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Author has written 4 stories for Lord of the Rings, Shakespeare, X-Men: The Movie, and Silmarillion.

Heya people.

I've had my story on here for years (well it seems like it) and I'm finially getting around to writing a profile, man I'm slow!

Lord of the Rings

Amy Daughter of Onlee - Complete - This is the first story that I submited on fanfiction.net. I have just finished it, feels like an end of an era now that it's done. Took me years! Three I think, way too long! It's about a girl called Amy who arrives in Middle Earth (you know the drill) turns out that she was born there and destined to return, but you'll have to read the story to find out more! It's a Legomance, gota love that elf, and involves close relationships with horses, because I love them. One of the horses is called Chinky which some people find insulting, but I really do know a horse called Chinky! She is lovely, if a bit tempermental to ride and the Chinky in my story is almost exactly the same (with a few artistic liberties i.e. her size and ability to speak).


Iago's Psychiatrist - Complete - One Shot - I wrote this for the creative writing part of my English GCSE. I don't think it is the piece I submitted in the end, but I liked it. Whilst going on a huge tidy up of my room a couple of weeks ago I found it and thought I'd stick it up here. With a few alterations of course, I like to think my grasp of the written English language has improved somewhat since I first wrote it. There were a few horrific mistakes which have since been altered. In summary Iago goes to a psychiatrist and it is told through the eyes of his psychiatrist. Fun to write and, I think, its fun to read.

X-men the Movie

A Freedom Chained- In Progress This is the first of three stories that follow the main plotline of the X-men films, with a few alterations. As you can tell it is in the Movie section and although it will incorporate parts of the comics it is predominantly based in movie land. It involves the introduction of a fish mutant and mainly follows her thoughts (although not written in first person) and thoughts on her. I have to say that I liked the last X-men film. The only thing that annoys me is the fact that Nightcrawler isn't in it and that Angel doesn't have a large enough role. Rouge is a bit of a wuss as well yet I can see her reasons. Plus Hugh Jackman without a top on, again. What more could a girl want!

Oh if you want a laugh you can find my very first fic on under the name Willow and its called 'Harry Potter and the Untold Lies.' its sequal is their as well 'Harry Potter and the Ring of Four' they are apawling! I read them the other day and was cringing! I wrote them when I was 13! I think my writing has improved slightly since then! But as I say if you want a laugh! I'm never moving them to this site, its too embarassing!

Anyway, this is way too long now, and I recon very few people will actually read this, but oh well, it killed a few minutes in typing it!

Your ever loving Willow26!

(P.S 26 is just a random number!)

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