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Hello and welcome to my profile. My name is Sarifs servant, a name made in reference to my latest fandom of choice, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. You may call me Sarif for short, OR if my reviewing habits make you think of me as a Nazi, then please call me SS. ;)

I've been a casual reader/anon reviewer here for awhile now, but haven't bothered making an account until very recently. It happened, basically, when the recent site purge of MA material made me realize I should be doing more for the writers who toil here. I gladly enjoy this site's writing, so as a way of showing my gratitude to it and its best and brightest, I recently headed for Critics United and got approved as a member. I love their alternative to simply reporting stories without warning and leaving writers to fend for themselves.

My review style changes depending on the story I'm looking at. For normal stories, good and bad, my reviews always contain some mention of specific things that I liked or didn't like. For stories that violate the rules of this site, my review will be simpler and likely only contain one point: what the violation is and how you can fix it. If you identify yourself as the type of person who doesn't care about the site rules, I may also attach a threat to report it if you don't make the changes.

Don't call me a bully or try to browbeat me for doing this. I know that some of this site's rules are very vague and I DO give people a lot of leeway when it comes to their writing. If the rule-breaking content in your story is blatant, however, it's your duty as a member of the site to at least try to change it. The administrators pay for the site and get to make its rules. Some of them are necessary to keep the site from being shut down, while others are less necessary attempts to promote story quality (noting that chat fics and SYOTs are usually not very good).

In either example, my reviews always start out nice. I do not believe in shock and awe tactics and will never fire the first shot as far as being harsh is concerned. That doesn't mean I'm incapable of being mean, so don't poke at me to try to find that line.

Despite having no stories here, I have written fanfiction before. It's all on an account on deviantart since that site is far more open as to what content stories may have. No, I will not give you the account name, so don't ask. I might write here in the future, but that's just a maybe.

I am versatile enough to review in any fandom, so I won't bother listing the dozens that I have experience with. Don't be afraid to ask me for help just because the story you wrote is off in some dark corner of the site that no one's heard of. It can be as popular as Naruto or as vague as Night Raid 1931 (whatever that is). A review of something I'm not familiar with may cause characterization pointers to suffer, but the review will be as professional as it always would be.

For content, I have a pretty good stomach and can read certain M to MA story types without clawing my eyes out. Since MA stories are not allowed on this site, a review on such a story would consist of suggestions to bring it down to M level. My preferred genre is action, while my least favorite is romance. I don't read yaoi or High School fics. Also, I have a policy of refusing reviews to any story with an author note stating something like, "I will not update until I receive X reviews". You're an author, so take some pride in your work and don't demand reviews.

"We all have to live with ourselves at the end of the day."
-- Adam Jensen