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Okay, so, my writers name here is IWillRebel.

I do not write very often, and never on here, everything I have is private. I may or may not post stories.

Now, on to my reason for this account.

Two reasons, one more important than the other, I'll start with the less important.

I want to leave reviews and have conversations with my favorite authors here (WildSkySong you rock).

Second, after the last update on said awesome author's story edoc'sil, I started strangling the air through my computer screen.

Critic's United, they are my reason for this account.

If any of you read this, I warn you, you don't know what you've gotten into. I intend to check a lot of stories for your posts.

If I see any posts involving toxic waste or shitfics, I will proceed to find you and trash you. You want to yap on about your freedom of speech, you better let me have mine too.

I have carefully examined every argument from both sides, and I have personal experience in criminal psychological profiles, so don't say I have no clue what I'm talking about.

My final conclusion is this, Near enough everyone from critics united, or at least the higher up ones, are MORONS.


Had to get that out of my system.

Anyone who reads one of their reviews, I suggest you review the same story, but instead of MORONIC COMMENTS THAT MAKE YOU SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT, start explaining carefully what is wrong, and make sure and include your favorite parts.


All it does is make the author feel bad, if they even bother to read it.

Now, if you idiots from critics unite want to go after me, feel free. PM me, irritate me, whatever, I honestly don't care what you think. I have looked on your forum and seen you posts.

"I know. It's really annoying when an author rallies their readers which are going to take their side (until you message them at least lol) so it's pointless trying to convince idiots sometimes. It does make for good entertainment with the badly misspelled rants on how nothing is wrong with their story lol" -DarkSacredJewelXoX A.K.A. Moron group leader

Hate to break it to ya hun, your idiots do the same thing, you are doing the same thing. "Rallies readers taking their side" WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING.

I have little doubt this will fail to convince the critics united people talk about "pointless trying to convince idiots sometimes."

Your rants tend to have worse grammar as well, I mean "Shitfic", come on. And you yourself just used text language.

"Yes we're growing by the moment lol. I've never have someone say they would kill me. Just the usual "I'll report you" or "You have no life" or some colorful words. O.o...wow someone seriously took the time out of their day to write a 20 page response? I don't know if I could have read through it. I would have gotten bored by like the third line lol. I have however had people try and gang up on me on someone's review page, but I always message them and put them in their place if they have an account. I never have been afraid of confrontation and most of them apologize about it lol. Aww, I want someone to create an account just to say something to me! Not fair lol" -DarkSacredJewelXoX

Okay, so wait up here a second, you can't take the time out of your day to read complaints, but your reviewers can stand to write stuff just as long.

Put me in my place, HA, as if. You ain't afraid of confrontation, don't report people for them.

Most of them apologize, that's what, three or four, those are probably people whose parents are on their accounts and reprimanding them.

"Want someone to create an account just to say something to me." Got your wish.

One last bit for now, I actually found her call herself the grammar police, not kidding. TELL 'EM WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG THEN.

Every single review advertising themselves as critics united I've seen, not a one of 'em has actually said what's wrong with it.


So, I await the no doubt vicious responses that take four hours to think of and a further one to write down (versus this, which took me five minutes).

My name is IWillRebel, and I'm a writer.