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Review Response:

Magnus374 - Thank you for the review. This chapter will assuredly answer your questions.

Isara-love - Thank you so much for the review. Chapters are coming as always--somewhat slowly. I did not update soon. I was busy working on an original piece that kept stretching and stretching and stretching. I decided I needed to do that one first. This chapter is longer, though not long, per se. You will see what happens to prince with Targaryen temper. Oh yes, the plots that harangue us to within an inch of our sanity. This was one of those. Granted, I imagined at most *cough* twenty *cough* chapters.

tccarty - I am glad that it reminds you of Beauty and the Beast, because as a couple that is what Sansa and Sandor always reminded me of, but a very contorted version. I like Gendry too. I adore Bronn; he just makes me feel happy, and I could not resist attempting to write his character. I honestly did not know how popular it would be to include him, but I always just thought he was a total delight! Rowena Arryn was the name of Jon Arryn's second wife (It is listed in the Appendix of 'A Game of Thrones'). Mr. Martin enjoys poking his characters with red sharp pokers. I do not think they will have a happy ending either, but hope always remains--at least until the sixth book is released and I am to know what is to happen. I want a Sandor chapter from Mr. Martin!

lela83 - I am glad that you find it romantic. Not sure what to say, other than there is more now. But I imagine you will notice that soon enough.

Fragile Dream - I am glad that you have been hooked. Sansa and her true prince--that is an idea...j/k...but maybe if I...hmm. I love Jaime/Brienne as a pair in general...though romantically, I never made up my mind...but they might go that way. What can I say about Tyrion, other than I would like to scoop him up and hug him for a while.

Ashleybean1 - Thank you so much for your feedback. Well, the next chapter will be out soon, and thus make catching up take a little tiny bit longer. This story is winding down, I am afraid. I never pictured this many chapters. I'm blushing. Your delight is my delight.

CharlotteBlackwood - I am glad that this one was good and not too frustrating. I hope you like the close. But I may need to poke them just a little longer. Not too much though. I dare say this will not reach 80 chapters.

Khaleesiofmischeif - Without doubt, that is one of the kindest compliments that has ever been given to me, particularly in regard to this story. I, too, hope that they will meet up--and preferably soonish. I very much believe that they will find each other. It is the crazy in me, maybe.

Love sansa sandor - Thank you for the review. Glad you are enjoying it.

C. F Hamilton - The truth is I mostly just left her behind at the wall, but bringing her back was a lovely idea. I'm glad you are enjoying my play with GRRM's world and characters.

Kazza - Thank you so much. Hope you continue to remain addicted.

Carma Bain Bentley - I'm glad. I hope you enjoy the next chapter.

Angie38 - Thank you for the review. I am glad that there is one person who is not too sore about it being a non Sansan chapter. I adore Jaime and Brienne.

lindsaydrum - Thank you for the review. I think it would be hilarious to see Jaime in a crown of love and beauty. I just do not know if he would. He is so manly and tough. And sexy. Did I mention sexy? What a gorgeous hunk of man?

Clair M C - Thank you so much for the review. Yes, Jaime and Brienne. I do adore them. They strike me as a couple that would be so stinking CUTE.

ShutUpILikeFanfiction - Thank you for the review. I am glad you are enjoying it. I think the tension will be breaking soon.

WildBubblesRoam - I'm glad. I always found Jaime/Brienne moments to be adorable and powerful in the books and show. But I have a Jaime-Love too. I just adore his character.

Hilary Parker - Thank you so much for the review. It is taken an epically long time to write. I never imagined I would be where I am 312 pages later.

HerbstKind - The end does draw near. I doubt it will reach eighty chapters. Afraid that this next chapter is not that much longer. *sighs*

Lothiel - I am glad you have so enjoyed this story. I do have a kind of/sort of idea in the works. I am not sure how it will work out. This one was nothing like my original plan. BELIEVE ME on that. But there is an idea that I have percolating in my noggin.

Jelese11 - Just the way it worked out. Thank you for the review.

The Reason is You reviews
"Everyone says that. I want to help you get home. Only one person has been completely honest with me since I left Winterfell, and he is at my side." Continuation of where Mr. Martin left off with our favorite pairing/s.
A song of Ice and Fire - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 77 - Words: 170,555 - Reviews: 291 - Favs: 252 - Follows: 276 - Updated: 2/10/2014 - Published: 6/26/2012 - Sansa S., Sandor C. - Complete