story and will have a reason later. If I continue it. Honestly, I think I accepted too many OC's. If I do ever continue that story, I'll probably drop almost all of them. Sorry guys, I am totally unskilled!

Name: Alexander Faust

Nickname(s): Alex, Ghost Boy

Dorm: Slifer Red

School Year: 1st

Background/History: Alex's dad was a fairly popular turbo duelist, his mother a reporter who interviewed well known duelists. They met in that way, which eventually lead to dates, and finally to marriage. And so Alex was born into this world. While his father soon quit his life of dueling, for the sake of his family, and settled down, getting a job as a duel runner mechanic. His mother continued her job as she had been, becoming a very well known reporter, her job taking her farther and farther away from home. Unfortunately, Alex's mom eventually left them, saying that his father had lost the spark that ignited their marriage and that she wasn't going to settle for a mediocre life.

The divorce really bummed Alex down, and he ended up being slightly reclusive and self-conscious. This was due to other kids at school hearing that his nearly famous mom had left his dad, making them poke fun that the past turbo duelist couldn't keep up with a woman like her. He lives with his dad most of the time, his mom coming to see him once a week, although sometimes she can't if her work is to busy. Basically, she's at least relieved that his father can raise him, since her work life would not give her the time and luxury to stay with him.

Now Alex's father was also relieved to hear that he would be raising his son, something he struggles with, but does his best at it nonetheless. He's taught Alex all about duel runners, giving the boy quite a bit of knowledge about the vehicles. Unfortunately, Alex just isn't up to driving them. He enjoys riding with his dad, but he panics if he ever has to control one of those speed machines. But besides talking about them, they do share another interest. Duel Monsters. A formidable duelist in his own right, Alex's father uses a Zombie deck and because of that, Alex also decided on a deck that uses dark attribute creatures. Although his father teaches him as he can, Alex is simply not a powerful duelist. He tries, but many of his monsters can only be set down in face-down defense position unless there's another monster of the same archetype face-up on the field. Not to mention that none of his monsters have even 2000 attack, leaving him sorely lacking in the power department. There are a few more weakness' to his deck, but one of them nearly cripples his deck, to his dismay.

Regardless, Alex steeled himself to the best of his abilities to attempt to make into Duel Academy. But even if he makes it, new challenges will await him. Some more sinister than others...if I can ever continue the story.


Height: 4' 10"

Build: Very slight in stature in skinny, he's really below average on his height, something he's painfully aware of and more than often makes him a target.

Hair color and Style: White, in a bowl shaped cut that frames his head and covers his ears, going nearly to his chin.

Eyes: Red, but not intimidating in the least.

Skin tone: White and slightly pale.

Clothing: Often wears a black t-shirt with three yellow stars in black circles decorating the right side and black jeans. Then he wears the standard Slifer Red uniform with the jacket unbuttoned.


General Personality: Shy and self-conscious, Alex cares greatly for both his parents and often calls them every few days to tell them how he's been doing. He desperately wants to be a famous duelist, although his skills and deck are far from that dream. Frankly, he belongs in Slifer Red and he's happy to have at least made it there. While he often starts off as a rather timid duelists who gets nervous whenever his opponent makes a good play, Alex occasionally shows signs of confidence and assertiveness if he believes he can win. However, he doesn't win very often and is easily intimidated by large monsters. He looks up to his friends and especially if they're in one of the other two dorms. He hopes to learn from them, eventually grow into a better duelists, and even surpass them.

While this may seem crazy coming from someone like him, Alex does have a very good reason for wanting this. He tells no one, especially his parents, but the reason he wants to become a famous duelist is in the hope that it will bring his mother back home. Since his father no longer participates in Turbo Duels, Alex has decided that he'll follow in his Dad's footsteps and reach for the stars, and hopefully, bring his family back together.

To Friends: Thrilled to have them and learn from them, not to mention have someone who he just have a good time with. He also wants his friends to push him harder, so he can more quickly advance. He does doubt himself quite often and will need his friends to back him up.

To Enemies: He'd likely be pretty intimidated, but he'd try to force past his natural reaction and stand up to them in a duel, if he can.

To Acquaintances: Alex tries to be friendly, but he wouldn't be the one to try and make friends with them. Not unless he really just decided that he liked them.

To Love Interest/Crush: Extremely embarrassed, especially if they see him losing a duel or staring at them. He wouldn't be able to approach her, not without the help of his friends to shove him in the right direction. He'd probably blush profusely and have trouble maintaining eye contact.

To Slifers/Ras/Obelisks: Likes most of them and is still respectful to his fellow Reds/really looks up to them and is amazed by how smart most of them are/while he's basically uncomfortable around most of them, he still regards them as the top duelists in the school. For any that are actually nice to him and support him, he would likely idolize them and try to model himself after them.

To Duel Spirits(if any): Alex's cards do speak to him, drawn out by the promise of excitement at Duel Academy. While he's still trying to adjust to them, Alex often gets angry with a certain spirit in particular, Alucard. This cynical vampire really enjoys messing with him and commenting on his general failures. *He doesn't have to have spirits if it's unwanted/unneeded in the story, it's only for mine*


Archetype: Ghostricks(incomplete as of yet, mainly because he's messing the Ghostrick field spells)

Dual Style: Defensive and does't rely on power. Try's to last until he can make a comeback.

Ace Card: Ghostrick Alucard( aka his most annoying spirit)

OC Cards(if any): none as of yet.

Fairy Tail OC. I've really gotten into making OC's for this fandom and as such I have more in this section. It's probably one of my favorite fandoms to create OC's for. Also, none of them are for any guild in particular. Just whatever there is really. So here's the first one I made. He's somewhat of a dark guy, but I believe it fits. Plus I really like his personality. He is in Undine's Cove by Dreadburner94 and also in the reboot, Undine's Cove: A New Legend also by Dreadburner94.

