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I swear you people give me so much confidence. And I honest to God LOVE you for it. Thank you guys. (:

Let me tell you about myself!(:

Name: Well, my Pen Name is ToReachYou, as you may already know. But you can call me Sophie! (:

Age: A two-digit number between two numbers.

Sex: Female

Locations: Windsor, Berkshire(UK)/United States

Siblings: 2 older sisters!

Favorite color: Mint green(:

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Favorite Youtubers;

PewdiePie: I've been addicted to him for about 2 years or so? He's just so damn adorable.

Cryaotic/ChaoticMonki: Fuck me I love him. I love his "Cry Reads:..." videos because he reads them so well with so much feeling.
I don't see how people can ship Cry with Pewds, that's disgusting.
Cry has a godly voice, I will admit that, but people need to leave him the hell alone about him not showing his face. It was his decision, and people need to respect that.

Tobuscus: He is hilarious, gorgeous, and has perfect teeth. What else is there to say?

CinnamonToastKen: This man. This. Man. I love him to death. I want to HUG HIM. I didn't favor his beard too much, but then he shaved it and now.. unf. Just unf.

DamnNoHtml: Scott Jund is so cute. I love this guy. I wanna adopt him and make him my little bby cos he's so damn cute.

Anime I have watched, the best being #1 and worst(not excactly worse, just not as good as the first on the list) is the lowest number this list reaches.



Toshiro x Momo: This relationship is a given. If you don't ship this well then I am sorry to tell you, you have a mental issue. And you should go get looked at. Toshiro and Karin were never canon; he was simply interested one, because she is Ichigos sister. Two, because he wondered if she could see hollows and soul reapers, which was confirmed, so he was no longer interested. End of story.
Childhood love runs deep, and we all know it can't possibly end. Ever. Hitsugaya and Hinamori obviously had something very special and very deep if Aizen kept trying to get in the way and destroy it. Aizen stabbed Momo, Toshiro tried to kill him. Aizen tricked Toshiro into stabbing her in the battle against the arrancars and he screamed in fury, and he wanted Aizens head. Also, the whole "Bedwetter Momo" "Shiro-Chan" nickname ordeal is obviously a no-brainer.

Ichigo x Rukia: I find the fact that Ichigo's family only survived because of Rukia giving him her powers to be a very special bond. No, they weren't exactly shipped together officially by the end of the anime, but you know, it was very hinted. More hinted, in multiple peoples opinions, than Ichigo and Inoue were. Honestly, there is such thing as a one-sided love. That was Orihimes problem. She loved him, yes, but that doesn't mean he returned her feelings. You know how Natsu from Fairy Tail would do anything for say.. Erza? That doesn't mean he loves her like that, it just proves how deep their friendship is. That's what I believe is Ichigo and Inoues relationship. Now back to Rukia; if it wasn't for her, Ichigos family would be dead, along with him. She even lived with the guy. Also, remember the moment when she wanted to tell Ichigo something but she said "Nevermind" Instead? It was heavily hinted throughout the anime in my opinion, the fact that he was always there with her, he always protected her and avenged her if she was taken down. It makes sense.

Renji x Rukia: Alright, for people who don't ship these two, don't worry - it's very subtle. I only kind of ship them because it is so obvious that Renji loves her. I bet Rukia loves him too.. I don't know. They never went into depth on the topic, besides the fact that Rukia saved Renji and his friends. But then all his friends, or more like family, disappeared, and Rukia was the only one left. They went into the Soul Academy together, they were family! It was also very obvious that Rukia liked him when she said "I like when you yell answers out like that...SO.. KEEP IT UP." Like trying not to make it an awkward situation. I believe they would be cute together.. but I'm not too sure. I like Ichigo and Rukia more for some reason. Just my opinion.



