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So before you start reading this intro you need to know one thing I’m rubbish at introductions

Great, remind me why I let you start?

Because you love me, obvs. Now before she interrupts again, she being my best friend of course, otherwise we wouldn’t be collaborating on this little, erm, project.

Some would say 'obsession'. Way back in 2008 I started reading Harry Potter fanfiction and rapidly fell in love. Not too long after Ami (the one who is rubbish at intros) decided to see what it was all about. Four years have passed and we've gone from adoring the fandom to becoming avid fanfiction writers ourselves, which leads us back to the project we're collaborating on.

We kind of just started wondering, as most HP fans do, what it would be like to fall into the books. Then, of course, 5 minutes after this thought had occurred it had developed into this huge massive plot line. That seems to happen a lot actually… Abby (the one who interrupts)

Interrupts! Psh.

I’m just going to ignore you this time. So Abby and I tend to just build plotlines around pretty much everything. Let’s face it we’re that pair of friends. You know that you completely and utterly have absolutely no clue what goes on in their heads.

We’re the ones that get weird looks for bursting into laughter for no apparent reason, finish each other’s sentences and make our Mothers glad we’re best friends not sisters because us under the same roof for prolonged periods of time can result in premature greying. Anywho we rapidly started expanding and talking our idea through, fleshing it out and voila, pen hit paper.

Did you seriously just say voila? What is this 18th Century France? But alas, she is right, pen did hit paper, or in my case fingers hit keys. Writing properly is too slow for me, sad I know. Anyways, moving swiftly onwards to the project, we honest to god love it but I think we shouldn’t say too much about it because we feel you should read it instead, right Abz?

Exactly. Hopefully you’re only reading our bio because you started to read one of our stories in the first place.

So instead we’re just going to tell you a little more about us.

We decided to do this in a form of a Q A with me typing Ami and my replies pretty much transcribed word for word.

It's a good job she types fast because I talk fast ;)

1. What’s your name?

Abigail Victoria. But if you call me Abigail I will hunt you down. It’s Abby spelt exactly like that, no e, no i. Capiche?

Well if you didn’t get it from the above bio, my name’s Ami. Ami with an I not a y or an e. I’d like to say capiche but I am working on getting her anger management sessions so I best not.

2. Where were you born? Where do you live now?

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia USA way back when. I now live in Liverpool, England.

Unlike the jetsetter above I’ve always lived in England although I was born in Birmingham. I now live in a little town that’s only known for IKEA, just east of Liverpool.

3. What was your favourite subject in school?

English Literature mainly although I loved History too.

In complete contrast to my esteemed colleague I actually preferred Maths and Science until I reached college where it’s now English Language.

4. When did you first start writing?

In truth I can’t really remember. I always enjoyed creative writing assignments in school. Fanfiction had a lot to do with it, once I started reading so much of it it just seemed natural to write and now I write both fanfiction and general fiction too as well as poetry. I’d say the last three, four years were when I started to get serious.

When I finally realised I had to endure English all the way through Primary school and High School –

It’s not High School! It’s bloody Secondary school. Sheesh woman.

Shut up this is my answer! Anyway… the only thing that I actually enjoyed doing was to do with creative writing. So when I reached Y7 I started writing my own stuff and this continued in dribs and drabs really until I reached ‘The Fanfiction Stage’. This is only really accelerated the writing that I do in both the normal world and the magical world. :)

5. Describe your friend in one sentence.

Does it have to be complementary?

I hate you.

Yeah yeah. The one person I know who’s as insane as I am, an incredible baker, sister and other such mushy stuff – my partner in crime.

I don’t really hate her. So, a sentence? Hmmm… Let’s see. Okay so apart from being ginger she is the best friend that I’ve ever had and I honestly do not know what I would do without her crazy self.

She makes me blush.

6. What’s your favourite word?

I can’t narrow it down. Nemesis is a wonderful word, it just feels foreboding and I love chatoyant which means ‘like a cat’s eye’. I recently learnt that ‘denouement’ meant the resolution of a mystery so I’ll go with that since I have to pick. That or inglenook… Can you tell I love words?

This isn’t hard at all. It’s obviously supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. But if he had to go with a shorter word it would have to be antidisestablishmentarianism. Okay, okay I lied. It’s bubble.

7. What’s your least favourite word?

Certain curse words fall into this category as well as some French ones but let’s not get into that. I hate the word/term ‘fod’. It’s just… urgh.

Mr Burch.

He’s not a word he’s a demon.

Fine. Like you said curse words fall into this. But if I had to pick… uh… hmmm… I’d pick VOLDEMORT! No that’s a lie too. Swag. I mean honestly, what is ‘swag’?!

8. What turns you on?

Intelligence and kindness. The cliché ‘someone who can make me laugh’ works too. Oh and they have to read. If they’re not a fan of books, well, let’s not go there.

