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Author has written 17 stories for Final Fantasy X-2, Naruto, Final Fantasy X, James Bond, Total Drama series, Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z, Batman, and Young Justice.

My Profile:

Fav Food: Subs

Fav Drink: Vanila Coke/ Regular Pepsi

Fav Sport: Wrestling

Fav Wrestling moments:

1) The return oth the Undertaker @ WrestlemaniaXX

2) Bret Hart Spitting in the face of Vince Mc@#$!(Vince deserved that, after screwing bret out of the title, which ended an illuostrious carear in the WWE)(Also one of worst moment)

3) John Cena's Christmas Rap (Funniest thing I've ever heard)/Every time John Cena won WWE title

4) Shawn micheals defeating Triple H in the elimination Chamber to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

5) Chris Benoit Defeating Triple H in an iron man match

6) Kurt angle getting fired

7) Theodore Long Announced as the new Smackdown GM (I had an odd feeling it would either be Bret Hart or the Big Show)

8) Stephanie McMahon daring John Cena to smack her Ass, which he did.

9) Seeing goldberg appear for the first time on RAW

10) Stone Cold Steve austin announce him being the new 'Sherif' of monday night RAW

11) Undertaker announcing his match to be a buried alive match, and his opponent being Vince mcmahon

12) Kane getting Punked out by Lita

13) John Cena and Chris Benoit (two of my fav wrestlers) both winning a WWE championship battle royal in early december

14) Paul Heyman in the Sharpshooter (courtesy of Chris Benoit), while getting his mouth washed out with soap

15) Kurt angle getting a face full of powder, when he tried to steal Eddie's Blue Lowrider

Least Fav Wrestling moment:

1) Death of Eddie Guererro (Viva La Raza, and R.I.P, holmes)

2) Death of Chris Benoit (would be #1, except like everyone, I'm mixed with being as and EXTREMELY pissed off)

3) Montreal Screw job #1 4) Mick Foley walking out on RAW

4) Footage of Randy Orton practically ending HBK's Career

5) Everybody knowing that Lita's child might not be matt's (I kinda figured they were going to use something like that)

6) Edge Winning World title on SMackdown.

Fav Animie(S) Naruto, DBZ, DB, DBGT, YUGIOH, Inuyasha, DNAngel, Full Metal Alchemist.

Fav Music: Rap, R&B, Hip hop, Hard Rock.

Song Of the moment: You know my name: chris Cornell

Favourite Artist(s): Ozzy Osbourne (ROCK AND ROLL), Eminem, Chris Cornell, 50 cent, And of course,

Favourite Band(s): Nirvana, Sum 41. Saliva. Dragonforce, Hammerfall. Nickleback. Metallica, Evanesance, Linkin park, Drowning pool.

Favourite Rap songs: Eminem: Lose yourself, Sing for the moment, Mosh, Shake That A$$ 50 Cent: Candy Shop, PIMP, what up Gangsta, Patiently waiting, 21 questions, wanksta, In da club Favourite hip hop song: Nelly:Hot in here, Shake ya Tailfeather, Jay-Z: Dirt off your shoulder,Izzo, What more can I say Will Smith: Wild Wild west, Men in black, Just the two of us. Misc: P Diddy:I'll be missing you. Ludacris: Stand up, pimpin' all over the world, #1 spot, Get back.

Favourite Hard rock/Heavy metal song(s): Ozzy osbourne: Crazy train, Paranoid, I don't want to stop, Get me through. Rob Zombie: Thunderkiss65, Feel so Numb, Meet the Creeper Saliva: Superstar, Click Click Boom, always, Superstar 2, Survival of the Sickest, I walk alone Linkin Park: In the end, Numb, somewhere I belong, Faint Drowning pool: The game, Tear away, Bodies Metallica: Seek and Destroy, Enter Sandman, ride the Lighting, Master of Puppets, for whom the bell tolls, frantic Motorhead: The game, Ace of Spades Limp Bizkit: My way, rollin, crack addict, Build a bridge, My generation Nirvana: Smells like Teen spirit, lithium, Come as you are, Heart shaped box, In bloom

Favourite Alternative song: Our lady peace: Somewhere out there, whatever, innocent Nickelback: Far Away, Photograph, Someday, Too bad, how you remind me Evanesance: Going under, Everybody's fool, Bring me to life, Tournquet,

Misc:My Sacrifice(Creed), Vertigo(U2), No Surprise(Theory of a deadman), nothing could come between us(Theory of a deadman), and kryptonite(3 doors down)

Fav Video Game Genre: Platform, RPG, Action

Fav Quotes: I don't give a @#$, I was sent to piss the world off (or something like that) Diamonds...that'll shut her up...( The Real world is faker then wrestling Your entrance was good, his was better. The reason: He's a showman

DYK (Did You Know): On the Bardock Special movie, a small part of the song 'Superstar' by Saliva, was played at the fight on meat.

Pics for my newest Fanfic, Power Rangers Dragon Force:

Ikazuchi (I made this one, yes, I know it looks like the Q-rex, but it was the closest thing I had imagined it)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Next Generation by DriveRed reviews
Thrax has returned, bringing forth pervious monsters that the older Power Rangers have faced. To help stop this, Ninjor has combined the Dino, Thunder, and Ninja Powers together, picking six teenagers to fight. See inside for more details
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Chaos Soul reviews
It was said that on a night of the red moon, seen in the skies of the underworld. A child would be born. A child, who was meant to become something more than just another resident of Hell; born from a dead warrior, heir to the demonic queen herself. That child would become like no other: To either save the universe from catastrophe or be the ultimate bringer of its doom.
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