Natsu x Lucy: This is a no brainer. Even Hiro Mashima himself OBVIOUSLY ships these two together. Now, sure, Lisana and him had a thing going when he was like.. 4. That doesn't mean anything. He thought she was dead, so of course, he probably got over it. But honestly, he was around 4! What feelings could you honestly hold for anything that isn't a best friend or a parent? Or, you know.. A dragon. Anyways, I find her clingy. Also, do you ever see any NaLi moments? Ever see them together on missions or grouped in scouting groups together? No, you don't. You simply see her on the sidelines going "Go Natsu!" She is not a main antagonist, so no, she will not have such an important role as such. Also, Natsu is the one who brought Lucy to the guild she so longingly wanted to join; thinking that it would be so difficult, even more so considering she isn't a very formidable wizard. But he made her dreams come true. He decided to make a group with her. He protects the damsel in distress. It's not my favorite way of putting it, but it's technically how it is. People say that she is annoying, that she was simply a replacement of some sort. I don't be believe she was a replacement; do you find Natsu Dragneel, of all people, to simply use someone as a replacement for someone else? Also, how can she be annoying? She has her own personality, that's how she is. Saying she is annoying is like saying you're annoying for acting the way you do, for just being yourself. I find Lucy to be someone to look up to, almost. She treasures her friends, she always sees the good in people, and she doesn't exactly put people down, and she never gives up, above all. She's also the person telling the entire tale, the main character. How can you find her annoying when they go so in depth with her sad past? Either way, I find Natsu and Lucy to be the most obvious to happen soon.

Gajeel x Levi: Beauty and the beast. I love the fact that he attacked her, but then tried to make it up to her. It seemed almost as though they did it on purpose. I mean, take a background character, make a new important character attack her, then BAMB, you've got yourself a ship. It's adorable, plus I don't think you can find anyone else to be with Gajeel or Levi. Also, they could be considered canon. She already has feelings for him, and he told her to stay by his side. That could have SO MANY meanings behind it we don't even know of, that we can't predict. I love how when Jet and Droy were beating him up(failing), she was the one telling them to stop. And when Laxus came and said "So you're the person who made our Guild look worse than it already does" Or something along those lines. And when he beat Gajeel up, Levi began to run and tell him to stop, but Laxus got annoyed at her yells and shot lightning at her. But, oh, guess who protected her for no reason? GAJEEL. THE BIG BAD BULLY. Yeah. It's adorable. Plus the whole "I'll make you big" thing was downright adorable. The look he gave her was a look he only gives HER. Its always the same look, always towards her. Also, the fact that he ran after her when she stormed away, angry from his demeanor words, shows even more. He was obviously worried about her and felt the need to protect her and look, he did.

Gray x Juvia: Don't lie; you know you ship it too. Juvia fell in love with him at first sight. (I mean, damn, who wouldn't when he's always stripping off his shirt and has that glorious six-pa-) And the fact that he was the one that Meredy put the bracelet link on, says a lot. The person she has the deepest bond with is who she said she put it on. So yeah, pretty obvious. Also that moment during the Grand Magic Games when Lyon came and took Juvia away while Gray was talking with her, and Gray yelled "Hey! Don't go taking what's mine, dammit!" It's being slammed in our faces yet people continue to ship Gray and Erza when we all know that will never happen. Why would it, when Erza is with Jellal and they have already kissed? So, yeah, I find this couple adorable. Also, I have to add, Juvia is the one I find to be the prettiest besides Erza or Cana. Just saiyan.

3. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

I don't really think I need a pairing list for this, being that there are some pretty obvious couples in this anime.
This anime made me sob harder than I have EVER sobbed while watching any other anime. It broke my heart, it really did. I'm prepared to watch it a second, third, and fourth time, and I'm sure I'll cry just as hard every time.

4. FULL METAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD Best AMV I've ever seen: FMA L.I.B AMV look it up. Now.


Ed x Winry: Let me add first that I saw this coming from the beginning. I knew it ever since I saw her sleeping closest to Ed as a child in the first beginning; I knew it since she said she wouldn't be with anyone shorter than herself; I knew it since Al mentioned the time he and Ed fought over who would marry Winry and Al won, which caused Ed to be furious in fits of "THAT'S NOT TRUE." But, honestly, we can't say you don't ship them. They had KIDS in the end. KIDS DAMMIT. Which, by the way, I fangirled over for about 30 minutes.

