Dawn's Dusk Dragon Child
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Author has written 6 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho.
By the way, I Hex/Maya, co-writer, will be inturupting Dusk throughout
this whole thing. Ok. Well, if you don't like that, deal with it. Name:
Dawn's Dusk, Dragon Child
Thank you Mathias Drake for your name suggestion!!! I bow to your
superior Raven-ness!!Bows Hex/Maya: And what does that mean?
Dusk: Go away...
Okie, anyways...
Hair:3 and 1/4inches long, spiky, and blue!!!!_
Hex(speaking): Right... Why do I get the feeling that I'm surrounded?
Celest: Surrounded by what?
Hex: You and the other idiots. There all over this site.
All people from site: HEY!
Hex: Go away. Baka na baka... Baka ningens...
Eyes:Cat-like, and Blue!
Hex: What is up with you and blue? I think it's a curse.
Dusk: Go away!
Fav. Bishies:
Hiei (yu yu hakusho)
Kurama (yu yu hakusho)
Youko Kurama (Yu yu hakusho)
Kenshin Himoura (Rourouni Kenshin)
Sanoske Sagara (Rourouni Kenshin)
Vash The Stampede (Trigun)
Shoshomaru (Inu Yasha)
Inu Yasha (Inu Yasha)
Obssessions:Kurama Rocks!!!!! nuff said
Personality: Strange, insane person. Ussually suger High!!!!!!
Hex: You got that right.
Species: Do you want to know a secret??/ shifty eyes Even though my
name is Dragon Child, I'm more closey related to the cat family.
Weapons:Twin scimitars. yay! I am also a telepath. telekinesis is fun
too... and we can't forget Author Powers!!!!!! Yay!!!!!
Maya's Bio:
Name: Maya (duh!)
Hair:Sort of long... straight... goldish-brownish... I don't know!
Medium length by the way.
Eyes: Green. they turn white when she's angry. When they turn white she
can shock people. Yeah.
Fav. Bishie:
Hiei (yu yu hakusho)
Kenshin (duh!)
Obssessions: Hiei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(need I say more??) She also
likes to torch Kuwabara, that's quite fun. evil smiles But guess what?
(Hex-Maya) I am not obsessed with Hiei any longer! I love you
Rocky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dreamy look and grows silent
Dusk: O_O waves hand in front of face
Celest: 0_0 twitch Something tells me I don't want to know...
Hex/Maya: BAD THOUGHTS! IMPURE THOUGHTS! GO AWAY!!!!!!! starts chasing
Celest around with fire in her hand Personality: Extremly moody. She
has a dark-side named Hex. Hex likes to destroy things. Hex: Guns are
fun... so are powers and electricity! Fire is good...
Species: Demon/Vampire/thing. All that she knows is that she can hurt a
lot of things easily.
Weapons: Two medium daggers, a long broadswoard, and don't forget
spirit energy. She also has the armor of Fairy. (from The Dragon Queen,
good book) It can slow down any solid objects like a sword but it can't
stop them. It pretty much looks like green tatoos all over her skin.
Fun... On to the Quotes!!!
"I wonder if he knows it's a circle?" -Hiei
Maya: Mortal! I shall sick my army of pink killer fleas on your bald
spot! Go fluffy! Bwahahahaha!!!
Dawn's Dusk: O,O Um... I don't have a bald spot.
Maya: Trust me, when my rabid sea turtles of doom pull out your hair
you will, I found them in Hawaii_. smiles
Dawn's dusk: Right...-_- -Maya after eating suger and Dawn's Dusk "hn"
-Hiei "Oh, bugger it!" -the fair Lady Mirrian's dying words ('The
Ballad of Sir Dinnadan' very good book)
Maya: Hiei Baby, will you do the disclaimer for me? Please?... puppy
dog eyes
Hiei: What did you just call me? O.o
Maya: Nothing!-
Hiei: I don't know why she says stuff like that in PUBLIC, save that
for when were with the yu yu gang. Anyway, Maya doeas NOT own anything
and neither do I for that matter... I doubt that you ningens could
catch me though...
Maya: Hiei?
Hiei: Yes?
Maya: Shake head On with the story! -Maya and Hiei
Fun site!! it's an
insanity test!! my current score is 60.2272727...
Maya: stops chasing Celest, looks, and yells something that you can't
understand until she is closer Ha ha I got a 71.0227272726!!!! I beat
Dusk:We're Doomed...We're all Doomed!!!!
Hex:Why do I have to share a body with this insane freak?!?!?!?!
Maya:Just lucky, I guess!!-
Hex: Right-_-
Dusk: But why are you reading this?! Stop reading the bio and read our fics!!!!!!
Celest: hiding under sheets Help. cuddles with wing
something randomly blows up behind Hex
Hex: Evil smile read the Fics or YOU shall be next...
Celest: whimper
Hex:chackles very evily
Dusk: 0_0 twicth Ummm...
Hex: still chackling
Celest: Hex? 0_0
Hex: chackling evily now louder
Maya: What are you laughing at?! 0_0
Hex: still cackling stops shifty eyes BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! continues chackling
Dusk: Ok...
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