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Author has written 7 stories for X-Men: Evolution, Yu-Gi-Oh, Harry Potter, Saiyuki, Fruits Basket, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

I am an 19-year old male from Jorden, Conn. If you want to know where Jorden is, get out a map of the state of Conn. Point to it and circle your hand a couple of times above. Close your eyes and put your finger to the map. The spot you just pointed to is not where Jorden is. Continue this process until, by elimination, you find the one spot where Jorden has to be. If you have done all of that, then you need to get a life. There is no Jorden, it's ALL a load of bull.
I am actually an 18-year-old female. And that's all you get. Bwahahaha! Bah, who cares?

My favorite characters are: Cho Hakkai (Saiyuki), Kyou (Fruit's Basket), Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho), Seto Kaiba (Yu-gi-oh, non-dubbed), Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter), Kurt and Pietro (X-men Evolution.

Favorite pairings: Hakkai/Sanzo. Kyou/Haru and Kyou/Shigure. Seto/Jou, Seto/Yami, Seto/Malik. Draco/Ron, Draco/Harry, Draco/Ginny, Draco/just about anyone but Snape (I like Snape, but not with his students).

Least Favorite characters: Amelia (Slayers)


Updating Schedual: Ignore this. I wrote this so that I would have a specific day to update things, mostly because I would update without proper editing. It's just for me to remind me not to update until it's fit to be seen by the impressionable public.
Between the Lines: Thursdays
Dueling with Dragons: Fridays
Need For Speed: Saturdays
One Floo Over the Coo-Coo's Nest: Sundays
Away on Dragon's Wings: Mondays
With Arms Wide Open: Tuesdays

A/N NOTES(2/24/05): Oh my god! I can finally update this! Unfortunately, this new set-up that ffnet has with the quickedit does not agree with my computer. It never works. Therefor it makes it extremely difficult to update my notes here or update a story. Right now I'm on a computer up at campus waiting for my math tutor (Math department here SUCKS). That's kinda my excuse. Also this semester at college is insane. I thought I was busy last semester, bah, I laugh at myself. I would have had to buy twenty books total for five classes, but I dropped one. I only had to buy eighteen-. Plus I've quit my job so I have to find a new one. All in all, I've been very busy. I'm sorry about not updating in so long. Especially fans of my Need For Speed. Heres the info on Need For Speed: Writers block. Damn long time of it too. I think I'm getting through it though. I've had a couple of ideas pop in my head recently. So let's hope I can get some writing done and get all of you a chapter! I'll write the process below for the others.

-Fic Progress- (Updated list: 2/24/05)
Need for Speed: Chapter 7. (X-men evo, Brotherhood and Pietro-centric) Currently have: (got a block)Three pages. My current project! I am determined to update this next!

Dealing with Dragons: Chapter 3. (Yu-Gi-Oh, Seto-centric, J/S) Currently have: Two point six pages. Have had a block here. Too many things want to happen and I'm trying to organize them. Expect an update sometime after Need for Speed.

One Floo Over the Coo-coo's Nest: Chapter 2. (Harry Potter, Draco and Ron centric) Currently have: 2 pages. Nope. still dead.

Away on Dragon's wings: (Saiyuki, Hakkai, and apparently, Sanzo-centric, co-written fic)Part Two: Currently have five paragraphs. Uuh. Problems with my co-writer. Working through. Still a long way to go since we're doing entire Parts instead of individual chapters.

Between the Lines: Entry Four: (Furuba (Fruit's Basket), Kyou-centric) Currently have: two pages. I haven't had an inspiration I got for the other chapters yet. This one is kinda for fun though, so I'll work on it when I'm in the mood for a pick-me-up. (knowing my life'll be soon)

With Arms Wide Open: Chapter Three. (Pirates of the Carribean. Norrington-centric) Currently have:Two pages.MINE! MINE! ALL MINE! This is my current pet project. I spend forever on each chapter because this new POV and time-period are something I have never tried before. I have nearly the entire thing worked out mentally. But this one is the one I'll spend forever on cuz I just love it so much.

-New, unposted Fics-

Here Be Dragon: Another Harry Potter, pro-Draco, pro-Slytherin, pro-Snape, anti-ignorance. Currently have twenty-seven pages. Got a long way to go.Will not post this one until finished completed. Since W/ Arms is my new pet project, this is sitting in the closet collecting dust. I love my idea for it though, so I won't forget about it.

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