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Hi, my name is Moon the Eevee or just Moon!

I am an Eevee who just happens to live inside your computer (like Hatsune Miku) and who loves apples, chocolate, and cheese! Why those three foods? Because they just go so well together! What, does that sound disgusting to you? Well how do YOU know if you haven't tried them together?! Huh? HUH?!?!

(Moon gets whacked with the Problem Shtick)

Owch... aw, that hurt! ;A;

I tend to get writers block alot and I am busy with life so updates may or may not be slow. Sorry! (sigh)

Alright,now for some fun stuff! :D

Favorite things: Pokemon- I love the games and manga and- hey wait... I AM A POKEMON! XD

Professor Layton- Awesome puzzle games plus so many things to make fun of. But that doesn't mean I don't like the games, I EFFIN LOVE THEM! XD

Dragon Quest- Great storyline, challenging gameplay, and fun chracters

Bleach- I'm actually nuteral about this one. But what I do like about is Uahara (not sure if I spelled that right...)


(Moon gets whacked with the Problem Shtick again)

Hey! I'm just being expressive!

Inuyasha- Miroku!

the occasional creepypasta- I honestly don't know why I love these (usualy crappily written) little scarey stories so much.

The Orioles- not the greatest baseball team at the moment but still my favorite!

orange- It's my favorite color! So is black!

Christmas- Need I say more?

Pokemon RedxYellowShipping- This shipping is just adorable!

Pokemon SequelShipping- This was the first Pokemon shipping I liked and come on, its freaking adorable!

Pokemon OriginalShipping- Hey, don't judge! I like both Red and Blue(or Green if your Japanese, but I am sticking with Blue) so I like the couple... for certain reasons... BROMANCE FOREVER!!!

Silvaze- My very first shipping. Honestly, Silver kinda needs Blaze

Dane Cook- best comedian ever in my opinion :D

SoulEater- Death is hilarious, epic fight scenes, Crona, Death the Kid, Soul, Maka's dad, all chracters ared adorable chracters that kick ass! In shorter terms, THE BEST ANIME EVER (at this moment of time)

Pokemon Crystal (or just Gen II in general)- Pokemon Crystal is my favorite GBC game (and my only game for the GBC) It's long and challenging and the animations for Pokemon are a heck lot better than those of Black and White. The Pokemon even blink!

Monty Python and The Holy Grail- There are simply no words to describe this one!


Writing- Why else would I have this account; I've been writing stories since kindergarten

Drawing- Gosh, I love drawing. I draw EVERWHERE in school and doodling is something I just LOOOOVVEEE doing! I've started drawing with the computer just a year ago and I still have ways to go. Same with comics

Adventure Time- This show is beast. There are a lot of funny moments and dark themes which I just absolutely love. Plus Finn's noodle arms. Gotta love noodle arms. And the characters are so easy to draw its so hard to get it right! *-*

My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic: Hey! Who are you calling gay? You're the one who is gay, HA!

(Moon gets hit with the Problem Shtick once again for being rude to the poor reader)

Ow... Er sorry! But hey, don't judge me just because I am a brony as well. I have just gotten interested in the franchise and so far its cool. BROHOOF! The characters are freakin adorable (my favorite pony being RainbowDash) and kick ass and are ridiculously easy to draw. Gosh I love drawing those ponies. I am still in the process of watching the show so I hardly know much about anything in the MLP world (except the ponies) . So yeah, I am a brony and I am proud. And just because I like the show, don't you DARE judge me. A lot of other people like the show and franchise as well so just because I like it doesn't make me different than anyone else.

Unfavorite things: pain, really really gorey stuff, Digimon, spiders, asparagus, really hard video game levels, having to listen to people complain, wasabi (I once had an inncident with wasabi... it wasn't fun), Lavender Town, Lavender Town theme, Lavender Town... You can posibbly tell I don't like Lavender Town, sorry if I offend anyone.

Lavender Town... MUST BURN...

(Moon gets hit with the Problem Shtick yet again)


(You get the idea)

Okay, Okay! Just... please... stop hitting me

Ahem... uh, sorry about that! ;) Again, sorry if I offended anyone on the whole Lavender Town thing!


(Oh and one more thing! I have a shared Fanfiction account now called We Are Bored Books. We currently haven't poseted anything yet, but hopefully soon!)

Bye for now!

Moon the Eevee

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