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Author has written 4 stories for Akame ga Kiru/アカメが斬る, and Tokyo Ghoul/東京喰種トーキョーグール.


About me:

20 year old guy from the frozen north. Fledgling writer that would like to think he’s attained some meagre drop of competency after years on this site (you should’ve seen all the fics I’ve deleted since starting up. Goddamn, I was a retard when I was 16.).

Also, I would conquer this entire site if my apathetic ass could be bothered to update every once in a while.

"Teenagers are cancer." - HemingwayisBOSS 2016.

Copy/paste this to your profile if...

...You're sick and tired of annoying retards on this site telling you to copy/paste their inane drivel to your profile.

Seriously, why do you insist on making me scroll down all that frivolous crap to get to your stories? This is a forum for fanfiction, not an outlet for you guys to blabber on and on about whatever retarded bullshit you're into, y'know? If you absolutely need to spread your "98% of people won't mindlessly repost this stupid bullshit, but I will, cause' I'm not pretentious at all(and would hate to see my profile display any sense of individuality whatsoever)!", then go to tumblr or whatever site's appropriate for that stuff.

Or better yet, come up with your OWN inane drivel, like I just did. That, at least, I could respect.

A few words on the use of OCs in fanfiction...

Listen up, you OC-loving, newbie polyps. Original characters ... in fanfiction ... should be used to ... EXPAND UPON THE MYTHOS OF AN EXISTING SERIES! They should not be shoe-horned in where the canon MCs ought to be in an attempt for you to superimpose your own goddamn ego onto the story. Here's a couple examples:

Wrong use of OC: Come on, come all for the adventures of Fuckface Dippshitington, Ron and Hermoine as Fuckface nails every chick (and boys too. I see you there, you yaoi fanatics) in the HP universe, display the emotional and intellectual complexity of a squeezed lemon from beginning to end, all in an epic tale that serves no other purpose than to bombard you with the "author's" misplaced atempts at flaunting their non-existent creativity.

Correct use of OC: Even longer ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a young man man named Lathael crashlanded on an empty world at the edge of the galaxy. Over the years, a strange sense of powe rand belonging would eventually culminate in his ability to push objects without touching- SEE WHAT I FUCKING DID THERE? I gave something back to the Star Wars Universe by telling you a story of the first force user, rather than suck on its teat like a fucking parasite!

In conclusion, if you want to write an OC-centric story, don't put them in a scenario the real MCs ought to occupy, give them their own time and place and ADD TO THE FUCKING MYTHOS! If you want them more as side-characters, then let them remain side-characters and don't shove them down people's throats. Use OC stand-ins if there are a whole host of underdeveloped characters in canon for you to choose. If there aren't, the come up with a situation where the appearance of an OC would make narrative sense, and not the other way around. In conclusion, if you're gonna ride on the accomplishments of professional authors, then have some measure of respect for the source material, fuckin' schmucks, and don't try to ham-fist an original story about an original character into an existing franchise because you're too talentless to create one of your own.

Either write an original story and put it where it belongs, or write a fanfic, and put THAT where it belongs, but don't try to do both things at once, because that's just plain retarded.

On reviewing:

Y'know, I really wish more people would state their ages in ther profile. I'm getting really tired of having to guess wheter certain people can't write for shit because they can't write for shit, or because their eleven years old and have never written dick before in their life and are just getting started. For once I'd just like to go all out in a review and say: "Hey, what about you try getting some basic grammar down like, I dunno, punctuation, you lazy cunt."

But no, I can't do that because that might just be the next J.K. Rowling putting their first teenage angst onto the paper, and if I'm too mean I might hurt their precious little feelings and cut a potentional magnificent career short. God, I wish people would state their ages.

Most reviewers on this site are too sheepish and afraid to offend people in general. If we don’t hold each other to a higher standard, how will fanfiction ever be considered legit literature? Folks gotta start growing some balls and be willing to say the ever character-building words: “You fucking suck, dude. Put some small measure of effort into it next time, would ya?”

Of course, douchebag comments should always come with constructive criticism. I’m equally annoyed with morons who’ll just be like: “Meh, didn’t like that.” Well, fuck you too, asshole. Would it have killed you to take an additional minute out of your day to tell me WHAT you didn't like?

Fanfics I will never read:

Any fics that focus on ham-fisted Mary Sue OC characters that nine out of ten times are simply a product of wish fulfillment on the part of the writer (seriously, these types of stories will never be popular, no matter how many times you post them people. GIVE IT UP).

Male slash (I don’t really have a problem with these, even though they’re not for me. I just wish people would stop spamming them so hard in certain categories. Fuck.)

Any fic with two or three followers where the writer feels the need to declare up front that they cannot be bothered with people asking them for updates. Get fucked, dude. You're even more pretentious than me, and that's saying something.

Any fic with a summary that simply states “I suck at summaries”. Listen, compadre. If you’re incapable of coming up with a simple one, two, maybe three sentence outline to give people some idea of what they’re getting into, how the hell do you think you’ll be able to construct an engaging narrative? Spoiler alert: you're not. Write a goddamn summary, you lethargic sack of shit.

Any fic where the writer feels the need to explain at the beginning of EVERY FUCKING CHAPTER that the quotation mark indicates speech.

Any Naruto fics (because fuck the mainstream, that’s why).

Any fic where a change of POV is signaled by gigantic ugly letters devoid of subtlety.

Any fic with a summary containing the phrase “picking up the pieces”.

Any fic where the writer feel the need to throw in a bunch of exposition in their AN, rather than let us know organically through storytelling.

Any fic where the author does not seem aware that sentences start with BIG letters.

Any fic on wattpad (Archive of our own is useful for an occasional wank I suppose).

More rants coming as soon as I feel like it. Shouldn't take long. You people are the mastitis-infected goat udders that keeps on giving.

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