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Hi, I'm katsparkle13!

I guess I should put some facts about me:

Favorite Color: rose, lavender, sea green, turquoise...one of those

Hobbies: Musical Theater and writing (duh)

Favorite Chick Flick: I'm not usually into these...but Devil Wears Prada is definitely the best. Or Mean Girls.

My friends list:

Kitty: Kitty is utterly insane. And I love her for it! Kitty, I admire you so much. Know why? Because you are utterly fearless. You create characters that are as unique and fantastic as you are. You take risks and don't worry what people think. You know more about what a good writer needs to be than anyone I've ever met. No, writing does not have to be eloquent or flawless or pleasing to the reader all of the time. What counts is that the author put effort into the story and the characters and took lots of creative risks. Which you do every day. Please check her stuff out!

Rue: Soph was my very first good friend on this site. Sophie, you are so loyal and such a good reader to have. You're there to offer support if either of us should get writer's block and I love all those little smiley faces you insert! Your Quell ideas are some of the best on the site and you have improved so much as a writer. It's been amazing to watch! You reviewed every single one of my nearly forty chapters in Blood of the Betrayed. Sophie, you are incredible. Now that you haven't been writing so much anymore, I hope you can read this message and know that I will be patiently waiting to see what you come up with next!

List favorite HP characters:


2. Neville

3. Hermione

4. Fred

5. George

6. Dumbledore

7. Ron

8. Ginny

9. Minerva

10. Lupin

List of fav HG characters:

1. Foxface

2. Clove

3. Finnick

4. Rue

5. Thresh

6. Cato

7. Cinna

8. Effie

9. Prim

10. Johanna

Age: 15

Looks: Does this question mean I have to rate myself? I'll just stick to raw facts then. I have dark brown hair (gets darker in winter), green eyes and a spray of freckles across my nose. I'm average height and weight. My skin is super pale!

Lately, I've been getting very into SYOTs. But I've noticed that a lot of the tributes are the same. Here is a list of tributes you should avoid if you can.

The Psychotic Career: Usually from District 2, they volunteered just for the heck of it. They kill their tributes slowly and for no apparent reason. Oh, and they laugh a lot.

The Knives: Similar to the first, but almost always a girl. She hides knives in her ponytail and is prone to acting like a ninja. Usually from District 2, she's an exact clone of Clove, but for some reason, either age 15 or 17. Oh and, she only uses knives.

The Blond: From District 1, she's in this for the glory. And for the attention. She's prone to daggers and making out on the night before the Games. She's usually the first Career dead.

The Caveman Career: Incapable of normal intelligence, he has absolutely no thought process. He's from District 1 and follows whatever Psychotic Career tells him to do.

The Nerd: From District 3, he's shaky, pale and always wears black spectacles. I'm not kidding, the author never calls them glasses. But he has a not-so-secret talent! Yep, it's wires. Like you could ever do anything with wires anyway.

The Spitifre: She's sassy and begging you to be on her side. She's supposed to be the protagonist (I think?) but ends up thourougly annoying everyone. She always speaks her mind and escapes death more times than you can count. She's from District 4 or 7.

The Innocent: You know, the sweet little 12 or 13 year old who's played to be a total baby. The authors write for them as if they were never 12 or 13. Once again, they're teens or practically teens, not 3. They are capable of killing, you know. These little girls are from 10 or 12 for the most part.

The Hearthrob: For some reason, his first insitnct when being thrown into a fight to the death is to seduce every girl there. He has sprakling green/blue eyes and wavy blond hair etc etc. Like the Spitfire, he's from 4, but sometimes 1.

The Mr. Normal:Don't mistake him for a Gary Stu. This guy manages to slip out of your attention up until shortly after the Bloodbath. Then, he snaps and goes psycho for no apparent reason. He's usually killed by the Spitfire after he kills her ally. District 6 is the norm for these guys, though I've seen 5 and 11 too.

The Fox:She/He sneaks around building traps for others and keeping to themselves until the final four, when they randomly die. From District 5 or 10.

The Weird Name-Insert our very own Ebony Darkness Dementia Way (or random string of letters) here. She has raven dark hair and shining green eyes and ghostly pale skin. Okay, if you saw someone on the street looking like that, you'd do a double-take. She's from 2, 4, 7, 11 or 12.

The Talented-She has perfect accuracy with a bow and arrow from (insert huge number here) yards, can run like the wind, causes every guy she meets to fall in love with her, and juggles a love traingle. She's capable fo getting everyone to like her somehow and has the gift of speech, knows everything about plants, and when she sings the birds stop. Oh wait...

