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Formalin Sea

You who have been pickled in formalin, staring at
you always, I blow you a kiss through the glass.
Pressing those indecent petals onto a
cold index finger, falling into a dark dream.

Clad in a white dress, what is sparkling
on my ring finger is your ring finger.
A love from before birth till death do us part
Love, Love, this I swear.

We who have been bound
together by the formalin sea.
Embracing you with that stark white body,
Let's become one! That body and this heart.
Is this love's destination the bottom of the sea or
beyond the clouds, no one know the answer to that.

I stare intently through the glass, at the gradation
of the heart, a mixed interweaving of blood and life.
What overflows and drips down onto my
wrist is our precious emotions and feelings.

The white veil is lifted up by your
right hand which is stained with blood.
A cold kiss born of love which feels like ice
Love, Love, this I swear

We who mingle together in the formalin sea,
Smiling at each other as we gently drift about.
If eternity and a pulse do not exist,
then creating them would be fine.
Like a mermaid princess will I turn into foam? Will I
become a human? No one knows the answer to that.

Gently, gently swaying, enveloped in fluffiness,
This dazzling place is the inside of a womb.
There is no being born, there is no sadness,
There is no being forgotten, of
moving onward to the world.

We who mingle together in the formalin sea,
Eternal love existed here.
Am I happy? Have I gone mad I wonder?
Is the one who has truly fallen ill you
or I? Such a thing, no one knows.
Is it being loved or loving someone?
Such a thing, no one knows.