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Author has written 3 stories for Tales of Vesperia, Dragon Nest, and Elsword.

Just call me Chochi, Chiwa, Ricocchi, Or Canizares (can't friend did that). I am not a writer, mind you. More like story concept maker since I main in giving new Ideas rather than to present it technically proper. But since explaining to another person to write my story, or draw them precisely into a manga or video art was harder, I do fanfics so I could save my time for college :3. if don't dare to imagine.

Oh I am good at fantasy and kid-grade stories, also picture book. Feel free to ask me if you need help creating those. and I am actually an artist, I am good at painting fantasy illustration if you want me to illustrate your story or design your original character.

Genre of Choice : Adventure /Fantasy long series. Kid-grade stories, angst plot that has more spiritual content rather than an actual plot (I dont know what happen to me). I like only FEW romance pair since I love friendship/ family like bond-- brothers, sisters, mother and son, father and daughter, vice versa..or those married couples fighting together to raise their child--yeah, that kind of plot. Sorry, but I dislike shallow lovey dovey couple

Likes : Video Games (RPG), Manga, Drawing, Aviation, Urban-mecha, urban-tech, Guinea pigs.

Dislikes : Hard-sleeping-night, Slow people, annoying people, Boredom, too much details, something out of plan.

Fandom : Mostly games. K-RPG (for now, mainly) and J-RPG. talk to me about Elsword Sonic, Tales, and Dragon nest/Epic Hearts, I won't stop talking. But I like many things, so feel free to look for me in every possible fandom XD

Favorite Books : I like them all. see genre of choice to see my preference. Oh, if novel, Cornelia Funke stays on top :D

Favourite Music : Utada Hikaru, Big Bang, Mamoru Miyano, DJ MAx musics, Cytus, Hoobastank, Linkin Park. basically all K-pop and Gibberish songs

Favorite Character : I'd love to explain in general. usually, the characters that I love are those who never interest me at first in appearance, but managed to have twist that makes me turn my head to love them. But if you want to go deep (Prepare your google for japanese slang!) :

Male :

- Usually Tsundere

-Or, a stupid dense deredere ( I think, the Japanese call this the "O" type. since Blood type O fall into this category much)

-Loyal, either to an Ideal, Group (circle of friends) or a person (because being loyal to girls are maintream..but I like that too)

-Knight alike, Chivalric

-Unique (see my female category for details)

-Tend to give cold shoulder/act cool, but end up throwing dry jokes or being silly (This isn't the same with Tsundere since...they're not actually in denial. Not really Kuudere either... what's to describe Suikoden's Jale and Jean Carlos in Epic Hearts?)

-Has natural hair color (Blond, black, brown)

-Attached to one/ multiple hobbies

- Shota included (warning!)

Female :

-Usually Hypocrite

-Or, can kick ass and temper when get teased, or money obsessed

-Wavy hair

-Straight bang

-Loli included

-Smart/ talented in one subject or more

-Not princessey or moe (moe and cute are different in their real context, and most people confused this. One character that you think is moe and thus I dislike, might be stored in my 'cute' category)

-Not Feminine. if she looks like one but she actually as agile as a ninja, have my love. (Though I don't mind some mature adult lady)

-Not the stereotypical girl (There's more things we girls have to distinguish our own unique personality, so why put one fictional that is so common, lacking of originality compared to the real ones?)

I've got to stop before this turn into a feminist issue. Ehh I am picky at girls, but mostly girls in the game are my taste (what). definitely, not that fanservice girls.

Pairing :

Since I mentioned that..I have few OTP since I like bonds more than romance, here is the pairings that I might accept the lovey dovey ness. Not that I hate to see other couples in romance. it's... hard to explain. Because some pairs, to me, seemed better to be in either in deep bond beyond mere lovers, or simply platonic. It's just a matter of Ideal perspective and I don't mind, neither being offensive to the other view--in fact I read and support their romance stories too.

#Lacher Seiker x Aisha or Lacher Seiker x Ara Haan OR Iron Paladin x Deadly Chaser from Elsword. It is my main fandom and basically since there is no pair, there are so many great crack or even OTP XD personally duet IP x DC is perfect for joke and gag, while the OTP seemed to be Tactical Trooper Lacher x Ara

#Flynn x Rita -Tales of Vesperia

#Ethan x Tinkerer- Dragon Nest

#Ky x Dizzy-Guilty Gear

#Shadow x Maria -Sonic Universe

#Carlos x Chia - Epic Hearts

This list can expand. Or I might forget to list some couples, lol.

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