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Author has written 3 stories for Pokémon, and Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts/バカとテストと召喚獣 .


Name: Haruhi

Age: ...

Gender: Female

Personality: Funny, Sarcastic

Currently working on: MLCB - Chpt. 8



Stories that have Hinanami in them: N/A


Stories that have LuckyShipping in them: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8531817/1/White-Day , http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8542313/1/My-Life-Changed-By-a-Lecture


Stories that have AgencyShipping in them: N/A

Jewel (OC) X Gold

Stories that have Jewel X Gold in them: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8542313/1/My-Life-Changed-By-a-Lecture

Chase X Molly

Stories that have Chase X Molly in them: N/A

More stories to come.


Name: Jewel

Gender: Female

Blood Type: B

Birthday: February 27th

Age: 14 (As Of The Sixth Chapter)

Family: Unnamed mother, unnamed father and unnamed brother.

Fandom: Pokemon Special (Adventures)


- Blastoise (Male, Lv.???, Moves: Hydro Canon, Surf, Skull Bash, Mega Kick)

- Gardevoir (Female, Lv.???, Moves: Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Psychic, Teleport)

- Swellow (Female, Lv.???, Moves: Sky Attack, Fly, Air Slash, Wing Attack)

- Ampharos (Female, Lv.???, Moves: Thunder, Discharge, Thunder Punch, Signal Beam)

- Porygon-Z ( Lv.???, Moves: Lock-on, Hyper Beam, Zap Canon, Recover)

- Umbreon (Male, Lv.???, Moves: Trump Card, Assurance, Moonlight, Confuse Ray)


Jewel was born in Pallet Town, Kanto. At age 6 she was given a friend ball from her grand-parents who died a while later. Jewel soon went on vacation to Four Island with her family. She was walking around outside of the Pokemon Day Care when she came across a newly hatched Squirtle. Since it was just born it had no trainer so she decided to catch it with the Friend ball her grand-parents gave her.

Once she got back to Pallet Town a few weeks later she started to train her Squirtle on Route One and Two. Six years past and her Squirtle was now a Wortortle and Jewel is now 12. A week later she heard rumors that Professor Oak was making two and only two new PokeDex's but he would only give them to two people that are ready for a long journey because these two PokeDex's where not normal, they where a new type of PokeDex. They where called "Shiny PokeDexs" which would only register Shiny Pokemon. Jewel only found out this after Professor Oak had trusted her with a PokeDex, she was looking to see what move her newly given Eevee knew while battling a wild Pidgey but the the machine only said that there was no data on the Dex. She though it would be hard to be a Dex holder but not this hard. She didn't know what to do. If she told the professor something was wrong he would get mad at her for not listening (Which she wasn't.) but if she didn't tell him she wouldn't know what to do... In the end she decided to go see Professor Oak. She told the professor that there was something wrong. Luckily, there was. For some reason there was no Non-Shiny PokeDex chip inserted inside the Shiny Dex. Professor Oak fixed the Dex and Jewel started her own Journey.

In Jewel's family she has an older brother who is 5 years older than her. In her opinion her brother is really immature for his age Both her parents are still alive and healthy.

Today, no one really know's where she is at the moment but her family thinks that she's safe. Or is she?

More Information:

If you read My Life Changed By a Lecture you will find more information about her and her personality.

She has light brown hair and as MLCBL says "Her eyes are so shiny and really white. They look almost blue" She's a bit taller than "average height" and not too skiny but not "fat" at all.

Name: Copper

Gender: Male

Blood Type: O

Birthday: January 9th

Age: 14 (As of sixth chapter.)

Fandom: Pokemon Special (Adventures)


- Charizard (Male, Lv ???, Moves: Flare Blitz, Inferno, Flamethrower, Dragon Rage.)

- Gallade (Male, Lv ???, Moves: Close Combat, Psycho Cut, Confusion, Night Slash.)

- Salamence (Male, Lv ???, Moves: Double-edge, Dragon Claw, Crunch, Fly.)

- Gengar (Female, Lv ???, Moves: Nightmare, Dream Eater, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse.)

