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Aerith/ Leon

Mimi/ Matt Mimato 4ever
Kari/ TK

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Marron/ Trunks
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Future Fanfics
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Visit the Night

Serenity has been trying to win the heart of Seto Kaiba through songs for months. When a mysterious poem touches the heart of Seto, Serenity seizes credit for the poem and sings it to Seto. When Seto starts to fall for Serenity, will he care that the true author was Ishizu?

Intended Couple:

Serenity/ Seto/ Ishizu

The poem: (please don't take this poem...I worked hard on it to make it sound inspiring to Seto)

Visit the Night

They look at you with envy

You have everything money can buy

Yet you are the one that sits at home

Feeling lonelier than the sun in the sky

At nightfall you hide from other stars

They just aren't bright enough to you, right?

However, if you look closely, they shine just as bright

You will see what I mean if you just visit the night

And I might even be there, as the shining lunar star

But even if you stay your stubborn self

I'll still visit you in the sky

I, your moon, will still be by your sky

Visit the night, my sun.

Visit the night.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Forced to Love and Betray

A year after Battle City, Yami Malik comes back and is more bent on destroying the world than ever. The only one who knows how to beat him is Isis, who has the M. Necklace to tell her all. However, Yami Malik casts a spell on Isis that makes her unable to betray Malik as long as she loves him. Yugi and the gang must defeat Yami Malik before it's too late. But the spell is too strong and Isis will die if she reveals any information about Yami Malik's plans. The only way to break the spell is for Isis to love someone more than she loves her brother. How will the gang be able to capture the love of our pessimistic goddess?

Intended Couples:

Seto/ Isis/ Yami

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Miss Matchmaker? Meet Match Breaker

Isis is the best matchmaker in Domino and can make any two people fall in love. Also in Domino, Seto is the infamous match breaker as well as a CEO. Tired of Seto destroying the relationships she worked hard to create, Isis issues a challenge to him and he accepts. Isis must be a match breaker for two months while Seto has to be a matchmaker for two months. Loser has to leave the city forever. With no one to be their guinea pigs, Isis and Seto use each other without knowing that the other is the enemy. What happens when the two months are up?

Intended Couple:

Isis/ Seto

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

While You Were Sleeping

Tagline: A story about love at second sight.

Lonely Tokyo train-ticket seller, Isis, has fallen in love with the stranger Yami, who passes her by every day at work. On Christmas day, Yami, falls onto the rails and is saved by Isis. He falls into a coma and Isis pretends to be his fiancée to be able to see him at the hospital. But Yami's friends believe the lie and accept Isis as their friend too. The once lonely Isis starts to find happiness with his friends but Seto is skeptical about Isis's relationship with Yami and is determined to expose her as a liar. How will Isis explain herself when Yami wakes up?

Intended Couple:

Yami/ Isis/ Seto

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Never Satisfied

Joey doesn't have much but is perfectly happy. Seto has everything, except for the thing he wants most, "her". Seto hates everything about Joey, from his face to his family to his cards. But when the one thing Seto wants starts to fall into Joey's arms, how far will Seto go to win her?

"Quote: Seto: I may have the world, but what I still want the moon."

Intended Couple:

Joey/ Isis/ Seto

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Tale as Old as Time: The Trilogy

Book one: As most of us already know, our favorite pharaoh, Yami, and his rival, Seto, battle out in three different times: Ancient Egypt, Medieval Europe (in the Battle of the Roses video game), and modern day Domino. However, Yami and Seto were best friends in Egypt. What tore these cousins apart? Well, in simple words, it was for "her", Princess Aishizu. The answer to all the questions is that Aishizu was married to Yami and whoever was Pharaoh would keep the princess. (it sounds AU but it's actually much more accurate than those Princess Anzu from Ancient Egypt fanfics. I mean...Anzu never existed in the past) Also, why did Bakura want to be Pharaoh when pharaohs were the things he hated the most?

Intended Couples:

Priest Seto/ Aishizu/ Pharaoh Yami

Aishizu/ Doroboo Bakura

Kisara/ Priest Seto

Book two: We all know the tragic end of Ancient Egypt...The goddess of love, Isis, pitied the end of Aishizu, Yami, Seto, Kisara, and Bakura. So she reborns them into Medieval Egypt as a second chance. Will our ex-Egyptians finally have a happy ending, or will the same thing happen again that happened in Egypt?

Intended Couples:

Same as above

Book three: Big surprise. Our heroes just can't seem to do anything right. Everybody ends up all dead, again! So as the final attempt, the goddess Isis reborns our heros in modern day and this is where the real story of Yugioh comes in play. (Kisara is reborn as Anzu) In battle city, our characters meet again but will they fail to accomplish anything like they did the last two lifetimes? They better find a way because this is their last chance!

Intended Couples:

Seto/ Isis / Yami

Isis/ Bakura

Yami/ Anzu/ Seto

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