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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter.

I'm just a regular dude that really enjoys writing fanfiction. I love to read, especially manga, fantasy, and sci-fi.


Harry/Tonks - I dunno, I just REALLY love this pairing, Tonks is one of my favorite characters, and I lik her with Harry the best (and if not, it has to be her with Lupin or Sirius, otherwise I will not like the story much.

Harry/Susan - Another one I like largely because of fanfiction and how people write Susan. Didn't think her actress suited her well though. Always thought of her as a bit less... dour? I dunno, just didn't strike me as Susan (they did pick a good Hannah though). My picture of susan is someoen that looks rather like Karen Gillan (Amy Pond of Doctor Who fame)

Harry/Hermione - Totally love this ship. Always been my fave, and have shipped it since the first book came out (before I even knew what shipping was). I know others saw Harry/Ginny, but perhaps it's just me but the books always seemed to be Harry/Hermione, and the movies certainly helped me on that (I pity the poor fellow that watches the movies without reading the books and gets to HalfBloodPrince and is like WTF, Harry and Hermione have crazy chemistry, why the heck is he suddenly kissing Ginny?) Even in the last two movies (part 1 and 2), their chemistry is just nuts ( a good nuts)

Harry/Padma - Dunno, just like this one. Padma isn't utilized much, and her actress is simply gorgeous. Oddly enough, I'm not a fan of Parvati due to how she was written in the books - also not a fan of Lavender - even though I very much like Parv's actress. That and I just have a thing for brainy gals.

Harry/Luna - really like this a lot, so long as it's a decent depiction of Luna. Some folks get way off the mark. Also enjoy this whether it's romantic or just sibling relationship (like in my story).

Harry/Multi - If written well it's great. Harry deserves all the love he can get.

Harry/Other - I'll occasionally dabble in other stuff when inspiration hits me. Some good Harry/Daphne, Harry/Hannah, and Harry/Fleur out there.

Crack!Fics - As long as they're well written, Crack and humor fics are some of my faves. Nothing quite beats Harry Potter and the Champions Champion by Driftwood1965, though.

RonBashing - this is my lifeblood. I hate the little blighter (more on that below), so seeing him tortured is beautiful (for a wonderful Ron and Draco Bashing, read the above mentioned fic).

DumbledoreBashing - JKR's Dumbledore just confuses me. He seems kindly at times, others he shows himself to be a stupid fool (yes, let's spend an entire year looking at two hours worth of memories instead of looking at them in one night, and then actually TRAINING the person that NEEDS TRAINING that has a bloody DARK LORD out for his blood!) and a manipulative old coot (He basically set up for Harry to have a similar upbringing as Voldemort - that's just totally messed up, not to mention I'm convinced that most of the first 5 years was largely coordinated by him). Seeing his plans go up in smoke just makes me smile.


Harry/Ginny -
I'll read it sometimes. No real opinion on it. If they write a decent Ginny I can read it (bobmin and a few others write great Ginnys that I can stomach). JKR's stuff though, ugh. She just tossed in Ginny and made her basically some sort of Mary Sue without any decent development. I totally hate the canon Harry/Ginny relationship - it just seems so fake. At least on the movie there's some slight chemistry between Daniel and Bonnie that makes it stomachable. Had JKR bothered to develop Ginny as an actual character and show a decently developing relationship with Harry through the books (rather than the few sceens of squeeking and blushing folloed by a few okay scenes in OOTP before dumping Harry/Ginny on us in the next book) instead of copping out with a sudden "chest monster", I might have been a Harry/Ginny shipper as avidly as I am a Harry/Hermione shipper.

Other Shippings (i.e. Ginny/Neville or Luna/Neville or others) - Meh, I'll read them sometimes (mainly if they're funny)


Ron/Hermione - NO! JUST NO! Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. Gods, this ship makes me want to upchuck yesterday's breakfast. Ron is my least favorite Character in all of Harry Potter (beats out Draco and Snape and Dumbledore, and that's hard to do).

Yaoi/boy-on-boy - Sorry, i'm a heterosexual guy. Don't have anything against gays or those that like this sort of stuff, but it's simply not something I like to read, nor does it do anything for me. Now, lesbian stuff... that's a different story ;) I know, I know, typical straight dude - you're right!

Opinions on Characters

Ginny - If Ginny is anything like the books, I simply cannot stand her. Elbows in butter dishes, blushing and mumbling, promiscuous flings to get attention, etc. Gah. ESPECIALLY hated her character at the end of HBP with her stupid "I knew you wouldn't be happy unless you were hunting Voldemort. Maybe that's why I like you so much", showing that's all she cares about and that she knows very little about him. She cares about the "hero" the "knight in shining armor" the "Boy who lived" - the myth that she's been raised (brainwashed?) since she was a tyke to see around him, and his saving her from Riddle in her first year only made the hero worship worse. I mean really? He'd not be happy unless he was hunting Voldemort? Does she even know a thing about him? Grr.

Ron - My god I just hate him. Frankly after the Third book I thought he'd turn out to be this generation's Pettigrew. He should have been fed to the basilisk. Or just taken out by that chess piece - even better. He's an annoying git who cares only about himself and how he looks to the world, and IMO is only near harry to take in the reflected glory (he has dreams of glory, as seen in his Erised image, and yet he makes no efforts to improve his grades and become Head Boy or Quidditch Captain in order to make those come true). He's the source of much of the trouble for Harry and Hermione. His abandonment in Goblet of Fire was but the first nail in his coffin, but the jealous git's little fit and running away during a life and death Horcrux hunt was simply unforgiveable (though it did set up one of the best Harry/Hermione scenes of all time in the film - the cute dancing scene, as well as the whole Harry/Hermione Horcrux kiss). He's an insufferable git towards Hermione, and verbally abusive. He's the sort of guy I make sure my daughters know to stay well away from, and anyone that thinks a healthy relationship can be created out of a constantly argumentative and verbally abusive 'friendship' like Ron and Hermione's needs serious help. There's Unresolved Sexual tenstion and then there's THIS. And THIS just ain't appealing.

Dumbledore - Said it above. He's a manipulative and rather foolish old coot.

Snape - Sorry, I know some liked his "redemption" in the books, but I can't stand him. He's a straight up bastard, and his love of Lily is a bit creepy if you ask me.

My Stories

Beginning To Live - AU: Nymphadora Tonks survived the end of the Wizarding War, but lost most of those she held dear. Now four years later, with Teddy growing up, she has to deal with her growing feelings for his her son's Godfather, Harry Potter. Harry/Tonks, Honks, Oneshot.

If any of my stories get deleted, you can find them at various other websites where I also post: adultfanfiction . net, yourfanfiction . com, hpfanficarchive . com

I have the same username, TheIndigoRaven, at each of the sites so it should be easy to find.

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