Name- Reginald Ladon

Age- 18

Gender- Male

Magic- Darkness Magic. Reginald's magic takes the form of giant black snakes heads with red eyes made of pure darkness magic. They shimmer with pale, almost white purple energy and originate from around his seal. It can be rather difficult to see this sign, since his appears underneath his feet. Their tails are attached to e inside of their mouths is the white purple energy that shimmers on the outside. He controls them with his mind and his eyes glow in the same way as theirs do. He can summon them one at a time but usually creates around a dozen at once and can create a total of 100 snakes, though their power and size drop in accordance. His usual amount leave the snakes roughly the size of a large person in width and their length is roughly fifty yards, also changing in accordance with how many he creates. The more he summons, the shorter his range and vice virsa. Now I say summon, but it's not that. It's just pure Darkness magic that he manipulates into roughly the shape of serpents. His seal whenever he performs magic is the same color as his serpents that has the rough design of a snake circling onto itself, biting it's tail. Btw, the snakes are just roughly in that shape, it's not perfect.

Notable Spells- Coil: His snakes attempt to wrap around and restrain his opponent.
Devour: His snakes bite down, creating a destructive explosion. This spell is quite destructive when Ladon uses the Serpent King(below).
Stealth Fang: The serpents dive into the ground and attack from below. If there are walls, he may also send some through there to make it more difficult.
Snake Bite Whip: Ladon attaches one snake to his arm and snaps it at his opponent, with the snake's head towards them.
Bed of Coils: A purely defensive spell, Ladon wraps himself in his snakes, shielding him(and perhaps others if he uses enough snakes) to block attacks. If he does not use enough snakes, then the attack would get through. Obviously, he cannot see when he uses this spell.
Serpent King: He channels all his snakes into one. It becomes quite large, it's head being wide enough for him to recline comfortably on top of it. It is frighteningly fast and powerful, and can be used with any of the pre-mentioned spells.
Devour Ring: Can only be used when he's cast the Serpent King. The giant darkness serpent surrounds the target, not coiling around them, just circling them. Then, it bites it's tail and waits for the command from Ladon. Reginald lifts up his hand towards it, then closes it into a fist(In doing so, he's revealing his guild mark). At the same time, his eyes widen and glow red, as do the Serpent's King's. This causes the ring to explode, creating a giant pillar of darkness magic that annihilates anything within the circle.

Appearance- -Ragged black bed hair that looks like he stuck his head out a car window. It's rather short and basically outlines his head, isn't long enough to cover his eyes, neck, ears, etc.
-About 5'10". His eyes are skinny and his pupils small, giving him a slightly bored appearance. His mouth is almost permanently set in a displeased frown though not one of contempt. His eyes are black but glow with a red aura when he uses his magic.
-Ladon is rather pale(from sleeping all day) and is quite skinny. He's built like a runner, though he's hardly the running type. Ladon almost never has to rely on his physical strength, leaving him slightly lacking in that regard. He's not a wimp or anything, he just generally has no need to fight physically.
-His red guild mark is located on the palm of his right hand, so he can look at it while he lays down.

Regular Clothes- The most interesting part of his attire is a black sleeping bag that he wears unzipped as a hooded cape. It's a full body zip-up that he can completely cover himself with while he sleeps. He also wears a black cloth headband that he slips down over his eyes when he goes to bed. Then he has a plain grey sleeveless v-neck tee-shirt and deep purple sleeping shorts. Lastly, he has a simple pair of rice sandals.

Formal Wear- He has a simple black tuxedo that is left unbuttoned and a white undershirt. Then he has black pants and a black tie which is left untied. He really dislikes wearing things he can't sleep in.

Swimwear- Purple swimming trunks.

Sleep Wear- His favorite kind. The same as his regular attire, you'll see why.

Personality- ((The more descriptive you are the better that I will be able to portray them. Please include how they act around acquaintances, close friends, rivals, crushes, enemies, and others. Also please include any mannerisms, favorites, likes, dislikes, and whatever else you want to include. The more you provide the more I'll have to work with.))The two defining traits of his personality are his laziness and in turn his crankiness when he's woken. Ladon prefers to sleep most of the day in his room and is most active at night. He is a user of Darkness magic and while it does make him slightly irritable and unfriendly at times, it has most strongly affected his sleep pattern, lessening the affects on his demeanor. He just doesn't like the day time much anymore and always wears his sleeping bag to both shield him from it's glare and to cover up in if he's given the chance to go back to sleep. Now, since this is the way you'd probably introduce him(if you accept him that is) I'll explain how he reacts to being disturbed when he's sleeping.

Earlier I mentioned that he gets "cranky" and "irritable". That's a bit of an understatement. Ladon lashes out with his magic at anyone who disturbs him, not quite caring whether it's friend or foe. A rather mean trick that is often pulled on new Guild members(sorry if I'm being to controlling or anything, but this is the idea I had when I started making him) by the others is to tell them to wake him up. His door is normally locked to prevent anyone from accidentally entering his room, but the other members will usually have it unlocked it preparation for the trick. When the poor unsuspecting newbie opens the door to wake him up, they are usually blasted back from where they came, forcefully. Ladon might yell an insult or two out after them, depending on how awake he is. The deeper asleep he is, the worse it'll be. Then he'll use his magic to close his door and fall right back to sleep.

While awake in the day, Ladon barely is aware enough to act threatening. He goes off to sleep if things get drawn out, like a conversation, at the earliest opportunity and can fall asleep just about anywhere. He dislikes loud people and is one of the more feared Guild members, enemies and comrades alike. This is because he uses Darkness magic and his sometimes overwhelming power. They always leave him a plate of food when everyone's going to bed and he usually doesn't come out until everyone's gone. At night he's considerably more active and not quite so dangerous, since he's had a good days sleep. He'll still beat up anyone who disturbs him, he likes his alone time, but will usually give them a few warnings to leave him alone. He isn't fond of going taking on jobs and takes a bit of convincing to make him agree. The Guild Master can always order him to go and Ladon follows his orders without question, no matter how tired he is. This loyalty is purely out of two reasons. One, the Guild Master gave him a place to sleep. Two, he accepted him into the Guild even though he uses Darkness Magic. Ladon respects and admires him greatly, willing to do whatever the Guild Master asks of him. He'll complain about it later but he will go through with it.

