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Author has written 14 stories for Child's Play, Disney, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, Total Drama series, Elfen Lied, Frozen, Web Shows, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Name: Allison

Last Name: Davis

Age: 17

About me: I love drawing, Sonic the Hedgehog, Transformers, Dragonball Z, South Park, Clannad, Elfen Lied, anime, Manga, Most Popular Girls in School, Les Miserables, Disneyland, Walt Disney, Hayo Miyazaki, CLASSIC Disney, musicals, shamanic journeying, interacting with tulpae (basically imaginary friends XD sounds weird but its actually really cool!), Nostalgia Critic, Total Drama, 2D animation, daydreaming, making inspriational quotes as well as ranting, Pokemon, and Chucky the Killer Doll. Ever since I played Sonic 06, I now want to become an author (NOT an actual profession just for a hobby and MAYBE getting it published one day because to be honest I think I'm kind of an amateur when it comes to this) and write fictional, fantasy stories of my OC's with ALTERED appearences and no references to the fandom they originated from.

Future Fanfictions: Sonic X Season 5 (possibly), South Park: Friendship is NOT Magic, South Park: Coon and Friends 4 (Godzilla spinoff), South Park: Minor Difficulties, (The following South Park stories will contain the same characters from my previous stories, but they will start fresh and be rewritten), Pokémon Johto-Unova Region: Tracey's Story, Pokemon Sinnoh Region: Alice's Story (I'm planning on having Alice and Tracey cross paths somewhere in their stories), Sonic High School with OC exceptions (after Sonic X season 4)

Fanfictions I will not continue: Community Service Sucks Ass (finished), Bebe vs. Nica (finished), oneshots. Child's Play the Alternate Version, Calvin the Procrastanator

Fanfictions I will continue: Disney Unites (possibly), Total Drama Universe, Sonic X Season 4, Pokémon Kanto Region: Tracey's Story, Destiny League of Arreox (on deviantart only)

Fanfictions on Hiatus (I am continuing but will not get to for a while, basically need a break from them so I can move on to other projects): Sonic X season 4, Disney Unites (probably for a while), Destiny League of Arreox, South Park Friendship is NOT Magic

Current Fandoms (in order): Transformers (new!), Pokemon, Sonic, Dragonball Z (new!), Total Drama, Elfen Lied, Chronicles of Narnia, Clannad, South Park, Child's Play

Deviantart (very active):

Instagram (barely active, I can't even log in anymore so you may not even want to follow me): hedgehog_dreamer

Rosie's account: rosie_ (2 more underscores) rabbit

Youtube (decently active):

Kik (decently active): Chuckyrulz

Favorite Sonic Games: SONIC 06 IS MY GOD

Favorite Sonic songs: His world (Sonic's Theme), Dreams of an Absolution (Silver's Theme), I Am all of Me (Shadow's Theme), Shining Road (Ending theme song of Sonic X Japanese), Escape the City Sonic Generations remix, Waking Up, End of the World (06)

If your STILL reading this, here is a description of all of my Sonic OC characters (Rosie will obviously show up in some of my fics but here are some of her friends/ team members)

Click this link to read to read Destiny League of Arreox, the story of how my Sonic OCs came to be:

Name: Erebos
Age: 17
Species: Hedgehog
Personality: serious with a calm, sometimes humurous side to him, affectionate, controlling leader
Abilities: running, incredible strength, spin dash attack, ring dash (he and Sapphire click their wedding rings together and spin dash together in a swirled stream with twice as fast acceleration)
Likes: His wife Sapphire, his friends, fighting crime, running, food,
Dislikes: Master Splice, being treated with disrespect, being bored, seeing his wife in danger, slavery, when Alepoi flirts with his wife, Team Voltage

Name: Sapphire
Age: 16
Species: Hedgehog
Personality: Funny, competitive, curious, sweet, longs for freedom
Abilities: same as Erebos's
Likes: Her husband Erebos, running, exploring, dreaming, singing, playing her electric guitar, performing, her friends, learning about mythical creatures and ancient legends
Dislikes: Master Splice, having to be away from her husband, being locked up, sexual abuse, seeing people upset, Team Voltage