I guess someone who likes what I like so um… I don’t even know what I like. Bloody hell. Why did you type that?! *sigh* Just can’t get the staff these days. I suppose we’ll go with someone who likes comedy and watching sport and playing games and and and… Obviously likes my cupcakes. Let’s face it they’re awesome.

9. What turns you off?

When your best friend laughs so hard she nearly forgets to breathe after reading your answer for ‘What turns you on’? In more general terms, arrogance and cockiness. There’s nothing worse.

Attention seeking. There’s nothing worse than a big fat attention seeker.

10. What sound or noise do you love?

My younger cousins laughing, the sizzle of meat in a frying pan and concert call backs. Music in general really.

Well I didn't realise this until last weekend when I was watching the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert but when I heard the 20,000 people in the concert plus the quarter of a million people at the back on the Mall singing the national anthem I was just in awe.

11. What sound or noise do you hate?

My Mum when she’s angrily yelling my name. Also gardening equipment, lawnmowers etc. Birds in the morning… I could go on for days.

I’m so totally agreeing with my Mum calling my name when I know she wants me to do something. Like the dishwasher. Who wants to do that? But uhh… chalk on chalkboards. Nobody likes that.

12. What’s your favourite curse word?

Working in a kitchen has really opened my eyes to the true beauty of cursing ha, I love ‘son of a…’ phrases and ones involving mothers too. Ones that are long, polysyllabic. They just have so much more presence.

Obviously it’s: “Your Mother is a *ing*lorem ipsum* admiumvenium*turolagulio*hippopautamus* Rebublican* and Daniel Radcliffe* with a bucket of* and a castle far away where no one can hear you *soup* with a bucket of* Mickey Mouse* and a stick of dynamite*Magical* Alakazam!!!!!!!!!!. In the normal world I do like the word… uhhh can’t say that. Okay I’ll just go with s-h-one-t.

13. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

If I exclude being a chef (which I’m training to be) and a writer/poet (something I consider myself to be) then I’d like to teach, either at secondary school or as a Professor. I’d also love to be part of a camera crew working with nature, for Planet Earth or the like.

I don’t have a profession, not yet. Well besides zombie killer and student. I’m kind of looking into teaching in a primary school but as she said, how awesome would it be to be part of a camera crew that goes all over the world.

[Ami said this in an excited squeak. Very squeaky.]

Yeah, writing might be fun too. It’s not like I do it all the time already!

14. What profession would you not like to do?

I wouldn’t like to be a prison guard nor anything like an accountant. I don’t think I would be a good soldier either.

I’d hate to be a vet. No way am I putting my hand up a cow’s… you know where I’m going with this.

15. If Heaven exists what would you like to hear God say at the pearly gates.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, I am a real fan of your work.” Something like that, to know I’ve made my mark. Welcomed in with a smile and a gesture to the bar.

“Surprise! I do exist!” Or “Oh my god it’s you!!!” Or *looks at watch* “You’re late”. Or even “Have they given you the wrong directions?”

16. When did you start reading Harry Potter?

My Mum read the first three books to me, pretty much as they were published. By the fourth book we were alternating chapters and then I started reading ahead and had finished the rest of the Goblet of Fire in days.

When I was six with my Grandma. But I only grew to appreciate it when I was in Y5 so when I was nine.

17. Which is your favourite book?

Tough one. I think I’m going to go with the Order of the Phoenix. Yes Harry annoys me because he’s all whiny at the beginning at least, feeling hard done by and all but it feels like the book where things start to get serious, the war effort beginning with the kids, Harry becoming a leader, a climatic ending and let’s not forget that truly evil hag who makes a wonderful, despicable antagonist.

Oh… That’s a hard one. I’d have to agree that the mine favourite is fifth book purely because Umbridge was brilliant to hate. Plus it’s just a good book and the twins are fantastic!

18. Which is your least favourite book?

Again a hard one, I think the earlier ones are garnered to a younger audience but I still enjoy reading them for the nostalgia. I think the sixth book had a more meandering pace in comparison to the other novels and whilst fascinating with the characterisation of Mr Riddle it took me a while to connect with it.

Originally I would have thought it would have been the seventh because they weren’t in Hogwarts but then when I read it it was actually really good so I’m going to have to go for the sixth one.

19. What film do you love?

I was really pleased with the way they did the Deathly Hallows films, they really did a good job of sticking to cannon. Also the first film is just so damn cute when you watch it retrospect, they’re all so young and innocent.

I love the fourth movie. It’s just brilliant.

20. What film do you like the least?

Again the sixth is one I do not remember as well as the others although for a while I would have said the Goblte of Fire, it felt like it was a film made to be a film to entertain raither than bringing a book to life if that makes any sense... It just felt like it strayed a little too much on perhaps minor details. I'm a bit pedantic about things like that so it stuck with me.

