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Author has written 9 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Let me just say first that this is a very, very, very old account...well, not older than me anyways but yeah.

Anyways, I've been reading fanfiction since my middle school days but stopped for a bit when I lost interest and school ate up most of my life. But I'm back. Grown up a little since my last story (which is actually under a separate account I have on here), supposedly improved or at least got more exposed to different writing styles during the time. That must count for something, eh?

I'm afraid to say I will no longer be writing for Kingdom Hearts. It's been a while since I've played it...well, at all. Can't sit in front of a TV screen for that long anymore, gives me headaches. Loved the franchise, though. Still do.

Instead, I'm going to jump into the movies categories for the first time and see how I'll do there. Though I only write when I get a mad inspiration on certain things so these may be few. Updates, perhaps, even more irregular depending on work, studies, and my ungodly procrastination schedule...oh dear. :(

But if I do publish something, a chapter or a one-shot (I've never done drabbles but who knows?), I'd always try to pour a little of my soul into it. Not sure if that matters to anyone but hey, writing runs on passion so I think the math works out from there. :)


The wind didn't carry it away
With the courage of knowing we can't go back,
We accept our hardships


1) No, my eyes are not blue. But I love this track off an OST that I favor so much and decided that I just had to use it for something.

2) I am simple person...with a varying emotional capacity that can be described as ranging from a frozen, dead fish to the burning cores of a hundred suns.

3) Things that make absolute sense in my head make other people confused on how it sounds out loud. *points to #2*

4) My ships are like my precious life-blood so... DO NOT GET IN THE WAY OF MY SHIPPING. IT IS SRS BZNZ.

Really, I thrive on it more than reviews and comments. It's one of my main pillars of existence. *exaggerating now*

So if we have a difference in opinions, you stick to yours, I stick to mine, we're all happy. y/y?

5) Finally...I love cute things. Anything I find adorable, I squeal over. Keeeeeeee!!!!!!! x3


I only know of one way to protect those I love
And you left me and disappeared into the sky



Ariadne x Arthur (Inception)

Philip x Syrena (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides)

Gwen x Peter (The Amazing Spider-man)

Faramir x Eowyn (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy)

Mirany x Seth (The Oracle Trilogy)


Your flare fought long against the moon
But the story ended before it could begin



Sensations - Ch. 3 - In need of revision.

Angel - PhilipxSyrena one-shot (1 of 2 complete)

(Angelica & Blackbeard oneshot)- Currently working on it.


So soft, so fragile
I will call up the melody locked away
And sing it until I destroy myself



This is unheard of. How can one not have anything to do at work at the moment?

Whatever, I will find some way to appear (haha, sneaky) productive while I write.

No guaranteed updates but I'm struggling, have mercy on this author's oh so lonely soul.

And a happy new years as well. Ciao, my darlings!


That is how much I love you...

- Gekkou Symphonia, AKINO & bless4

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A mermaid is a creature of the sea and embodies it in all its enticing but deadly nature. Yet they,too, can be prone to feelings and Syrena learns the significance of them through the experiences in her life, particularly one with a steadfast missionary.
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He was sure now that even if she had traded her wings for a fish's tail and monstrous fangs, she was without a doubt the messenger God had sent to bring him eternal peace.
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