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Hello Cutie Pies! I am so excited to be on fan fiction for a long time now! I can't wait to write better stories- but first, here is a little about me!

Favorite color: Red and Mint Green

Favorite food: Anything doughy: cookie dough, croissants, cookies, cakes, and especially... doughnuts!

Favorite subject in school: Español

Hobbies: Comic artist, oil painting, and learning languages

People see me as: Talkative, sweet, sometimes annoying, not patient, always worried about weight and being healthy, OCD, and very hard working.

My worst fear: Blood test, any type of needle, and or any type of being alone by myself... in the dark...

When I have nothing to do... I waste my time: Browsing deviant art- wishing I had one, listening to music, texting, taking pictures, napping, and dreaming about comic plots.

What's my style?: Dolly- like really cute and bright OR Korean fashion. I'm not much of a Tokyo-pop dresser.

Favorite types of music: Disney, anime soundtracks, video game soundtracks, some Hip-hop, a lot of Pop, and some good old K-pop/ J-pop mixed with people and robots... (Vocaloids)...

In the future, I want to: Study abroad to South America or Japan as an exchange student. Then I've always wanted to teach them English, and work hard with them to develop their speech, and also their love to be in the culture. I've had a lot of Korean students come to me with questions, I love to be of service! But if I can't be a teacher, I have aspired to be an animator/ artist by going to art college.

Religion: Christian

If I could be better at some things, they'd have to be: Writing, reading, problem solving, being with kids (really little kids) and understanding situations.

Favorite TV shows: Dance Moms, Project Runway, Bring It, My Strange Addiction, Supersize vs Superskinny, Kim of Queens, and some food network shows.

Favorite Mangas / animes: Umineko no naku Koro is, Azumanga Daioh, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, A Channel, and some others ...

Favorite Vocaloid / Utau: Vocaloid Megurine Luka-Utau-Namine Ritsu

Favorite Video games: Super Mario Sunshine and Okami Okamiden

Favorite Animals: Pandas, cats, dogs, lemurs, rabbits, owls, and tiny little goats.

I'm weird because: I tend to think more about my characters and imagination in my spare time than what's happening in reality.

If I could get some presents right now, they'd be: Melon bread, Okami doujinshi, Japanese notebooks, Korean pencils, some cosplay wigs, new clothes, makeup, and maybe a phone.

My strange obsession: Japanese/ Korean School supplies!

My heritage: Slovenia

Favorite city I've been to/in: Honolulu

If I could take some trips to place I would go to: South Korea, Japan, South America, or Spain

What grade am I in?: Freshman in Highschool

Favorite computer game: Sims 2

What social networks do I use?: Sounds strange, but I always use Japanese or Korean ones. I have LINE and KakaoTalk, and an iMessage.

If I could get some internet accounts, I'd get: A deviant art, a pixiv, a niconico, and a youtube account.

Favorite book: I don't really read but I'd have to say I liked a book called A Father's Promise by Donna L. Hess.

Stuff I used to like: I used to LOVE Kirby, the pink puffball who eats everything and gets powers. And I used to love this, and I still do- STARWARS!!! They made the movies and the series on cartoon network! I was so happy! I loved StarWars ever since I was 4.

My flaws: I get frustrated really easily

What do I look like?: The classic blonde hair and bright blue eyes (they are almost silver). I wear glasses, but I'm kinda short...

Do I have a collection of some sort? Yes, manga, and ramune soda bottles. (Japanese marble soda)

What kind of foreign foods do I like?: Sticky rice, ppushu ppushu ramen chips, chocolate heim (Korean candy), sushi of all kind (not just the California roll- even people who hate sushi like that one because it's mostly vegetables), seaweed, melon bread, and ddduuuhh, pocky

I might seem to be, but am not: A weeaboo/ Otaku

What will I write about on fanficiton?: Okami and Okamiden! If I ever get back into anything else, but I might just do fiction press.

Who are my favorite Okami characters?: All of them, I wish I could pick favorites. They're all cuties!!

Who is my favorite partner in Okamiden?: Defiantly Kurow...dude

Did I play Okami and Okamiden?: Yeah, I beat Okami 4 times and Okamiden 1 time

How do I express my love for Okami when I'm not writing: Drawing it, hugging my Okamiden plushies, reading all of the doujinshi, and asking random people if they know what it is so I can rant to them about it!

Thank you cupcakes for reading my profile... I haven't written anything yet but I am working very hard on writing some more things. I replaced an old account with my friend, so there are like random reviews she wrote on here. Disregard them or keep them if you like! Happy reading and writing

Gracias por leer este perfil. Aprecio que


泣かないで少しのおおかみ reviews
Three years of peace in Nippon leaves Amaterasu missing her long gone husband, Tsukuyomi. She encourages Waka to become a prophet again, to help her find the remaining 5 brush gods. Meanwhile, she encounters the villagers in Kamiki roaming about for the kidnapping of Susano and Kushi's daughter, Ji-Joon. As Amaterasu agrees to find her, she will encounter more than she expected...
Okami - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,313 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 4/11 - Published: 3/29 - Amaterasu, Waka