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Author has written 4 stories for Dinosaur King, Project X Zone, Super Robot Wars, Kamen Rider, and Fairy Tail.

If my avatar name is too long, you may call me Andy, Microsoft Sam, or 95. I love to come up with stories of my own. I once tried an anime crossover one but it failed because I didn't know what I was doing. I then became a ghost and participated in forums mostly. Here are stories coming soon.

Tokusatsu Taisen: An extradimensional being has appeared and has begun corrupting Earth. Worse, villains supposedly destroyed have been revived. Heroes such as Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, Garo, etc, band together to fight the threat.

Super Robot Wars Sigma: Aliens from another galaxy has declared war on the solar system. Enter Exodus, an organization specializing in fighting extraterrestrials and other threats. Due to the alien invasion, several mech pilots begin to appear worldwide.

Endless Frontier Lion: A clan of criminals way beyond the wanted list, called the Mythos, has begun their attack on the Endless Frontier. Their, leader, the robotic snake god Yamato no Quetzalorochi. Worse, their attacks have opened portals from other worlds and foes previously defeated by other warriors have begun popping up across the landscape. Haken Browning, Kaguya Nanbu, Aschen Brodel, Suzuka-hime, Kreisen, Reiji Arisu, Xiaomu, KOS-MOS, and newcomers Zero, Cloud, Raiden, Tony Stark aka Iron Man, Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, Duo, and the first Robot Masters must prepare to do battle with the criminal clan and save the Endless Frontier.

Godzilla: Humanity in Chains: Zenithians have begun invasion of Earth. Awoken from his slumber, Roka Akashiya, android, has teamed up with an organization with alien extermination.

Transformers: Beyond Earth: Decepticons have begun a new plan of harnessing an unknown source from the solar system to rule the galaxy. Optimus Prime, the Autobots, and a group of mech pilots must stop the Decepticons.

Alien vs Predator: The Hunted: A new type of Xenomorph has surfaced. A lone Predator must hunt it down.

Likes: 80s and 90s cartoons, Castlevania, Anime, funny rage videos from Let's Players, Tokusatsu

Dislikes: SOPA (F*ck them), control freaks

Fav TV series: Power Rangers, Lost Tapes, Annoying Orange, Kamen Rider

Fav movies: Godzilla franchise (not 1998 version), Pacific Rim, Wreck-It-Ralph, Aliens, Predator, the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fav anime: Bleach, Fairy Tail, Hellsing, Gundam, Devilman, Akame ga Kill

Fav video games: Castlevania, Street Fighter (Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition ftw), The two Bleach fighting games on DS, any other fighting games, games with RPG elements, Kingdom Hearts, Guilty Gear, Project x Zone (Sequel has best opening)

Fav cartoons: Danny Phantom, Transformers (80s ftw), Godzilla the Series (much better than 1998 movie), Sonic SatAm, Bucky O' Hare, etc

Fav youtubers: Markiplier, davemadson (he's cool for a man aged 50), Yamimash, Tobuscus, Gojifan93, Mangaminx, Thunderbirds101TV, GWizard77, Cinemassacre, Angry Joe

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Super Robot Wars U by Hero-of-Winds reviews
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Project X Infinity reviews
Few years after the Portal Stone was retrieved, the Portal Stone suddenly becomes corrupt and a race of demons called Cheruzahl appear to wreak havoc. A new group of characters heed the call for battle to do battle with the creatures. And several heroes and villains from other timelines have begun appearing around the world.
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