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Hi!My name is Nila.

I'm finally fifteen years old and I'm a total romance fan.I LOVE romance and cute moments.I'm portuguese so sorry for the mistakes :S sometimes they pass through me without I even notice.

I signed up here because I'm a huge anime/manga fan and the anime movies that I've seen,I was never happy with the ending except of Howl's Moving Castle.Then moviefan-92 made a Spirited Away 2 and Howl's Flying Castle,Laputa-Castle in the Sky 2 and I was really happy and loved to read them.

One of the last anime movies that I saw was Tales from the earthsea and again I didn't like the ending because they should've stayed together.So I'm creating a 2:Tales from the earthsea 2-The worth of a dragon.

This is the first time that I do this so I hope you enjoy and I would really enjoy to read your opinions.I've heard that they've made a continuation to the movie but was only released in Japan.I hope that it's not the same.If it is please tell me and I'll delete it right away.

Hope you like it :3

A more complete profile:

-Things that i like to do:

read manga

write on my blogs

read fanfiction stories-of course d:

watch animes and anime movies(but haven't seen in a while because i can't find anything anymore D:)

basically stay in my computer

watch movies(normal ones)

hang out with my friends



-Music that i like to listen:

i can say that i like almost every type of music-like really-even classical music and stuff

-Favourite animes:

Fushigi yuugi


The Vision of Escaflowne

Death Note

Vampire Knight

Zero no Tsukaima

Tsubasa Chronicles

Marmalade Boy

-Favourite like but not anime shows:

Avatar the legend of Aang

Avatar the legend of Korra

Teen Titans

-Favourite Mangas:

Rave master

Fruit baskets

Karen first love

From far away

High School Debut

Bokura ga ita

Fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden

Red river


Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu(unfortunatly ongoing)

Shinobi life(same)

Parfait Tic(also the same)

-Favourite Anime Movies:

Howl's Moving Catle

Spirited Away

Laputa-Castle in the sky

Princess Mononoke

Tales from the Earthsea

Whisper of a heart

-Favourite couples:

Van and Hitomi-Escaflowne

Elie and Haru-Rave Master

Inuyasha and Kagome-Inuyasha

Kyo and Thoru-Fruit Baskets

Miaka and Tamahome-Fushigi Yuugi

Katara and Aang-Avatar the lengend of Aang

Starfire and Robin-Teen Titans

Therru and Arren-Tales from the earthsea

Chihiro and Haku-Spirited Away

Please go here:

Just to finish:I would love to meet people who like romantic mangas and animes and talk because neither of my friends or people that i know like it and i have no one to talk with :'(

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