- Mantine (Female, Lv ???, Moves: Surf, Take Down, Hydro Pump, Aqua Ring.)

- Steelix (Male, Lv ???, Moves: Iron Tail, Crunch, Stone Edge, Double-edge.)


Copper was born in Goldenrod City but then moved to Pallet down because his family want a quieter place to live. Along with Jewel, Copper was also given the Shiney Dex by Professor Oak. He won his Carmander in the Pokemon Lottery in Goldenrod City. It was a special deal at the time so Copper was lucky. He was given the Shiny Dex since Copper always hung around Oak's Lab. Oak studied him and after a few days of gaining his trust Copper was trusted with the Shiny Dex.

Copper only met up with Jewel on Mt.Moon when she was fighting a wild Rhyhorn. Copper helped Jewel as they're Ralts's fought along side each other. Since then they started traveling together and the more they traveled the more they're Ralts fell in love.

To this day Copper is known to be helping Bill in his Lab on route 25.

More Information:

Copper is quite tall and has light chestnut colored hair. His eyes are amber.

After chapter 7 of MLCBL you find out more about him and his personality. In chapter 7, Jewel states that he used to be a polite person.

Name: Megumi Tainaka

Nickname: Gumi (by classmates) or Meg (her family)

Gender: Female

Family: Unnamed Mother, Unnamed Father, Emiko Tainaka ( Older sister)

Blood Type: AB

Birthdy: November 13th 1995

Age: 16-17

Fandom: Baka to Test

Summoned Being (Shokanju):

Megumi's summoned being looks a lot like her. (Long brown hair, blue eyes .) Her summoned being wear's a kind of sailor uniform. She caries two huge blades in both her hands.


In year one, Megumi was in Class E but being very anti-social, she didn't really have many friends. The rest of Megumi's friends from previous schools left the country or went to different schools. Since she didn't have very many friends, students in Class E would constantly pick on her. In year two, she didn't fail the test on purpose so she didn't have to be in Class E, according to Megumi, she failed the test because of her. It is untold who 'her' is but it will be revealed in later chapters. At first Megumi blamed her fail on her mother but then admits she lied.

Ever since Megumi was a child her mother would put her in modeling. She never really thought much about it as a kid but now a days she wishes her mother never put her in it. Megumi also has a sister named Emiko. Her sister is older by 4 1/2 years older. Emiko's name means "Child graced with beauty; smiling child." while Megumi's name mean's "Blessing." Emiko's name is much more detailed than Megumi's. Because of this and the action's their parents show to Emiko, Megumi is very much like the hardly known second child of the Tainaka family. Megumi and Emiko show a lack of respect to each other and have a terrible relationship.

More information:

Megumi has brown hair and blue eyes. She is 5"3 and weighs about 106 lbs. Her 'bust size' is about the same size as Shouko.

Name: Emiko Tainaka

Nickname: Emi (Friends) or Miko (Mother, Father, Modeling studio owner)

Gender: Female

Family: Unnamed Mother, Unnamed Father, Megumi Tainaka (Younger sister)

Blood Type: O

Birthday: April 31st

Age: 20-21

Fandom: Baka and Test (Not really a main character in the fanfic)


Emiko is Megumi's older sister. She is currently attending college near their house. She is a full time model unlike Megumi who is only part-time. the owner of the modeling studio adores Emiko and it is very distinct that he shows more affection towards her than Megumi. The owner ever calls Emiko by her nickname given to her by her family.

When the Tainaka family went and visited America, Emiko didn't put an effort into learning English for the two weeks that they attended the class while Megumi clearly did. Since she didn't put an effort into learning English Megumi had to teach English to Emiko while they were travelling. Even if Megumi is constantly helping Emiko and constantly doing chores for her, Emiko still thinks of Megumi as a slave. She orders around Megumi and takes advantage of her. Megumi is too afraid of Emiko to stand up for herself and Emiko might be the reason Megumi doesn't like to talk to people at first.

Other information:

Emiko's natural hair color is dark brown but she constanly dye's it different colors, mainly blond. Her eye's are originally blue but Emiko puts contacts in to make then purple. Her bust-size is very large and might be the reason the modeling studio owner loves her.

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