And now...a list of SYOT and HG fanfic "no-nos"

The Top Ten Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

10. Wild arenas-It's great to be creative, of course. I have seen some really fantastic arena ideas out there. But some, not so much. It's important to keep some things in mind. The craziest arena mentioned in the actual books is probably the one for the 50th Games and even that one wasn't that "out there." Arenas should have some form of plant life. Actually, most mentioned in the books (except in Quarter Quells) are actually kind of bland. Use your science knowledge and just go with a basic biome. Bad ideas include: a candyland, a giant spectacle simulating each tribute's fears, an arena completely inspired by fairy tales or anything that seems utterly impossible.

9. An insane president-So you want the president to be a major part of your story. And that's perfectly okay. Just remember that to many of your tributes, the president honestly isn't that important. They likely won't be focused too much on him or her. But if you do want the president to be the focus of your story and it isn't the president from the books, don't go too crazy. If he or she is the president, he or she was elected somehow and isn't utterly insane. If said president is a little unstable, that's likely, but must be written properly. So try not to put in too much evil laughter in there, okay?

8. Interruption of the story-I've seen it all. There are the ever annoying author notes right in the middle of the story. We have the bolded lettering right in the middle, too. Here is a hint I recently picked up. Bold letters are awesome for authors notes at the beginning and end of the story and if you are changing a character's POV in the middle too. But not anywhere else. Italics will do just fine if you want to emphasize the word "boom" or something.

7. Obnoxious review asking-I don't see too much of this anymore, which is a good thing. Still, there are plenty of stories and authors out there who do this. They'll beg for reviews in big bold letters at the end of their stories in all caps. Personally, I've actually never been very annoyed by this. But some people are. Let your writing speak for itself! There are good alternatives to begging for the things in all caps at the end of each chapter. Put your story on a community or just make sure everyone who submitted a character (if it's an SYOT) is reviewing. If they aren't, just drop a little hint by saying "Your character's next chapter is up."

6. Short and Sweet-Not really. Kat's gonna give you guys some tough love here. Sorry to say, but I like long stories. I used to write the shortest stuff ever, thinking I was doing it right. It's tempting because we think that by writing little paragraphs for each character we're making the story more intense and action-filled. There are other ways to that than not giving your characters the POV time they deserve. Make your sentences shorter, instead of their actual entire sections. Every character that was submitted to you or that you created deserves a chance to be shown. Push yourself to write the longest stuff ever!

5. Religious references-It sounds obvious, right? Like, okay I know I'm not going to have my character pray right now or make the sign of the cross or anything. But often, they are much more subtle. Can you count how many times you said "Oh my God" this week? Now count how many times you had a character say it. I do it all the time! There are no religious references of any kind in the actual books, leading us to assume that religion has been banned, this government being totalitarian. So any "Oh my God" or "Jesus Christ" is probably not being said. However, if you feel like delving more into how there could possibly be a secret religious underground, that's pretty awesome of you.

4. One-sentence deaths-Don't fret. They happen lots of times in the actual books too. But maybe you, like me, were frustrated to read that your favorite character just kind of disappeared in one little sentence and then was never written about again. Bigger mistake than you think. Every character deserves a good, strong death scene. If you saw someone (a child too!) die, you'd think more than one sentence about said child in your head. This should translate into the narration. Also, don't make the mistake of simply never mentioning said character because he or she is dead. Your characters will remember them.

3. Reluctance to kill characters-We all have it. Especially in SYOTs when the characters aren't even our own, it's perfectly understandable to not want to kill them. But the plot must move on. Usually, I would say to have a death in every chapter. If there are weak characters or ones that seem without weakness, just do it. That said, even if said character really annoys you, DO NOT give them a one sentence death. Mary Sues or characters that don't have many flaws should die in more unexpected ways because they've been written as super mega awesome people. If you do feel uncomfortable because you're submitters might be mad, just give them a PM explaining that, yes, their character will likely die. It's just a story.

2. Pop-culture references-The reason these things are all the way at the top of the list is because I just get really, really annoyed by them. So forgive me if you're scratching your head in confusion. But yes, any references to singers, songs, political people and even current lullabies and rhymes. (Maybe excluding stuff like ring around the rosy.) Lullabies are all different now. Just make up some new ones!

1. Mary Sues/Gary Stus-This one might seem painfully obvious, but it's easier said than done. You won't know that you're creating one when you do. So here are some warning signs that the character you are creating might be a little Mary Sueish: you think her score should be above seven, even though she isn't a Career, she's descirbed as pretty, her weapons skills might be a little unrealistic, she's a "loner", one of her only flaws is that she is "impulsive", or she's talented in more than two areas. She (or he) can't really be a master at weapons skills, an amazing plant identifier and have a great personality and be gorgeous. Pick two if you have to.