On the matters of relationships, Ladon is not one to show his interest, unless he has to protect her. I would like for him to have a bit of a crush on someone, probably a quiet girl and definitely no Light magic, and would be the only other person besides the Master that can control him with words alone. He doesn't reveal his feelings because he's afraid his Darkness magic frightens her, it probably does, and because she doesn't need to be associated with a mage like him.

Final large part of his personality, Reginald does not have the highest opinion of himself. He realizes that most Darkness Mages are bad people and is honest enough with himself to know he's not a very nice person either. If he likes somebody he usually tells them to keep away from him, since he'll just tarnish their image. He's particularly sensitive about it when it comes to the Master. Ladon doesn't pay much attention to acquaintances and would be more tolerable to close friends, so long as he's already awake. He'd especially dislike his rival or enemy if they used light magic and would probably be harsher to his rival to keep him on his toes.

Type of Person They Would Like- Would like someone quiet and who's not afraid of him. Or you could switch it up and have someone loud and energetic like him, which would both exhaust and annoy him. It's really up to you.

History- His parents are dark mages which is how he in turn learned darkness magic. Unlike many darkness mages, their ability to work as a team made them very dangerous and quite feared. They had a bit of a quiet period when they had Ladon, since they were more interested in training him up to be like them than anything else. When he finally unlocked his power, about at age 10, it began to affect him differently than they expected. Most mages who practice darkness magic inherently turn evil, to some degree at least, but his magic instead turned his sleeping patterns on their head. Deciding that he'd be of next to no use to them, his parents continued as they had been. Feeling somewhat abandoned, Ladon grew even farther from his parents, resenting the that they'd payed him so much attention but lost interest whenever he showed no evil intentions. Eventually, they were defeated by a team of powerful mages(I'd prefer it if the Master was a part of this so I'll write the rest accordingly) and locked away. He was then found, sleeping, at their house and taken in by the Master. Sensing that he was not like his parents, she showed him true kindness, which he's been very grateful for. When she accepted him into the guild almost immediately after creating it, she was met with disbelief. It was a very controversial decision on her part to accept a Darkness Mage into her guild, a topic that made headlines for a short period and a mark on her image that Ladon blames himself for. His parents are still in prison, sentenced to life. Their powers are weakening, but they are still there...if you ever want to use them! lol.

Another Fairy Tail OC . I'll admit this guy is slightly similar to Alexander Faust(one of my Yugioh GX OC's), but hey, it works. He's very much the opposite of my other Fairy Tail OC's. I typically like to create cool characters and he isn't in any sense of the word. Might be an Anti-Stu.

Name:Felix Downs
Age: 16

Physical Description: 5' 5". Light, soft blue eyes and smooth white skin. White hair of medium length, he has a tuft that hangs out over his forehead and two collections of strands that fall down in front of and hang a little past his ears. A quite slight, average build, Felix is not very intimidating. He has a friendly smile and somewhat shy appearance. Guild mark is white and on his right collarbone.

Regular Clothes- A light purple, button up short sleeved silk shirt, baggy tan pants and black boots. He also wears a heavy black jacket with gold trimmings and an overly large hood that he puts on when he's feeling depressed. The jacket falls down to his calves and is usually left unbuttoned.

Formal Wear- A humble black tux with a light purple vest, tie, and pocket square. Black dress shoes and long black socks.
Swimwear- Light purple swimming trunks(guess that's gonna be his favorite color).
Sleep Wear- Usually just sleeps in his purple shirt. (and his boxers, of course! p.s. they're black. lol sorry, couldn't help it!)
Winter Wear- Since his clothing is usually pretty heavy, he grabs some brown cotton gloves and a black scarf. Buttons up his jacket and puts on the hood.

Personality: It has to be admitted, Felix is a bit of a wimp. He's not particularly strong in magical or physical attacks, playing more of the support role to his team. And he's normally pretty fine by that, as his teammates usually can take care of any problems. Constantly underestimated, especially by his enemies, Felix is not a very intimidating guy. He doesn't really want to be though, although he does harbor the desire to be strong enough to assist his teammates in the actual combat. Felix keeps this desire to himself though, not wanting to be laughed at or ridiculed. Instead he focuses on doing his best to keep his teammates safe, even it's at the cost of his own safety. As such, his teammates often worry about him, something he wishes they would just stop doing. He does get tired of being seen as the weakling he is, and while it doesn't happen very often, he will sometimes respond to them in anger, feeling as if his own teammates don't respect him. And if people who see his magic on a regular basis don't respect him, why would anyone else bother doing so?
Felix has something of an inferiority complex, realizing that he is weak and hating himself during the times where his weakness hurts the team. He also sees the fact that he has such a large amount of magical power but such small fighting capabilities as something of a joke. Sad thoughts aside, Felix is generally a happy, friendly guy who enjoys hanging out with his friends. He openly admits his weakness but at the same time talks up his friends strength. He usually takes comments on his lack of strength with a shrug and a grin, saying it's the truth. It's only when his weakness negatively affects him, the team, or the guild as a whole that he grows angry at himself.

He does care deeply for his teammates and because of that, he is somewhat overprotective of them at times. Such as insisting that they allow him to place wards on them or top off their magic. A regular comment of his is that it's perfectly alright for him to use some of his magic to help them out, since he's likely not to use most of it himself.
If Felix were to be faced with a situation where his teammates were defeated, he'd probably be beyond angry. He'd start off sad, not knowing what he should do, then slowly give in to the rage. While he may not be very strong, he does have that enormous amount of magical power, meaning if he were to attack with his wards, he could send a ward flying at not just fast speeds but a damn good distance as well. Just an idea

History: -Raised in an orphanage until he was about fifteen, Felix wandered out one day in the woods and came across a bear. The animal attacked and it was then that he discovered his magic, instinctively. After that, word spread quickly that he had magic and Fairy Tail sent a mage to check him out. After confirming his magic, they asked if he'd like to join their guild. Taking this opportunity, Felix quickly agreed and soon became a member. During that time, he was tested and they discovered the unusually large amount of magical power he possessed, as well as his second magic, Boost Magic.

