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Hi, I used to be allyofDracoMalfoy, but I have too many usernames so I wanted to match my fanfiction and fictionpress. My fictionpress username is vampireauthor, and I tried putting that here but there already is an vampireauthor. So I chose the number 5 to go along with it and voila.

i am currently working on an alternate ending for Of Mice and Men, stay tuned if your interested

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What Happens Next by SoulWalker159 reviews
I kinda suck at summaries, so lemme just say... CHLEREK ALL THE WAY! :3 May that be all you need
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Taking place after the third book ends, what if the kiss had been more than just the kiss? What if it caused something to go wrong with Chloe? She can't hide it for long. She needs to get away before she harms everyone, especially the one she loves most. Derek. Who is in the most danger.
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It will be extended further, but yup here is my version of the ending to Of Mice and Men. It is much happier. And no swearing I am not sure what genre to put it under, so I left it at general. Have a suggestion? I would love to hear it. Please read and review.
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