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Author has written 20 stories for Torchwood, Kuroshitsuji, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Sherlock.

Look at this thing I found

it's so pretty and shiny

What is it?

My imagination

key to my heart

find it in my soul

see the world through my eyes

see how beautiful things can

seem around every corner

touch the colours, feel every

hue of my wonderland

feel every inch of my soul

know what it is to be me!

NOTICE:is currently looking for a beta reader for a doctor who fic.

NOTICE UPDATE: Still looking for a beta reader

Name: Jen, Gene or Starry (the day some one figures out where that particular pseudonym came from I will marry them!)

Age: I am twenty, I will tell cuz no one on here is ever going to meet me anyhow!

Quirks: What are my quirks? I like dark creepy, supernatural things, things that might be Victorian goth, the scary things that don't jump out at you but creep up on you. I like staring at the sky, adding the suffix 'ish' to my words and biting the tip of my right thumb(it has a crescent shaped pigmentation due to biting)

Likes: cute things, vintage, supernatural thrillers, minitop hats, crafts, art, novels, David Tennant (teehee), unusual things with unusual details

Dislikes: obvious questions, derogatory music that demeans women and bad hair days(oh, I hate bad hairdays).

I have been writing for as long as a remember. Writing is wonderful, creating new worlds and experiences is what I thrive on. I love descriptions, I can describe from now to the end of the world.

I am into anime, Asian pop culture and Lolita. I am fascinated by the supernatural and fairies and mythological creatures so you might see references and characters based off them mixed in my stories. I'm from the West Indies holler to any west indians out there.

Some of my favorite TV series include:


The Mentalist

Criminal Minds(not so sure if am into it right now)

Gahhh i can't remember anymore!!!

My current obsessions include Torchwood and Doctor Who.

I have a standing love affair with Kuroshitsuji. I love that anime/manga to death.

And my first anime love was Rozen Maiden

Some of my favorite movies are:

Alice in Wonderland(Time Burton)

Thirteen Ghosts

Gothika (Halle Berry)

St Trinians - Legend of the Fritton gold

Ink Heart

Mr and Mrs Smith

Snatch( Brad Pit as a sexy gypsy)

Favorite books

Golem's gate - Bartemaeus Trilogy

Fever - Robin Cook

Invasion - Robin Cook

Mare's Milk ( published in New York as long night ride home)


Pet Cemetery - Steven King

Uneventual - Steven King

(Anything by Christoper Pike - I liked everything I read from him)

Favorite actors, personalities and bands

David Tennant ( sexy on a stick if there ever was - old enough to be some's father but hey!")

Gackt Cumui (Smexy, smexim smexi and such an amazing voice)

The Gazette (More smexi - and their engrish is to die for!)

Shinee(cute, cute koreans)

Misha Collins( such a cute goof ball)

John Barrowman( a bit of jack in john indeed)

Simon Baker (Golden curls are golden)



Boa( beat of angel)


Lets see what else! i like all types of music except music that's degrading to women.I like jazz, soul,alternative,techno,Indian,Latin,jrock and kpop . I don't discriminate against race/ethnicity/gender/sexual orientation. I have an awful white coat complex, doctors/medics just seem so yummy in fiction( I'm trying to get rid of it). Am awfully childish for my age and I'm almost every inch of a typical Aquarius.

I'm a random person so I like picking flowers and throwing the petals behind me and staring in wonder at pawn crackers( those things are awesome)

I practice (or try to) lucid dreaming and listen to binaurial audios(ave had some awesome lucid dreams)

I like staring at the sky, I like the rain and i like cool, gloomy days nearly as much as sunny days.

I am very, very whimsical.

My favorite past times are:

-taking random photos


-writing in my diary


-reading manga, watching anime

-can I add sleeping?

So I'll be writing and posting as much as I can! So I hope you'll bear with me and take care of me!