Magic: Ward Magic and Boost Magic

Notable Spells- Ward: Felix creates a white seal with both hands in front of him, which blocks attacks. He can also create one on each hand, although they are weaker than when he uses two hands for one. The wards can be broken if enough force is put behind the attack, whether it be magical or physical.

Ward Crash-Felix's one and only aggressive spell as of yet. He creates a ward(or wards) and pushes them at the opponent. Not running towards them with it, more like shooting them at it. Although if he ever gets angry, you'll see in his personality why this isn't very likely, he may very well push somebody into a wall with his ward and then fire it at them. Would probably be one of his only badass moments.

Pocket Ward-Unlike what the name may imply, Felix isn't going to be putting a ward in your pocket. He named it that because you can take this ward with you. He can cast it on somebody and then the ward will seem to fade away, although it will still be there. He can shrink or grow the wards to protect particular areas, but usually casts general wards that covers a person in the front and then perhaps one in the back. If the person would be struck while a ward is guarding them, the ward will become visible and weaken before fading away again. Or break altogether. It depends on the attack.

Boost Magic-A rather interesting magic that is generally not very useful to the caster personally, but instead transfers the users magical power to different person. This magic requires skin on skin contact(have fun with that) for the transfer and the caster can regulate how much magic they wish to give. When casting, Felix's hands glow with a white glow and he closes his eyes to better concentrate while doing so. The receiver of the magic will then briefly glow with a white aura, ending the transfer. Oddly, while not a particularly powerful mage, Felix has an extremely high amount of magical power inside him, enough that filling up the average mage leaves him with more than half his magical power left, let's say sixty percent. He has little else he can do with this magic aside from it's intended use, although I'll list it.

Boost Magic: Overload- If he becomes captured or has no other choice, Felix can transfer enough magical power into a mage to cause a a magical overload. All mages have a limit to the amount of magic they can hold and if that limit is passed, well, bad things happen. Basically, the magic will become unstable and explode, which will then empty them of all magical power. Of course, since Boost Magic requires skin on skin contact, this means Felix will be in the blast radius. Depending on the strength of the mage he's overloading, the explosion will be more powerful in comparison. If Felix overloaded a mage with average magical power, the resulting explosion would not be enough to kill either of them, but they would both be at least be injured enough to were neither would be able to continue fighting. Also, on the exact matter of how much magical power Felix has. He has enough to completely recharge an S-Class mage, and then perhaps considerably refill an average mage's power.

Relationship with guildmates/strangers: He looks up to most of them as role models, as people he wants to eventually be like. Unless he develops a crush on one of them, which he would probably be very embarrassed about it and would almost never be able to admit it to them. As for strangers, Felix tries to be friendly but it'll all depend on them. He's just a trusting individual all in all.

Miscellaneous detail: Likes- Cherries, Felix really likes them, whether it be real cherries or cherry flavored whatever. He likes compliments, as he rarely get them, but usually gets embarrassed. Sunny days, funny people, watching the guild members go crazy, just enjoying the day with his teammates, and helping out people.

Dislikes-Lemons, he hates all things sour. When his weakness actually becomes a hindrance, cloudy days(he doesn't like how they make him feel more depressed), braggarts, and people mock his weakness out of spite. He can take it easily if they're joking around, but real insults strike him to the core. He also greatly hates it when he shows weakness in front of his teammates, and as such he normally chooses to avoid confrontation when at all possible.

Fears-His weakness causing his teammates to be harmed, or killed. His worst nightmare. He's also afraid that his teammates will leave him behind as they get better, eventually having no use for him. While very unlikely, it's something that pushes him to become better. Oh and he's afraid of spiders, snakes, bats, and girls. Hehe, he's easily intimidated if a girl approaches him in "that way".

Rivals-He really doesn't have any. If somebody considered him a rival, he'd probably be quite surprised and more than a little giddy. He'd end up treating them more as a friend than anything, which would probably annoy them.

Crushes- Extremely shy, and liable to stare until she notices. Then a large blush would follow and he'd quickly look away. He probably wouldn't know what to say to her and it'd likely be a joke among his teammates.

Yet Another Fairy Tail OC. This guy is honestly probably my favorite. Mainly because I took so long thinking him up and he turned out so badass(or so I believe). He's a real interesting OC and I love the magics I thought up for him. Please keep in mind that he was made to be somewhat overpowered, basically S-Class. The story I have planned for him is more going to be about emotional growth rather than the physical mind. Except I don't plan to post it until I know exactly where I'm going and have at least one arc finished and written. He's going to be slightly changed when I have time to update his bio-sheet. Just some ways that round him out a bit more, magic and personality wise.

Name: Cross
Age: 27

Physical Description: 5' 10". Cross is of slightly above average height and has a lithe, strong build. He has very lightly tanned skin and is well muscled, although this would be unknown considering his apparel. Cross has bright orange hair in a spike out style, with the pointing out to his left, shortening in length until the last one rest between his eyes. He has yellow iris' and almond shaped eyes, along with thin and short eyebrows. Cross also has a scar going across the bridge of his nose that ends just below his eyes(hey, his works generally dangerous).

Regular Clothes- A fully black two piece suit, buttoned to just above chest level, which is left open revealing his white buttoned up under shirt. The white shirt is also unbuttoned at this point, with the collar of it folded out and above the black suit jacket. Cross also wears a pair of black oxford shoes and a red scarf that he usually keeps pulled up around his mouth.

Formal Wear- He's basically always in formal wear.
Swimwear- If he absolutely has to, Cross will wear black swimming trunks.
Sleep Wear- Dark red boxers.
Winter Wear- Black gloves and a fleece red jacket with white fur lining the collar, bottom, and around the ends of the sleeves.

