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Well, what can I say about myself?
I'm a person who appreciates well written prose. I'm lucky to have discovered quite a number of extremely gifted writers on this website who have really restored my faith in fanfiction and triggered my resolve to improve upon myself and keep writing.

I'm embarrassed to say that I started writing 'Midnight Wolf' at the ripe young age of 15. At this time I had no real understanding or appreciation of how to write well, and the story displays that. I don't consider it to be a well written story, though I know the storyline had potential. I'm sad to say that, now as a person approaching their 20th birthday, I cannot for dear life attempt to replicate my 15 year old mindset and complete the story. Quite a few people seem to genuinely like the story, if the 'favourites' and 'follows' and ongoing reviews demanding a continuation are anything to go by- this is the only reason I haven't actually deleted it from this website as I'v been tempted to do. But I won't be continuing it.

The silver lining is that I'v decided to return to the world of fanfiction as a mature and seasoned writer, and my writing style will be quite a contrast from the nonsense I wrote as a 15 year old. I have a story I'm very excited about which I'm in the process of writing. As a writer, and like so many other authors on this site, I do struggle a lot with commitment to a story which is why I'm taking extra care to plan and prepare this story meticulously so that I can see it through to the end.

I'm always happy to take suggestions, criticism and most importantly recommendations for good fanfics to read. (If you would be so kind as to send me recommendations of great fanfics, please have a look at my 'favourites' first so that you don't recommend an author I'm already familiar with)

About my writing style

I only tend to write femslash pairings, as I find them more interesting to write and challenging to write. I normally don't write/work on more than one story at a time, that might change in the coming months as I discover new ways to maintain commitment for my stories.

I'm always up for any opportunity to grow and develop as a writer, I like to read and try out new styles of story telling, and I feel incredibly privileged to have received all the amazing support from so many readers on this website, as well as privileged to have come across some of the most breathtaking stories and authors I've ever read, fanfiction or not.

Note: In my story (midnight wolf) I use the term sun-crotch by Lestat Giovanni from his/her story 'Arabella' - all credit for the term goes to them.

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No Ordinary Love by fiend89 reviews
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All Of You by MyTwiDreams reviews
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Undisclosed Desires by xxWolfpupxx reviews
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Lone Wolf by Princess Alexandria reviews
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