Tribute List for Blood of the Betrayed

District 1 F-Katherine Jasmine Thomas

District 1M-Adonis Lockheart-sc148

Age 18. Adonis, on the outside, looks like your typical Career. He's tall, muscular and drop-dead handsome. But all isn't what it appears to be. As it turns out, he has a deeply rooted hatred towards the Capital. He will do anything to protect his family. Lethal with weapons, and unlike most Careers, he has an actual cause. But will it be enough?

District 2 F-Shimmer Parker-sc148

Age 17. Shimmer is cold. She's got a deadly aim with a spear and lives up to District 2's standards. She's convinced she was voted in based on her abilties, but there was an underlying reason. Almost everyone in her district can't stand the girl. But there's a side they can't see. When she is with her friends, Shimmer becomes someone entirely different. Because even the most cold-hearted have feelings, right? Still, you can never turn your back on her.

District 2 M-Julian Moretti-PurpleandBlackAttack

Age 17. He's not your typical District 2 career. He'd prefer dimplomacy over killing, often working things out and giving people spots in the Career alliance in order to avoid more enemies. He's a natural leader and has an infectious personality, only this time, it's not an act. He can control blades remarably well. So he seems like an obvious winner, right? Wrong. Julian can't even control the events in his life. He's terribly unlucky. He tells himself that there isn't such a thing as "luck" but who is he to underestimate its importance?

District 3 F-Aya Brow-Random Angel 123

Age 14. To the eyes of the nation, Aya is extremely brave. She votes herslef into the Games and even gets others to vote for her, all so another child won't have to go. What a tragic, admirable story. What no one knows is, secretly Aya is a coward. She only voted herself in because of the sickness she has. Aya was too afraid of the slow, painful death this sickness would gaurantee. Aya is, in truth, a very scared little girl. Will she find some bravery in the Games?

District 3M-Jace Ignis-Doc95

Age 18. Jace is different. He always has been. He stands out in the Gamemaker's minds because, unlike every other tribute in the history of his district, he's tall, muscular and not afraid to pick up a weapon. And he has confidence, that often leads to arrogance. In a district where humility is valued, Jace is an outsider. But the very traits that caused him to be excluded in his home might just help him win.

District 4F-Violet Callo-A Bookworm named Steph

Age 13. At first glance, Violet is the very picture of who a little girl in thrown into the Hunger Games should be. She's innocent, sweet and just a bit scared. So why was she voted in? Beneath this little girl's smile is an entirely different personality. She's hiding anger and rage under it all. And when she snaps...she'll be lethal.

District 4M-Markus Wade-three golden mockingjays

Age 17. How many secrets can one person hold? Markus dares to challenge that. A loner in his district, terrible things just seem to follow wherever he goes. Many even suspect him of murder. But is Markus, plain and usually well-meaning, really capable of that? Could he bring himself to kill...again?

District 5F-Katerina Rebekah Nikolina-drinkthatliquorstore

Age 15. Katerina knows what she wants and how to get it. She can twist things to her favor, manipulate people, and turn an alliance on each other. When you see her on that screen, she's dangerous and seductive. But something is very off with her. Her emotions are extremely off balance. It only takes a small thing to set her off. How far can her little mind games get her, when her own mind is so fragile?

District 5M-Jimmy Thrine

Age 18. Jimmy is alone. Everyone in his district thinks he is mute. That, or he's hiding something. Rumors spread like wildfire about him. Only his family and his best friend are on his side. Will anyone side with him in the arena?

District 6F-Anna Corinna-LouisVuittonluver

Age 16. Anna is terrifying. She's ruthless, sadistic and absolutely insane. It's not unclear why she was voted in. Everyone in her district was afraid of the girl with the daggers. But someone had to teach her how to use daggers like that. Her father, a man so cold and indifferent...but why? What caused this family to be so strange?

District 6M-Jake Rittler-PurpleandBlackAttack

Age 18.Jake lives in a world without pain, with the help of his morphine. Reality is blurred and he teeters on the edge of the real world and insanity. Now forced to withdraw from the drug in the Games, will his haze be broken? Jake will finally have to realize the true horrors the world can hold.

District 7F-India Gyfer-The Giggling Gummy Bear

Age 12. India was born with a very strange disease, causing her to be perpetually happy. An outsider in her harsh district, India was chosen simply because it seemed that no one would miss her. Once she sees the true horror of the Games though, will her smile vanish? And most importantly, there must be someone on her side, right?