Personality: Cross is a mercenary, hence the alias "Cross", and is known as one of, if not the strongest mercenary you can hire. He is generally a relaxed, serious person who doesn't often make small talk unless you interest him. Cross has been hired by a multitude of people, ranging from dark guilds, government officials, bandits, housewives, and even Mage Guilds on a variety of assignments. He only charges as much as the person can comfortably pay and doesn't seem to be in the business for the money, but more for the love of the game. Cross takes pleasure in completing successful missions, regardless of the objective. He's been hired as an assassin, a bodyguard, muscle, babysitter, delivery boy, you name it.
When he's offered a contract, Cross makes sure to tell his potential employer his rules regarding missions, and request that they abide by them or else they won't be doing business. When that is all taken care of, Cross insist on fulfilling whatever it was he was hired to do before payment. When the contract has been set, Cross will make sure to succeed no matter the cost, since he has made a agreement with his employer. Basically, what is important to his client becomes important to him. So you could say that Cross could be one of the most loyal mercenaries you could hope to hire.
On the subject of loyalty, Cross greatly dislikes disloyal people and liars. If his client happens to turn on him, Cross will likely offer them one warning, saying that they are coming very close to making a terrible mistake. If they continue, Cross will not hesitate to attack. Now, he will not be fighting a defensive battle. After being lied to in such a manner, Cross will then make his mission to destroy his ex-employer, which ironically is the thing that usually causes it to happen. Cross has gained the reputation of often turning on his employers, although it only happens when they turn on him first. Because of this, sometimes his more shadier employers try to "get rid of him" before he has the chance to do the same to them. Since this happens about half the time he takes a job, the authorities grudgingly don't pursue him, seeing as he often ends up destroying some crime syndicate, dark guild, or what have you. Even though he's not entirely a bad person, Cross will do bad things if it's part of his contract and also does not go against his own rules. His own sense of right and wrong have been somewhat dulled in the years that he's spent as a mercenary. Because of it, he seems to have no problem accepting shadier jobs.
As such, people often have mixed feelings about him depending on the circumstances that they've met him. If a dark guild turned on him and then was subsequently destroyed, they would obviously have ill feelings towards him, while some type of village may hail him as a hero for protecting them from bandits.
There is little that surprises Cross these days, but he can get slightly shocked if he runs into someone as strong as he is. He doesn't really care about people opinions of him, but if he's asked why he's done, does, or is doing, he'll simply reply that it's because of the contract. He could be fighting against you one day and the next be working with you. It doesn't really matter to him. If someone is mad at him because he beat them up in some past mission, he'll just tell them that it was part of his contract and not to worry about it. He holds no ill will against people he encounters in his missions, even if they managed to defeat him. He understands if people get angry for something he might have did but there really isn't anything he can change about the past. Also, while he is a mercenary, Cross is a very truthful person and can sometimes be very blunt because of it. If he thinks your dumb, weak, whatever it is, he'll say so. As he hates lies, he values honesty and appreciates it when people are honest. He likes kids because of their sometimes brutal honesty and often gives them candy for telling the truth.
Now about the candy. Cross has low blood sugar, which means he has to regularly consume sugar to keep himself in fighting condition. As such, he carries assorted sweets in his pockets and regularly visits sweet shops to restock. If there is a bowl of candy laying on a desk or something, odds are Cross will constantly be taking pieces from it, all the while paying the utmost attention to the person talking to him. A funny idea I had would be a team of mages running into Cross on a mission, getting almost defeated, but then Cross' low blood sugar starts to kick in and he finds that he has no sweets on him at the moment, either from eating to much himself, not grabbing enough, or giving to much to kids. He'd then have to leave, since he'd be in no condition to continue fighting. If this happens during a mission, he won't accept any amount of money(if they offer it) and will apologize sincerely to his employer. He'll then give them a discount coupon that they can use for the next time they want to hire him. Cross low-blood sugar is a constant problem for him, although he's become fairly adept at noticing his symptoms and preparing for it. Symptoms of low-blood sugar include; blurry vision, rapid heartbeat, sudden mood changes, unexplained fatigue, headaches, hunger, shaking, sweating, difficulty sleeping, skin tingling, trouble thinking clearly or concentrating, and loss of consciousness.
Another weakness of Cross' is that because of the dangers of his profession, he has never been in a relationship with a woman, short or long, and hasn't even considered the idea. Because of this, he's kind of a charming rogue without the charm. He doesn't understand if a woman makes advances of him and he's completely lost when it comes to flirting or sexual suggestions. He wonders why women sometimes seem to pay so much attention to him and doesn't really know how to respond. A funny idea I had for this, if anyone wants their OC to be in a relationship with him, would be them "hiring" him to go on a date with them. He wouldn't know the first thing to do, such as opening doors for them, pulling out there chairs, paying for the food(he'd be suitably irritated since he wouldn't have taken this into account for his payment), give compliments, or anything that a normal man would know to do. If he ever did get into a relationship with an OC character and ever had to fight them, he'd probably be confused about his feelings getting his way. In short, it would p* him off, but more at himself than anything.
On terms of strength, Cross is extremely powerful and isn't known as perhaps the strongest mercenary for nothing. He's a very experienced fighter and can easily deal with most enemies. Because of the large range of jobs he takes, you could be very unfortunate and run into him on a lower rated mission, which would basically spell trouble for the team. He has fought mages many times and as such is fairly knowledgeable when it comes to magics. He is also very perceptive and if he doesn't know much about a magic, chances are he'll quickly figure it out if given enough time. He's a fast and versatile fighter, often using his Crucifix in unusual ways, such as throwing it at an enemy and then using his Phase magic to get behind them, catch it, then attack. His forte is physical combat, with his Phase Magic allowing him to close the distance against ranged fighters. Even without his favored weapon, Cross is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and should not be taken lightly.

Magic: Magic(s)- Solid Fire Magic and Phase Magic. Solid Fire magic is Cross' main form of magic which creates what looks like panes of fire magic(like glass), usually in the form of blades. Glyphs run up and down the blades after he casts them and the flames don't move around much like fire normally would, which is why it's called Solid Fire Magic. Basically, it's fire super concentrated to a point were it can be used as a physical weapon. Phase Magic is simply a fast movement magic, which he uses to more easily move around the battle field. He can only use it while he has a surface to move on, which means it's a magic he can't use while in the air. When using this magic, it's basically impossible to see him moving until he slows down to stop. However, Cross does not like to use his Phase Magic more than needed, as using it to often can quickly lead to him being affected by his low-blood sugar.

