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Name: Melissa or Lissa as I'm known most everywhere.

Location: Toronto Ontario Canada ( yes where Trish is from)

Age: 26 1/2

Favorite Television Shows:

1. Monday Night Raw

2. Degrassi: The Next Generation

3. Law and Order: SVU

4. Friday Night Smackdown

5. TNA: Impact

Favorite Authors or Book Series

1. James Patterson

2. Janet Evanovich

3. Sophie Kinsella

4. Star Wars: All Writers

5. Michael Friedman ( the hardys used him for their book, and so did Hogan and a few others.)

Favorite Male WWE Wrestlers:

1. Ric Flair (When asked who I admired most in wrestling, my answer was not Hogan, but this man. He was sorely misused on this years Wrestlemania and I wouldn't fault him if he quit and worked for Jarrett.)

2. Shawn Michaels HBK ( He was my first ever crush famous or otherwise, he also gave me a view of the business I never had and inspired me to wrestle myself for a short time. He is and always will be my number one in terms of wrestling.)

3. Jeff Hardy (When Shawn left a few years back, he was just starting out as a main event kind of tag team with Matt, and while I did not like him just for being a tag champ, he did make me love wrestling again when Shawn left, and for that he will always have a little piece of my heart and also my respect.)

4. Triple H ( He is friends with #2, He has an amazing head for the wrestling business, meaning he knows what sells, and when you keep his hair down, he actually looks hot ( just dont look at the nose) end of story. One of the best talents the WWE ever got a hold of and even married!)

5.Johnny Nitro ( Will make a good mark on this business if he continues to be used correctly. Former Tough Enough Winner)

Favorite Female Wrestlers:

1. Trish Stratus ( sorely missed, Canadian like me, and a very good learner and talent in the business. Here's hoping one day she returns.)

2. Amy Dumas aka Lita ( sorely missed. Another good talent despite her personal life choices. Made a difference in the lives of many women who didn't think they could wrestle.)

3. Molly Holly ( sorely missed again, but one of the BEST women's competitors in todays wrestling world. I hope she makes a comeback and if she does, is used the way she should be. No more panties matches)

4. Melina ( along with her boyfriend Nitro, I can see this young woman revolutionizing the business if she gets her head in the right place and gets down to business. She could make a whole new group of fans love the business again.)

5. Ashley Massaro ( another Canadian, but also a performer that along with the people that taught her can come a long way in this business today. I hope they do more with her then use her on Smackdown and also as a bunny. I want to see this girl kick some ass the way she should be.)

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