Again, the sixth one. Harry’s just hormonal let’s be honest. Although has that good line. You know the one where Hermione’s goes “She only likes you because you’re the chosen one.” “But I am the chosen one.” *thwonk!*

21. What House would you want to be in?

Ravenclaw. It fascinates me although to be honest just to go to Hogwarts would be a dream come true.

Obviously I’ll want to be in Slytherin because it’s AWESOME! Great, I really do sound like a fangirl.

22. What House do you think you’d be in?

It’s interesting because I’m not really sure. At eleven perhaps Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, I was clever and enjoyed school. Now a lot of things have changed. I still enjoy learning but am driven in different ways. I would go with Hufflepuff I think although the ‘hardworking’ aspect is perhaps something I might need work on. Too often I need a massive jolt of motivation.

At eleven I’m pretty sure I probably would have been a Ravenclaw but now I think I’d be a [beep] of a hatstall. It’d probably be between Gryffindor and Slytherin with the outcome being red.

23. If you were on the Quidditch team what position would you like to play?

Seeker. I’m small and light and I adore adrenaline rushes so long as I had the courage to do the dives I would be all over it.

Beater. No, keeper. No. Yes. Beater… Keeper! Okay, keeper.

24. What would be your favourite subject?

Potions. Also perhaps something like Ancient Runes as I love languages. Oh and Care of Magical Creatures! I’m an animal person.

I reckon it would be Transfiguration. Or potions because I like the idea of potions, I think potions would be awesome.

25. Least favourite?

I have a feeling Transfiguration and I might not click.

I don’t think I’d like charms. I don’t know why…

26. What would you want your animagus form to be and why?

A wolf perhaps, heavily family orientated, loyal and powerful. Clever… A wolf or a kestrel/falcon, that sort of thing because of the freedom, the adrenaline and their beauty.

Some sort of cat. I’m not sure what kind of cat but some sort of cat. They’re sneaky, they can slink around and jump on places that people can’t usually get to. I think they’re just sneaky and cool like that.

27. What profession would you undertake after Hogwarts?

I’d love to be knowledgeable enough to write books, be an academic or alternatively a teacher would be a dream job too.

I’d like to say I could be an auror but I’d probably end up being a teacher or working in the Ministry or something. Or St Mungo’s, that would be good. Basically I can’t make up my mind.

28. Which era would you like to live in? (Founders, Marauders, Canon?)

I know exactly what Ami’s going to say but I can’t really off the top of my head say one. I think I would go with the Marauder era as I’d be an adult by the 90’s and the Marauder era always feels exciting, full of possibilities and happiness too whereas the Harry Potter years feel more dangerous.

Marauders. No question about it. Marauders.

29. What’s your pet hate fan-fiction wise?

People getting the obvious things wrong and cliché fics. I like to read things with substance and there are so many fics that run with an idea and suddenly it’s all fantastic. I guess I mean the fics that don’t seem realistic, you know those ones where Harry after the Department of Mysteries incident realises he has to wise up and in four months he’s a super hero? Not my vibe.

Well, I hate cross – overs. Can’t stand cross – overs unless it’s real life, I mean real life Harry Potter i.e. the muggle world. I don’t like it when people get the canon facts wrong either.

30. Why do you love fan-fiction?

I love it because of the sheer endless possibilities it offers. I read all sorts of fanfiction not just Harry Potter and with every fandom be it Twilight, Bleach or Game of Thrones, if a story’s good it just feels exciting. I think it’s a truly wonderful way to express your appreciation for something. We all read/write fanfiction because it inspires and interests us so to be able to take something you love and shift it, put your mark on it is fab. Plus there’s just so much you can do once you start thinking about it! So many ways you make it your own and improve or alter something you already appreciate.

I know I’m not making any sense but basically I love it as an escape and as a creative outlet. Clearly it’s more than that but I can’t find the words, hence the mad ramble.

I love it because it helps to ask ‘what if?’. What if Harry had taken Voldy’s proposal about bringing his parents back? What if Neville was the chosen one? What if Dumbledore had a relationship with Hagrid? What if? What if? What if…

Plus when I’m lacking time to make up my own world and characters I can just use JK’s instead.

Did she just…? Hagrid and… Great. Genuinely mentally scarred.

Yes, Yes I did :)

So that’s us. Ami and I. Hopefully through this you’ve gotten to know us a bit more which was our aim. Thanks for popping by, hope you enjoyed the read and please feel R&R :)

Haha! Look-it, I've just changed the comment bit underneath to Ramble haha... time to mess around me thinks.

*rolls eyes* Oh and I'd like to credit some of the questions to the TV show 'In The Actors Studio', I did include James Lipton's questionnaire in with the questions we devised ourselves.

Love and all that jazz x

Catch ya' ;)