Notable Spells- Solid Fire Magic: Crucifix Blade. His most used form of magic, Cross pulls an x-shaped piece of metal from his inside his jacket made from metal rods. This is the "hilt" of his Crucifix Blade. Normally, Cross creates blades from each end of hilt, giving him a rather difficult weapon to fight against. The blades double edged and have a diamond shaped tip. He also carries an extra hilt with him, just in case and if he ever needs to use both of them. He's very skilled with this weapon and often demonstrates incredible dexterity with it with little apparent effort.

Solid Fire Magic: Dagger Rain. While Cross' specialty is close combat, he does have a few ranged attacks. His most common one in that regard is this simple spell. He raises his hand above his head and creates a mass of solid fire daggers and fires them at his opponent. He sometimes also uses any daggers that embed themselves in higher potions as foot holds. A tactic he may implement would be to fire this spell at a cliff and then move from dagger to dagger using his Phase Magic.

Solid Fire Magic: Shield Wall. Holding his hand out in front of him, Cross creates a diamond shaped pane of Solid Fire Magic in front of him, often used to defend against attacks. He can use this spell while in the air and, like his Dagger Rain spell, may use it to have a solid base in order to use his Phase Magic while in midair.

Solid Fire Magic: Blade Run. Creating a seal on his Crucifix Blade(s), Cross spins his weapon then slams it into the ground, causing a line of Solid Fire Magic swords to blast out of the ground, upwards and pointed in random directions. It's kind of a mid/long range spell, and often forces his enemy to jump in some direction to avoid it. This is when Cross will use his Phase Magic to close the distance and attack them while their vulnerable and in the air.

Solid Fire Magic: Land of Blades- One of Cross' most powerful spells, strategically. He kneels and places his hand on the ground and causes many panes of Solid Fire Magic to erupt from the ground, sharply pointed and razor edged. Now while this initial attack will likely not hurt or even come remotely close to hitting anyone, that is not it's intended purpose. It's to give him more edges to jump from while using his Phase Magic. When this spell is cast, Cross' mobility is effectively tripled, considering all the surfaces that are now available to him.

Solid Fire Magic: Crucifix Horizon. Cross' strongest attacking spell, this spell involves the use of his Crucifix Blade. He jumps(or phases) into the air above his opponent and creates a seal around his Crucifix Blade, then slams the bottom blade into the ground, which then enlarges into an incredibly large cross of Solid Fire Magic, large enough that one could see it erupt in front of the setting sun on the horizon, hence the name. Basically his ace spell, although very, very rarely used.

Relationship with guildmates/strangers: While not a part of any guild( legal or otherwise), Cross does not seem to show any favoritism towards fellow mercenaries, though he does not condemn them either. He'll basically ignore most strangers, unless they interest him in some way. He is surprisingly kind to kids though.

History: Unknown before he became mercenary. Some of his employers try to compliment him and say he's much more than a mere mercenary, but he disagrees. "People pay me to do things. I am a mercenary. Nothing more." Besides his history with all his past employers, all people know is that he became a mercenary at the age of eighteen. Considering his underworld connections, Cross has had all record of his past erased. No one even knows his real name, just his alias. I have recently thought up his past, but I'm still ironing out the wrinkles. It will probably be quite sad, which is Fairy Tail in a nutshell where pasts are concerned, but not to a ridiculous extent.

Miscellaneous details: Family- Unknown

Crushes- He likely wouldn't have one. He doesn't exactly pursue women.

Enemies- Changes depending on the type of enemy, but generally looks at them as merely an obstacle in the way of his mission.

Type of Person they Would Like- Has absolutely no idea. Like I said, if somebody happens to want their OC to be in a relationship with him, have at it.

Likes- Sweets(favorite is orange flavored candy), children, honesty, and people following his rules.

Dislikes- Confusing women, dishonest people, being lied to, neglecting to read his rules and/or breaking them in any way, and when he runs out of sweets.

Fears- Failing(not a huge fear, but he gets pretty disappointed in himself if he fails), sweets being banned, and shots(he could take shots for his low blood sugar, but this is why he eats sweets instead).

Other- Thought I'd include his list of rules here. _ He gives this list to employers, just decided on that. He'll suggest they read it but it's their own fault if they don't.
1. Children will not in anyway, shape, or form, be harmed.
2. No killing unless absolutely necessary.
3. Payment only after completion of mission.
4. Don't lie to, turn on, or betray me unless you wish to risk annihilation.
5. No adding on extra duties after a contract has been made, or risk annihilation.
6. If an order is give that was not exactly mentioned in the contract, I will not be obligated to follow that order.

And Yet Another Fairy Tail OC. This one is a villain, made to probably work with/against Cross. He's another mercenary and the two don't get along. And not in a good way. Frankly, he's not the best either, but he's just meant to be a bad guy. Like his personality though.

Name- Kriss Emil
Age- 29
Magic(s)- Ocular Magic and Requip Magic. Of course, you know what Requip magic does. I'll explain what he uses it for in the Weapons/Equipment section. Ocular Magic is a form of Magic that grants Kriss many powers. While not in fact his own magic, Kriss gained his Ocular Magic by having several Lacrima of differing abilities surgically implanted behind his eyes. He has the ability to activate this magic on either one or both of his eyes, as well as being able to use two different spells on separate eyes. Kriss cannot layer the magics on a single eye, as only one Lacrima can be activated at once, per eye. I'll explain more about that in the History section.

Notable Spells- Ocular Magic
Zoom: Four black lines inter cross over his eye(s), allowing him to see things much farther away than others. Because of this spell, he has no need for scopes on his long range weapons. The weakness of this eye is that he can't really see anything close up. Ever try looking through a telescope at something relatively close? Can't see anything, just blurs.

Night Vision: Kriss's eye(s) glow with a dull green light, allowing him to see in the dark. Of course, this spell has the same weakness as regular night vision, meaning any bright lights will temporarily blind him.