Name: Rosie
Age: 16
Species: Rabbit
Personality: Gentle, often clumsy in a humerous way, extremeley nice and caring, poetic, sympathetic, sometimes paranoid, has a "crying tick"
Abilities: Flying, Heel kick
Likes: Friends, Family, making people laugh, Chao, adventures, Mobius, her baby vampire sister Akai, her Dark Chao Thorn, freedom, singing, writing letters and stories
Dislikes: boredom, seeing her friends in danger, when her little sister and or Chao put up a fight, when someone reminds her of her dead mother, Team Voltage, making mistakes

Name: Milly
Age: 15
Species: Badger
Personality: Very peppy, funny, into fashion, she only takes things seriously when someone is hurt and she has a chance to become the nurse shes always dreamed of being, funny
Abilities: healing people with her years of medical experience, tazing with a tazor
Likes: being a nurse, fashion, adventures, her best friend Rosie, all of her other friends, hot tubs, desserts, making up words, dressing up as her other career personas (combat agent, security guard, etc.)
Dislikes: being impatient, Master Splice, when Alepoi teases her, seeing people who are injured, Team Voltage

Name: Alepoi
Age: 17 Species Hornet

(sorry for this sudden double space, blame fanfiction >:( )

Abilities: Hyper fly, Sting attack, Barrier Defense (his red gloves allow him to create forcefields) Personality: full of himself, never takes things very seriously unless he is being mocked or someone is in serious danger, flirty Likes: Girls, himself, his friends, flying, fighting, showing Team Voltage whos boss, flirting with Sapphire and India, working out Dislikes:Master Splice, Team Voltage, regection, friend zoning

Name: India
Age: physically 17, actually 1 billion years old
Species: Chameleon (once a great spirit of an old, tropical island)
Personality: calm, expressing herself and her culture
Abilities: Natural Powers: Keeping everyones mind calm, meditation, phycic forses, gliding with her long silk skirt, Spiritual Powers: (SPOILER: she gave up her identity as the Spirit of Walooama and her immortality all together in order to join Erebos's team so she no longer has these powers unless she removes her blue rings and replaces them with her old ones back on the island) Transforming into anything she can think of, flying, creating wind, contacting other spirits all around Arreox (their home planet near Mobius), her other natural powers
Likes: settling arguments, when Alepoi flirts with her (she finds it cute), her exotic home island Walooama, nature, animals and Chao
Dislikes: Master Splice, Team Voltage, anything harmful against her friends, nature, or Walooama

Name: 3D-16
Age: none
Species: Robot
Personality: kind, caring, funny,
Abilities: Flying, Scissor Slice, Laser beam
Likes: his friends, sleeping (charging), soaring, taking care of Rosie's baby sister, interacting with kids, making people laugh
Dislikes: Master Splice, Team Voltage, anything harmful to kids or his friends

Canon Couples I love:

Total Drama: Zike, Gwent, South Park: Stendy (in older episodes, as of right now they are just an ok couple, I just thought it was cute the way Stan fell for her), Tokole,

Sonic: Tailsmo

Elfen Lied: Louta

Clannad: Tomoyisa

Canon Couples I think are ok:

Total Drama: Aleheather, Gwuncan, Owizzy, Bridgeoff

Canon Couples I hate:

Total Drama: Scourtney Samota

Elfen Lied: Yuda (YUKA NEEDS TO FREAKING DIE!!!!!)

Fanon Couples I love:

Total Drama: Dott (my favorite couple of all time!!)

South Park: Bunny (ONLY gay couple I like!)

Sonic: Sonina, Sonamy, Silvamy, Shadamy, Scourgamy, Scourgosy, Knuxikal,

Fanon Couples I think are ok:

Total Drama: Gwody

South Park: Candy

Sonic: Knux- Su

Clannad: Sunoyo, Sunyou

Fanon Couples I hate:

Total Drama: DawnB, Nody

South Park: Kybe, Style (THEY ARE FRIENDS GOD DAMMIT!)

Sonic: Tailream, Sonally (not as much as a lot of people do, I despise Sally in the Archie Comics and agree she is very out of character, and I've only seen like two episodes of SAT AM!!), Sonai and Shadai triangle (I know Akai is an OC but she's just too damn popular to ignore :/ )

OC shippings I ship:

Sonic: Mikoto X Shadow, Rosie X Silver, Han X Derek (both OC's), Han X Sonic, Misery Severity X Mephiles, Elizabeth X Sadik (both OCs), Sapphire X Erebos (both OCs)

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South Park - Rated: T - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5,375 - Reviews: 26 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 12/12/2012 - Published: 6/17/2012 - Eric Cartman, Kyle B.
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