"Life's a bitch and if its easy then your doing it wrong" Core pride, Uverworld

"I'm one hell of a butler" Sebastian Michealis, Kuroshitsuji

"A good man's past makes people curious! But if he's a bad man, then it makes me wanna see even more!" Grell Sutcliff, Kuroshitsuji

''Black tie... Whenever I wear this, something bad always happens.'' Tenth Doctor

''We all make mistakes, get over it.'' Captain Jack Harkness

"A penny saved is a penny earned but a one dropped from the empire state building becomes a lethal projectile and where can you buy entertainment like that for a penny?" Unknown

"There's no rest for the wicked." Unknown

"The good die young,"Unknown

"If your neighbor's house is on fire - hose yours down too." local quote

"Literature is my mistress,medicine is my wife, when I tire of one, I go to the other,"Unknown

"Live,love, laugh"Unknown

"Life may not be the party we hoped for but since we're here we might as well dance."Unknown

"Quiet rivers run deep"

"We know alittle about alot of things;just enough to make us dangerous" Dean Winchester, Supernatural

"All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players." Shakespeare

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?" Mad Hatter

"My father used to believe in seven impossible things before breakfast" Alice

"Reading is the magic key to take you were you want to be." Alice in Bibleland

"Dude, I'm not enabling your sick habit. You're like one of those lab rats that pushes the pleasure button instead of the food button until it dies." Sam (to Dean after he asks for more quarters for the vibrating bed), Supernatural

Sam: Hey, let me see your knife.
Dean: What for?
Sam: So I can gouge my eyes out.
Dean: It was a beautiful natural act, Sam.
Sam: It's a part of you I never wanted to see, Dean.

(Brain bleach mo)

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If there are times when you wanna annoy people just for the heck of it, copy this into your profile.

If you're a bad athlete, copy and paste this onto your profile. (I don't sports XD)

If you've ever screamed at a book or the TV copy this!

If you've ever had a crush on a TV/anime/book/game character, copy and paste this into your profile(scary,extremely scary crush)

About 5% of the readers of Harry Potter like Voldemort. If you think he's TOTALLY AWESOME like me, copy and paste this into your profiles!!!

If you're more than one ethnicity/nationality or both, copy and paste this in your profile.

If you're from the Caribbean/West indies/South America, copy and paste this into your profile

If you like so many different cultures that you were called confused by someone or something similiar, copy and paste this into your profile

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If you add the sufix 'ish' to words, cute'ish, stalker'ish etc, copy into your profile

If you say 'I think' at the end of your sentences so no one can blame you when what you said turns out to not be true, copy and paste into your profile

If you love Asian dramas, copy and paste into your profile

If you've watched a Bollywood movie and loved it, copy and paste into your profile

If you like yaoi and yuri and don't mind slash pairings, copy and paste into your profile

If you don't like incest pairings/forbidden brother pairings, copy and paste into your profile

If you have multiple photo albums of other people's weddings, copy and paste into your profile

If you have a writer's callus ,copy and paste into your profile

More Random Bits - deep questions

Has this ever happen to you, your eating or going to bed or something and instant inspiration hits you, you orate the entire piece in your head then when you get hold of paper and pen, it all drops out your head. Don't you just hate that?

Does your obsessions seem to follow you around? or is it just me?

Is self insertion in fanfic such a bad thing - as long as the plot's good and your persona doesn't take over, it should be fine, right?

Why is it that inspiration always seems to hit at night, when everyone else wants to sleep?

Why is it that every pen I pick up lately doesn't write? Surely all half dozen pens can't be dry?

I'm not the only one that plays a good song over and over?

Why's it that everyone just knows when your at a good point in your writing to harass you?

Why don't readers leave reviews? If you read you must have an opinion? Then leave a nice review or a bad one, that's not hard right?

Beautiful Things


-starry skies

-full moons

-trees and grass

-a smile that goes from the mouth to the eyes

-playing children

-mothers and their babies

-the sea


-blue sky and white clouds


-yellow roses

Warning: Anything you say can and will be ingested by my imagination and regurgitated in the proper creative form.

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Crossover - Torchwood & Kuroshitsuji - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 718 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 3 - Published: 12/30/2012 - Jack H., Ronald K.
Switch reviews
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It's been years since Elizabeth Midford lost the love of her life, and all she's left to remember him by is his grave stone in the quiet corner of the town cemetery. What should she think when he appears in her room at night after an emotional day?
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Owen thinks he's sexy and everyone's dream of a good shag.The team decides to play a prank on Owen. Takes place after 'Everything changes'. One Shot,Humor.
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