Al x May: They are so cute, also around the same age. She may have been a little younger, but hey, shit happens. They already had a little connection from the start, Alphonse always worrying about whether May was alright or not. Also, how her little panda-cat loved Alphonse was a sure sign they would have something. Because we all know that little panda-cat is rather mean to anyone BUT May and Alphonse. Also, well.. they ended up together in the end as well. So.. duh.



Sawako x Kazehaya: This had to be the best, most touching love story I have ever seen. Literally, I cried a few times when I watched it. I hated the fact that everyone misunderstood her and nobody wanted to talk to her or even look at her; everyone besides Kazehaya. He was the only one to say "Thank You" instead of "I'm sorry" when she talked to him. He smiled at her instead of cowering away, he told her good morning everyday instead of avoiding her and ignoring her. He wanted to know her, he wanted to break through her shell and not too many people will try and do that. Besides Chizu and Ayane, of course. But honestly, I love the purity of their relationship and how honest it was, how it wasn't rushed or exaggerated. It happened almost as if it would happen in a regular school, to a regular person. It could actually happen. And ever since I finished it I hoped one day it would happen to me, legitimately! Anyways, this is the cutest couple ever, and if you haven't watched Kimi Ni Todoke Anime or the Live Action movie, I highly advise you to. It will change your view of guys completely, and you will become such a picky person when it comes to males. But you know, that's not always a problem.

Ryu x Chizu: Too cute. A tomboy who fell for her best friends older brother, and a guy who fell for his best friend, a tomboy. It was so realistic, it killed me. That's what I loved about this anime; the situations were so realistic you could feel their pain and suffering, their angst. The fact that you knew Chizu had feelings for Ryu but was clouded by her long time infatuation of his older brother, and how Ryu loved her but simply let her have her moment to shine with his brother was so sweet but so sad. And he told her in the end "I like you" and she said "I know that, stupid!" While walking arm in arm with him.

Ayane x Pin: Okay, I know it may seem weird. But we all know that she liked older guys! So why not? They already seemed to have some sort of relationship going on, they already seemed to click. They had those little fights like they were an old married couple, and that's always a sure sign of something.

6. INUYASHA First anime I ever watched, and it got me completely hooked on animes with swords, blood, cursing, plot twists and LOVE. Tehe.
Is always gonna have a place in my heart, caused me to cry when it ended and I rewatched the last episode 5 times and cried each time. I just loved the story line, it was fuqing perfect. I LOVE KOGA.


InuYasha x Kagome: I knew it would happen in the end. But I never expected all the twists and turns that had me lurching in my seat. I love how you could feel the pain Kagome did when InuYasha went out and searched for Kikyo, or whenever she was nearby and he smelt her sent, leaving Kagome alone while she thought constantly "I can never replace Kikyo."
But honestly, what the fuck InuYasha? Kikyo was trying to KILL YOU. I doubt she had feelings for you after she got a new body. Anyways, I found him adorable when he came to Kagomes era, how confused and curious he was. Also how many foolish things he did unknowing of whether or not it was okay to do. There aren't many things I can say about InuYasha and Kagome. Honestly, there are too many things to say. That's why I say, watch it if you haven't already, and if you have you know where I am coming from. THEY GOT MARRIED. FANGIRLED FOR AT LEAST AN HOUR.

Miroku x Sango: I kind of also knew this would happen. Once he started feeling her rump, I knew she would eventually feel something for him out of pure coincidence. And what do you know, they did! It never would have shown through on Sangos end if Miroku wasn't such a womanizer; constantly asking women if they would bear his child. But you know what is significant? He never once asked Sango, except for the time she pointed it out, which ended in an interrupting decline. In the end, it was cute, because she actually ended up being the one to bear his child. As soon as I realized this fact.. the only thing that came across my mind was... surprisingly...
"This means... they... had... sex." Being the mature person I am.

