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~@ May 22, 2006@~

I've posted a story onto here for my newest fandom obsession, the short lived Showtime series "Dead Like Me". I'm cross posting this story with my other fanfiction dot net account, the one I've been using for my Teen Titan fanfiction. However, since I signed up for the lj 30 kisses writing challenge claiming the George/Mason couple (no, it's not slash, George is a girl)from the show, I hope to be writing much more in this fandom in the future. And no, I won't be cross posting each of these stories, but since I couldn't decide which account to use as my DLM account (and I'm not going to open up another one...) I figured I'd cross post this first one and see where it got the most reviews. Whichever account it gets the most reviews and / or hits on, is the account I'll use to post my DLM fics from there on out.

~@March 27, 2006@~

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it? Anyway, I'm still not writing anything major for Inuyasha fandom, BUT I did join the iyissekiwa community over on livejournal which is a drabble community. I've done the first drabble for that (Theme: Truth) and the next theme is Phobia and I'm hoping to continue doing that one, too. (I've already got an idea in my head...). I tried posting the drabble onto here, but FFN isn't letting me upload any stories! I thought it might not have been just me, but apparently, it is, cause there are other stories posted today. :le sigh:

Anyway, if you're interested in the drabble community, here's the addy: Iyissekiwa

Catch ya later.

~@ May 1, 2005 @~

A few announcements.

1. As promised, I've created a new FFN account to post my Teen Titan fics. The account is now fully active and they finally let me upload stories onto there, so I've reposted Tried and Tested complete with Epilogue. If you guys didn't get the link from Part III, here it is again: www.fanfiction.net/~emaniahilel That's the new TT account and Tried and Tested is posted up there along with its new Epilogue. Any other TT stories that I will post up from now on are going to be through that account to, so if you are a TT fan and would like to keep posted of what I might come up with, then please go over there and put me on your author alert or whatever else you might need to do. _

2. For everyone else, I've given in and moved my song fics to my mediaminer account. I thought at first that I would stand up to FFN and see what they did to me for not moving them, but when I re-read the notice, it didn't say that they would just remove your story, it said that they would delete your account. I don't want this account deleted, so I figured I'd move them. They're on there now, and from now on, if a story has a tint of song-fic in it, I'll be posting it there. I don't really like mediaminer very much since their formatting is kinda screwey and all that, but what can I do? Also, the song-fics haven't been removed from this account yet and I don't plan on doing it tonight (it's too depressing to have to do it! I'm going to lose all your lovely reviews!) But it will be done eventually. mumbling Swine ffn...grumble, grumble

If it doesn't take you straight to the page with my stories on there, then just search for "Emania", that's the name there.

3. I think I said this somewhere else, but I'll say it here just in case. I have both a livejournal and a deviantart account. Usually, fics will be posted up on deviantart first, just cause it's a much more user friendly method of posting and I can put up nifty cover art and all that jazz. Also, if you comment / review my work on there, I can reply directly back to you and don't have to wait to post a new chapter, which I think is just peachy-keane! (blinks Don't ask me where that came from...I'm afraid to think about it.) So, yeah. Also, the deviantArt program allows me to put up stuff that are "Scraps" so they're not completed works, they're just works that I'd like to get ideas on and stuff like that. Also, if you're wondering, you'll also see pictures up there that I've taken and if you look, you just might find a picture of me there! gasp Not that you'd particularly want to, but if you've ever been curious. So, um...here are the links to that:

dA has a nifty journal feature that I use to update on my works in prograss and how my life is messing up my creativity so I don't get stuff out as fast as I'd like and all that. If you're curious what's going on with my life and why I haven't updated such and such a peice, this would probably be the place to look.

I don't update the livejournal that much. Frankly, I tend to forget it exists, until I need to rant and ramble about something totally pointless that doesn't have anything to do with anything else, and I'm not afraid it'll spam everyone with my useless musings. So...yeah.

~@ January 31, 2005@~

So, yeah, I thought I would update this. If there is anyone reading this, it might behoove you guys to go check out my dA account. The newest story I just posted, Shotgun Wedding, was posted to my dA account about three days ago. (maybe two. ; ) In any case, it's easier to post on there, so I post there first usually. Yeah, and there's also a journal feature that I update pretty frequently, so, yeah...go check it out. Click on my "homepage" link up there somewhere...

Thanks for reading!

~@ September 22, 2004 @~

Yeah, so I'm going to delete all that other sh...uh...stuff I wrote in here last time. The thing is, that if you wanted to go to DeviantArt to my account there, you'd get all the updates you want. I actually update there more often than I do here...waaaay more often. Anyway, the account is
http: emania . deviantart . com
(take out the spaces, cause swine ff . net won't let you put the links anymore, which sucks and is annoying, in my opinion)
So, yeah. Go check it out. It has a journal feature that I tend to update whenever I have something to say, which isn't probably as often as it should be, but one of my most recent ones has all the writing projects I'm working on, so, hey...you might even get the inside, in the know, so to speak.
This is me speaking as if I had a huge following...(sigh)

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