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All About the Glorious Ever Happy

Animes I love:
Inu Yasha (obsessed)
Ruroni Kenshin
Yu Yu Hakusho
Trigun (obsessed)
Fooly Cooly (obsessed, fumeing it's off the air and only had 6 episodes.)

Animes I Hate:
Kikaider-Why? It soo dull everything happens really slowly..and it's way to dramatic
DBZ-Why? It takes them 3 freakin' episodes just to power up, I like explosions just as much as my Pyro friends but C'moooonnn
Blue Gender-It's just another aliens invade blah blah blah..

Favorite Charecters:
Inu Yasha- Miroku, Sango, Kirara, Shippo, and Kagome
Ruroni Kenshi-MISAO!! Kenshin, Kaoru, Sanoske
Yu Yu Hakusho-Hmm Gin and Yusuke, maybe Kurama
.hack//sign-Mimiru! (I know that thanks to Aishi-Chan THANK YOU! *HUGS*)
Trigun-All four main Charecters. I jusst Looove Trigun! Heck Even Knives and Legato are okay in my book and Above all the darling little cat!!
Fooly Cooly-Haruko, Naota.

Hated Charecters:
Inu Yasha-Kikyo and Inuyasha..I'm wierd.
Ruroni Kenshin-Megumi
.hack//sign-BT, Subaru..I hate dramatic peoples

Supported Couples:
Inuyasha: Miroku/anyone (Big miroku fan) Kagome/anyone but sesshoumaru or Inuyasha. Even shippo works..lol Sesshoumaru/Kikyo (I thought it was an interesting pairing)Sango/anyone (double points for Miroku) Shyup.
Ruroni Kenshin: Sanoske/Megumi (even if I hate her) Kenshin/Kaoru Misao/Anyone but Aoshi..I hate him.
Yu Yu Hakusho-Kuwabara/Yukina (I think they're cute together) Kurama/Hiei (C'mon fan girls he's gay..deal with it) Yuske/Boton (I hate Keiko.)
TRigun:Vash/Anyone(bonus points for Meryl though) Wolfwood/anyone (double points for Milly)
FLCL/Furi Curi/Fooly Cooly: Haruko/Naota
I pretty much answered hated couples too huh?

Fan Girl and proud of:
Inuyasha:Miroku...told ya I was wierd
Trigun-Vash..I'm Normal at times to..rarely though.

If you Flame Me! I'll respond saying SOOOORRRRRRRYYYYYYY a zillion times! 'cause I don't like it when people yell at me, and I Don't like yelling at my peers.

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