Infrared: His eye(s) glow a soft violet color, granting him the ability to see the heat of his surroundings. It's a particularly useful spell when looking for somebody in a cold environment, although fire spells will blind him.

X-Ray Vision: Kriss's eye(s)turn a ghostly white color, enabling him to see through most objects. This way he can check for weapons, spying devices, or just to look through walls.

Track: A black target like design with two rings surrounding his pupil appears on his eye(s) which let him easier predict a persons movements. It's for whenever he's fighting someone at a closer range, although physical combat isn't really his specialty, this spell compensates for that.
Now, using two different spells can make him pretty versatile and more effective when he takes on a job, but the spells are more powerful if he uses two of the same spells at once. Two Zoom spells increase his range of sight even more, while Night Vision, Infrared, and X-Ray give him much better results, allowing him to see slightly farther, more precise, and through thicker objects. Two Track spells will significantly increase the accuracy that he can predict a person's moves with. He'd have to use both if he were fighting someone who particularly specialized in close combat.

Weapons/Equipment- In his Requip space, Kriss carries the following weapons. One high powered, bolt action sniper rifle(minus the scope), one semi-automatic assault rifle with a long magazine, and two heavy semi-automatic pistols. All these weapons fire magical bullets of different types, depending on what kind of enemy Kriss is facing. For example, he'd shoot water bullets at fire mages, light bullets at dark mages, and so on. While these are very expensive rounds, Kriss is a very well paid mercenary. He also has a large, double edged combat knife in his Requip space. Basically, he prefers to use them in the order I introduced them in. Not caring for the glory, thrill, or honor, Kriss just wants to get the job done as efficiently as possible. If that means staying back and taking his target out from a distance, then that's what will happen. Still, sometimes you just can't help but get your hands dirty.

Appearance- 5' 9" and rather lanky, while Kriss isn't overly imposing, his eyes are what normally give his opponents pause. They are the eyes of a man fully prepared to kill you, casually even. His eyes are somewhat rounded and have ragged scars circling them, from the surgery. While he used to have dark blue eyes, the use of the Lacrima has left his eyes a very light blue, nearly white. He has extremely short, buzz cut brown hair and a goatee. He does not have any eyebrows, because of the surgery. Often wears expensive sunglasses to hide them if he needs to.

Regular Clothes- A black muscle shirt, tan dress pants, a light, brown leather jacket and black silk gloves. He also wears dark brown combat boots, completing his attire. Kriss dresses in a somewhat odd mixture of rough and fancy clothes. While he finds certain clothes comfortable and familiar, he also likes to indulge himself and buys rather expensive clothing.

Formal Wear- He doesn't bother. How he dresses will have to be good enough, he doesn't get paid to dress a certain way.
Swimwear- Desert colored camouflage trunks.
Sleep Wear- Probably a white, silk, two piece set of pajamas with his initials monogrammed on the front pocket.
Winter Wear- He trades his jacket and gloves for winter versions of themselves, with real wolf fur lining the collar of the jacket and around the wrists of the gloves. He'd also trade his pants out for white camouflaged snow pants.

Personality- A true mercenary through and through, Kriss only really cares about money. There is little else that interests him. He won't take jobs that are under 1,000,000 jewels and even then, it better interest him. He doesn't care how important the job is to someone, if they can't pay his price, he won't be doing it. His more regular price would be somewhere around 5,000,000 jewels, so he'd consider a million jewel job to be somewhat small. As such, he doesn't need to take on jobs nearly as often as Cross. One job, maybe two if they're both around the million mark, would leave him set for a few months. He's a big spender and isn't ashamed to show off his wealth. He sometimes considers quitting "the game", but always can't resist the lure of more money.

Greed is Kriss' most prominent trait, something he freely admits. If he has a goal in life, it's to become rich enough to buy the world, although he doesn't really care about ruling it or anything. He just enjoys the fact that he's stinking rich and can buy whatever the hell he wants. Kriss doesn't really give a damn about other peoples opinions and commonly thinks of people that can't pay him as being worthless. As for the subject of Cross, the two mercenaries aren't overly fond of each other. They have very different views on what is important in their business and how to conduct jobs. It doesn't help that Cross really doesn't care all too much about money, while Kriss cares about little else. Unfortunately, the two men are commonly hired by high paying clients as a team, since most of the money is for Kriss anyways and Cross is always worth his low prices. While he may not get along with Cross, Kriss hates to admit it to himself, but he's slightly intimidated by the other man's strength.

I mentioned in Cross's bio that he was considered probably the strongest mercenary. The probably is there because of Kriss. Being the highest paid mercenary, it would only make sense that Kriss should be better, as most of his employers believe. Kriss would never admit it outright, but he considers Cross to be one of the most dangerous men alive. If he were ever asked to take Cross out, he'd likely charge them at least another 10,000,000 jewels, effectively putting a price on Cross's life. Or he'd offer them such a high price that there's almost no way they'd pay it. Kriss is well aware of Cross's reputation and as such, would know that if he failed to kill Cross, the other man would come for him. Likely, if he agreed kill Cross, he'd attack him from a distance with his sniper rifle, in an attempt to kill him in one shot. And if he missed or the shot didn't kill him, Kriss would be extremely pissed, and also somewhat afraid, though he'd not admit it. Not only because Cross would be coming for him, but because Cross would destroy everything dear to him, all his wealth that he's accumulated over the years.

Likes- Money, expensive clothes, food, and drink.
Dislikes- Thieves, people with "morale's", and poor people.
Fears- Losing all his wealth and dying. He wants to spend and enjoy his money.
Personality(continued)- As a fighter, Kriss is a cunning adversary, relying more on his ocular magic and weaponry than brute force. He considers anybody who gets in the way of his missions collateral damage, no matter their age or gender. He can easily take down many enemies from a distance, and hold his own if confronted face to face. His Ocular Magic makes him a very dangerous opponent that should be approached with caution, especially if he knows your weakness'. Before going on a mission, Kriss likes to know all he can about his target so that he can easier eliminate them and have the right ammunition already locked and loaded. Kriss will gladly perform more actions than the ones he's already been hired to do, so long as you have the jewels. There is very little Kriss won't do for money, especially if the price is right. Kriss can also be considered somewhat of a coward, if his opponent is strong enough, although he'll just call it being smart. He can't get paid if he's dead, so he'll avoid that at all cost. While Cross would fight for his employer to the very end, Kriss will jump ship at the soonest chance he gets, with the money if he can help it. Also, unlike Cross, he prefers to have his payment first, or at least half of it and then the rest upon completion.