7. AO NO EXORCIST Yeah, this was pretty amazing. I love Rins voice actor, he was simply perfect. So much emotion in this, I love the fact he liked Shiemi but Shiemi liked him AND Yukio. But it was kinda sad at the same time. Also, that Bon told him they had no intention of being friends with him after they found out about him being Satans son.


Pairings(so far);

Taiga x Ryƫji: I don't know much about this pairing, considering I only just started the anime. But I DO know they end up together by pure accident of always being in each others company. Funny how that always happens, right?

9. RUROUNI KENSHIN I love this anime. Omg. To die for. I love Kenshin and Kouru together and how when he left she was so heartbroken.

10. FUSHIGI YUUGI Tamahome and Miaka are so damn adorable. Though I remember reading a very upsetting spoiler about who she marries so I really need to finish this.

I'm getting to lazy to do detailed explanations on my pairings.

11. SOUL EATER Soul and Maka are like Gajeel and Levi. The same kind of personalities almost. So perfect together. Also BlackStar and Tsubaki. Too cute.

12. DURARARA! I've seen like 3 episodes, but I actually love the story line already and I want a motor cycle like that and the exact helmet. I need it.

13. ANGEL BEATS I've seen one episode of this, and I'm already hooked. I love the story line, it's so confusing at first but then it makes sense like 10 minutes in. I love that fact that at first he keeps 'dying' because he doesn't listen.

I can't remember any more... but trust me, there are SO MANY MORE.

I love animals more than people most of the time, because animals love you for you, despite how you look, how you act, or what you wear.

My stories will take some time to update, but please never abandon them. I am never going to give up on any of my stories, &even if I would want to, I'd get a brilliant idea and continue it. I'm not going to update the next day, maybe not even that week. But I WILL, I promise. Thank you guys. xx

I don't know if I want to be a lax author, or a veterinarian.
I have lots best friends, but there's one who stands by me no matter what, never backing down. I look up to her for that -- And she is an amazing author as well! Mostly ID fanfictions though..
I am fearful of moving, but I guess it's something I have to except. The more experience the better, I guess..
People say I'm in a bad mood a lot, but really that's only cos people are annoying.
I am a really nice person, despite what I just put, and love talking and love your reviews!(:
I am Puerto Rican but was born in the UK.
I've had this account for a month now, slowly getting better and better at writing, and I'm really happy with it. I love the feeling you get when you receive an amazing, uplifting review. It just puts you in the mood to write more and more! But you have to work really hard for reviews like that, that's why I'm always working really hard! (scroll all the way down for little survey type things with more info on MEH!)

I love reading fanfictions! I mostly enjoy the Fairytail ones, &also the Bleach ones. IchiRuki, NaLu, GaLe, &HitsuHina

I don't mind critiques, just no "OMG WTF IS THIS?" comments, that simply agitates me...

If you leave me feedback or critizism, I will most likely give you some feedback on one of your stories, because that only seems fair. But that'll probably only happen if I have time, so sorry if I don't get a chance to immediately! :D

I love stories that reflect a characters attitude and personality, and I enjoy it when they keep the story line, but exploring and changing the story line and setting of stories is really fun to do, so I enjoy reading those and writing those.

Action/fighting scenes&Kissing/Romantic(if you know what I mean o.o) scenes are difficult. Dx It's hard for me to capture all the action and some details with the fighting, and the passion and angst in the romantic like scenes, so please bare with my terrible descriptions to come. x3

My updates may take longer now that I am writing longer and longer chapters, so please excuse me if I'm late to updating. At most, updating the chapters should take a few days, a week? In the least I should update the same day, but that's only if I've done nothing all day and I'm really bored, because my summers are uneventful almost always. :D

A sarcastic guide to all of your proper grammatical needs!

They're = They fucking are

Their = Shows fucking possession

There = Specifies a fucking location

You're = You fucking are

Your = Shows fucking possession

We're = We fucking are

Were = Past fucking tense of "are"

Than = A fucking comparison

Then = A point in fucking time

This is a writing site, so learn proper English grammar. If you didn't know any of this before, THEN GO BACK TO THE THIRD GRADE, AND DON'T FALL ASLEEP THIS TIME AROUND.

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