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If you're checking out this page, then you must be wanting to know a little bit 'bout me!

Name: Sorry, just stick with my pen name

Age: What year is it?? XD

Birthdate: October 11

Gender: Female

I LOOOOOVE to travel, and someday I hope that I will be able to go all around the world. One day, I hope that I will be able to get my own airplane and fly across the world I really enjoy playing the piano and playing the violin. I play tennis, and I love to swim. I also am somewhat of a nerd and geek 8-B And I am a natural born artist, so I really love to draw and paint on my spare time.

I LOVE, probably a little too much, to watch Cartoons of all kinds. Must be because I love to draw cartoons. Also, I LOVE to do voice acting. I'm actually pretty good at it.

I really wish I could have a beautiful singing voice. Everyone tells me its good, but I want better!! ANYWAYS...

As you can tell, I LOVE SMURFS!!! :3 And I have many favorites, but one is especially my most favorite (I wonder who... XD)!

ANYWAYS! Here is the list of my favorite Smurfs, in order:

2.) Clumsy (Aww, I think he's sorts adorable)
3.) Handy (I luv his voice. It sounds so nice!!)
4.) Smurfette (She's okay)
5.) Hefty (THA STRONG SMURF!!)
6.) Grouchy (I find it funny when he says he hates something and he still does it XD)
7.) Lazy (Sonetimes I feel like doing what he does all day...sleep)
8.) Farmer (I like his voice too :D)
9.) Dreamy (Yep, I'm just a dreamer too...)
10.) Greedy (OM NOM NOM)
11.) Harmony (He plays music...badly...but it's still music!!)
12.) Painter (PAINTING!!!!!)
13.) Vanity (First time I saw him in smurfs cartoon episodes, I was like...o...kay... but I got used to it XP)

But I don't only just like smurfs, I like Sonic the Hedgehog, Harry Potter, Pokemon (Even if I'm a little old for that), and many others.

Harry potter favorites:

1. Hermione
2. Ron
3. Harry
4. Siruis Black
5. Severus Snape (They did a great job on Smapes memories in part 2 of the 7th movie!! :D)
6. Fred
7. George
8. Neville
9. Dumbledore

Fav Parings!!

HarryXGinny (Of course ;) Even though Ginny isn't really my favorite character)

RonXHermione (DEFINATELY!!)

LupinXTonks (Lovely couple *sigh*)

Yeah ya get the point, basically the pairings that happen in the books are the pairings I like.

Sonic the Hedgehog favorites:

1. TAILS!!! :D
2. Charmy (don't ask)
3. Espio
4. Sonic
5. Shadow
6. Rouge
7. Knuckles
8. Amy

Fav Pairings!!

SonicXAmy (Aww, two little hedgehogs together :D)

SilverXBlaze (Perfect for each other)

TailsXCosmo (usually, I would think that they are probably too young to be a couple, but I think that they're cute together. I am kinda jealous though...Lucky Cosmo T_T)

KnucklesXRouge (I like it how they tease each other, which usually means that you like one another, especially if that teasing is rather playful)

VectorXVanilla (I just think that they're cute together :D)

JetXWave (YEP!!)


CreamXCharmy (I approve)

ShadowXMaria (YES!)

Pairings that I think aren't so good:

KnucklesXJulie-su (Yeah, they are sweeties in the comic, but, I don't know...I just can't see Julie-se for Knuckles)

WaveXStorm (...NO!)

TailsXMarine (Maybe they would be cute...but IDK!)

CharmyXSaffron (Again...I can't really see Saffron for Charmy)

KnucklesXCream (Notice anything wrong here?)

ShadowXRouge (They seem to fit for each other, I guess, but I can't see them together. i can only probably see them as good friends)

ShadowXCream (Definately NO!)

SonicXhuman girl (ummm...really?)

KnucklesXCosmo (errrr...no)

Pokemon Favorites:

1. May
2. Ash
3. Max
4. Brock
5. Drew
6. James
7. Jesse
8. Pikachu
8. Meowth

Fav Pairings!!

MayXAsh (YES!! YES!! YESSS!!)

MayXDrew (This is okay also)

MeowthXMeowsy (I think this is okay...too bad Meowsy didn't go with Meowth...)


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