Strangers- Little to no interest, he only cares about money.
Acquaintances- Depending on how much money he made off them, he'd talk to them with varying amounts of false politeness.
Friends- Hehehe. Yeah, no.
Rivals- Would be annoyed to see them and probably annoyed for the competition. Sometimes Cross does steal his clients, since he charges so little.
Family- He has no family.
Crushes- Another negative.
Enemies- More than ready to kill them, especially if he's getting paid to.

History- A native of the war torn country, Bellum, Kriss grew up in world where death and treachery was the norm. Instead of scarring him emotionally, like a normal kid, Kriss became a hardened killer who compensated for his physical weakness by using clever tactics and superior weaponry. He eventually matured in this fashion, becoming one of the more infamous criminals of his country. Later, he was hired by a crime circle in Fiore where he discovered that his talents could earn him money. Growing up on the much, much poorer side, Kriss became obsessed with becoming rich, taking on more and more dangerous jobs. When he'd finally made enough jewels, he payed for an illegal surgery to implant various Lacrima behind his eyes. After that, his income multiplied, since the jobs he could now take and finish even quicker payed far more than his earlier ones. Eventually, he became the infamous mercenary that he is today.

If you read all the way down here, I'll just remind you that any of these OC's are up for grabs. All you've got to do is ask. ;) Later!

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Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 54 - Words: 306,058 - Reviews: 679 - Favs: 73 - Follows: 83 - Updated: 4/8/2021 - Published: 2/21/2015 - OC - Complete
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It's been six years since the Fairy Tail members disappeared. A new guild has appeared during that time in Magnolia called Thunder Stone. The guild was originally built to protect Magnolia and the fallen Fairy Tail guild while Twilight Ogre began to take over; but during the past two years, Thunder Stone has begun to rise in - NO LONGER BEING UPDATED! PLEASE CHECK OUT THE REBOOT!
Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 96 - Words: 656,320 - Reviews: 950 - Favs: 169 - Follows: 174 - Updated: 8/8/2018 - Published: 10/5/2013 - OC - Complete
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Last Joker reviews
Most mages in Fiore aspire to join a great mage's guild and make a name for themselves. To become admired and respected. This...is not one of those guilds. Last Joker is considered weak, low-key, and generally a joke when compared to other Dark Guilds. Join them as the two Guild Masters attempt to shape their underdog guild into something close to mediocrity. Accepting OC's!
Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,804 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Published: 6/27/2016
Bleach 11-4: A Soul's Journey reviews
Bleach OC story. Shiro Takeshi is a young man living in rural Japan. To bad he's got to die there as well. Let's face it though, the afterlife is much more interesting. Follow him on his journey to the other side and through the trials he'll face. He's not aiming to become a Captain, or even a Lieutenant. Hell, he's just hoping to survive. OC submission's closed.
Bleach - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 14,738 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 4/25/2015 - Published: 8/23/2013
Yugioh ZX reviews
*Still accepting OC's, see inside for details.*Alexander Faust is a young duelist who's looking to make it into Duel Academy. Problem is, he's not exactly a good duelist. Now it's not exactly his fault but because of it he has little self-confidence. Will he survive the trials to come? Not without friends he won't! How about a club of delinquents...guess we'll have to wait and see!
Yu-Gi-Oh GX - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 17,849 - Reviews: 52 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 20 - Updated: 3/21/2014 - Published: 2/17/2014
Passing the Reins reviews
Original title I know. It's been 10 years after Asura got punched in the face. Life has been peacefull, relatively. Except now there have been reports of more enemies surfacing. Kishin, Witches, and even talk of Weapons and Meisters attacking their own. Lukily, the old heroes are here to save the wo-wait, crap no they aren't! It's up to your OC's now. Death help us. Accepting OC's!
Soul Eater - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 9,404 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 11/5/2013 - Published: 10/10/2013
Gaiden, The Darkened Soul reviews
Gaiden is the son of a powerful demon. He grew up alone after his mom was killed, by his father, and has now sworn revenge. His plans change drastically as he meets a girl named Flair. Besides giving him some much needed companionship, she also leads him to the Super Smash Brothers Tournament, a place where all the strongest fighters converge. Hell is coming. Get out of the way.R&R
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 25 - Words: 65,063 - Reviews: 72 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 7/13/2013 - Published: 9/6/2012 - Ike, Pit
The Gijinka Event reviews
Grey is a trainer in,well, training but not for long! She's almost finished with Aspertia Trainer School and now all she needs is a starter. Except getting a Gijinka to trust you is easier said than done. Humans don't like change but who's to say the Pokemon like it any better? The bridge may have been built but will you cross it? The decisions yours. OC's accepted and please R&R!
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 10,888 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 3/16/2013 - Published: 3/14/2013
Brotherly Love reviews
This is a story that I started but removed a while ago. I'm bringing it back. Now for the real summary. Michael had already defeated the first pokemon league and was well on his way to beating the second one. His life couldn't be better. This was not to last as he soon lost his life in a freak storm. His little sister is crushed but maybe not all is lost. Rebirth.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 6,519 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 3 - Published: 11/29/2012 - Cyndaquil/Hinoarashi
The Red Brawler reviews
Red is tired of hiding behind his pokemon. He wants to impress Zelda and his friend Link is gonna help him! Will Red prove he is a worthy brawler? Or will he prove that he needs his pokemon? Where will this lead? Will this even be allowed,are some things just...Tabuu? RedXZelda.
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 20,347 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 8/20/2012 - Published: 6/25/2012 - Pokémon Trainer, Zelda/Sheik - Complete
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