District 7M-Raen Cole-UnicornDevil

Age 17. Raen is haunted. At least, so he thinks. After losing his family in a fire, Raen believes they are following him. And they blame him for their deaths. Seen in his district as being possessed, people just wanted to get rid of him. But is Raen really completely insane? It just takes one person to see the true Raen to turn things around.

District 8F-Keira Thyme-Ruetheday

Age 13. In a year of the Games surprisingly filled with young children, Keira stands out. Firstly, her voting was completely random. It was a case of "well, no one else would vote for her, so I will." But she's not scared in the slightest. In fact, she's out to prove that someone as young as her really can win. But what she doesn't know is there is such a thing as too much confidence. She'd better learn some things quickly if she wants to stay alive.

District 8M-Casper Monroe-MissBunburyHope

Age 18. Casper is a good guy through and through. He ends up truly impressing the Gamemakers and gets a reasonably good score. This causes some confusion, after all, District 8 is notorious for getting low scores. What no one knows is that Casper got this score from his determination. He has a reason to get home. But it's a secret. And revealing it could mean death.

District 9F-Thorn Kingly-Forget to Breathe

Age 16. For a girl from an outer district, Thorn has some pretty surprising talents. First of all, how can a girl, let alone the Mayor's spoiled daughter, learn to throw knives like that? Thorn is keeping something from everyone. But how will she stand up against trained killers? This one will certainly be someone to watch. But how long can all her secerts be hidden?

District 9M-Gavin James

District 10F-Howleen (Howl) Jennings-loverman22

Age 14. Howl is tough as nails. She doesn't want to be just another poor little girl in the Games. She's resourceful and knows how to get out of a tough situation. Howl has a tendency not to think things through, but means well and is incredibly brave. But she has scars so deep they can't be seen from anyone else. A troubled childhood, an absent father and a horrible accident were what it took to push her over the edge. Now, she has never felt more alone. Will she ever get back?

District 10M-Oak Zully-HappyKid21

Age 14.Oak is always thinking on his toes. He's wicked fast, mentally and physically. Unlike nearly every other tribute, he was well-liked in his district. His voting was also a case of random unluckiness. He simply had the most votes for no apparent reason. At least, that's what everyone thought. But how is this possible? Oak has a secret. Someone was out to get him. But who would put a child to death?

District 11F-Velvet (Velva) Leprois-cherrybubble

Age 17. Velva has always had bloodlust. In a district filled with rebels, Velva adores the Capital. She sees them as having an ultimate amount fo power and that they could do no wrong; despite the fact that she lost her sister in the Games. Velve is determined to bring honor and wealth to her family (at least, what's left of it) She's hell-bent on wining this thing, even if it kills her. And it just might.

District 11M-Gav Little-me!

Age 12. Gav has a heart far bigger than his small body. It's just that no one in his district could see it. They saw him as a theif, a pickpocket, a street urchin. Gav only wanted to protect those he loved. He's positive, caring and loving, but no one had his back. Now, he's in the struggle of his life. Will anyone take his side now?

District 12F-Jezebelle (Belle) Holden-iloverueforever

Age 12. Jezebelle has always been in a fight for her life. She has to feed her little sisters and give them shelter. She's lived on the streets since she was just 7 and knows how to fend for herself. She was betrayed by her district, they see her as no more than a nuisance and a common theif. But little Belle is hiding something...huge.

District 12M-Cadence Basil-me!

Age 18. In a district that has never won a Games before, is it possible Cadence was chosen because of this? He's strong inside and out and the very picture of what a Career might be, except for his district. All that added to the fact that he is an orphan and the people of his district have no use for him, and he was the obvious choice. How well can Cadence fight for a district that betrayed him like this?

BotB: Thanks to all my amazing readers! It's finished and done and I love the result of months of writing!

SFS: My newest SYOT! All spots are taken, but please tune in...

Since a lot of you guys are doing this for your stories...

I DO NOT own the Hunger Games. If I did I would have made sure the mutts in the movies didn't look like identical pit bulls, I wouldn't have had Glimmer petting Cato, and I definitely would have made the director include the scene where Cato begs Clove to stay with him. I'm a sucker for Clato. Okay, let's start small. I would have started with Katniss saluting with the correct hand. It's the left hand!

I love poetry,and I do try to write it any chance I get. At the time, I will think I'm having the most brilliant idea in the world, but then I'll look at it and realize how much it sucks. :)

My favorite movies of all time are as follows: Pan's Labyrinth, To Kill a Mockingbird, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Winter's Bone.

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