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Author has written 2 stories for Tales of Legendia, and Pokémon.

Update(June 22, 2013): Nothing worth noting as of late. Chapter 12's already pretty far along, if you're curious about how updates are going, and...Oh, that's right! An Unlikely Partnership finally has a cover image, thanks to Slybill!

Alpha-Bread here, though that might be a temporary pen-name. I dunno, though, this put-together-on-the-spot name is kinda growing on me. If you've ever played Tales of Legendia and fought the beastly opponent that is Mimi Baker, I'm sure you know where the name came from.

Anyways, I'm pretty much a newbie as far as fanfictions go, though I've been in several literate roleplays and attempted to write quite a few original stories over the years(Emphasis on attempted, but...yeah). I'd like to believe my grammar is adequate, at any rate. Anyways, I figured I might try reading fanfictions for a change a few months ago and, well...I enjoyed them more than expected. But you probably already know that, seeing as I ended up joining.

Basically, I hope to improve as a writer and add new stories. I'm not sure exactly how my writing is going to turn out since I'm so used to roleplay etiquette, but try not to expect too much romance. One of my goals is to try making stories that are enjoyable for people whether they know of the fandom or not(mostly for lesser-known stuff), so I'll happily take advice on how to make that possible.

Story Plans:

-Past Mistakes

Fandom: Tales of Legendia

Status: Suspended

Plot: A girl from the Crusand Empire wakes up as an Oresoren. Discontinued, but there may be a better remake of it one day.

-An Unlikely Partnership

Fandom: Pokemon

Status: 8 chapters posted, chapter 9 in progress

Plot: A newbie Pokemon detective catches word of Team Rocket and Plasma activity, even though both groups have been supposedly disbanded for four years. When she learns that the only witness of their activities is an overly skittish teen, a simple interrogation turns into an odd partnership.

-Unnamed as of yet

Fandom: Tales of Legendia

Status: Still brainstorming on it, probably won't be a story for a while, if ever

Plot: A Stella x Senel story, set before the whole attack on the Ferines Village. And what's this? No OCs as main characters this time? Yes, indeed, a story from me without an OC main character, if this ever comes into existence.

While I'm trying to avoid bringing anything that isn't somewhat enjoyable to this site, I know I'll make mistakes. If you ever see a problem in one of my stories, whether it's a little grammatical error or the general flow of the story, please let me know so I can improve(Not to say I don't enjoy compliments! After all, who doesn't?). However, I would appreciate at least a somewhat polite approach to criticism, mainly because this timid newbie writer is very easy to scare off.

Well, I hope to have a nice experience here. That's it for now!


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