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Author has written 8 stories for Mortal Instruments, Ouran High School Host Club, Avengers, and Harry Potter.

Hai! Welcome to my profile! Enjoi!

Things I like:


The Redskins

TMI by Cassandra Clare

Ke$ha (Die Young)

Maroon 5

I am a total Potterhead! Drarry!

My thoughts on Potterhead vs Twihearts

I read both of these book series and honestly its easy for me to see why Harry Potter is the most popular subject for fanfics. The main difference between Twihards and Potterheads is that in Twighlight you either Love Love Love Love Love it which makes you a Twiheart, or you absolutely despise it. With Harry Potter though some people actually just like it but they aren't a Potterhead. I wonder if anyone else has thought of this. Sorry Twighhearts! But I did read Twighlight and enjoyed it but I just like Harry potter better... :/


PMs are always accepted accept for spam

Reviews unless they are flames are accepted and I mostly like constructive criticism if it has to be some kind of negative review

I would appreciate it if when you read my story you told me how you felt about it no matter what because some people don't realize that fan fiction authors are real people and they like feedback. There is no author who doesn't want to hear how they did good or bad. None of us are James Patterson or J.K Rowling and everyone makes mistakes. On the authors listen to what you have to say and most of the time they do have time to read your review or PM no matter what. It doesn't matter now many reviews a story has the author reads them all and appreciates them. So please review and or PM to me and every author.

To people who flame, and to people who know about flaming or have experienced it.

I hate it when people say any kind of negative comment on my stories and then don't care to explain. Flames are never excepted and will be deleted, but constructive criticism will be accepted most of the time. For example. I wrote a story called What I Never Thought About. Its a Mortal Instruments Fanficton.

Its supposed to be romance between Clary and Jace. So in the fifth chapter Clary starts to realize that her relationship with Jace is more than just friendship. Now, to me that sounds like a perfectly reasonable place to start the romance, but its okay if you disagree. So anyways even if it was to long of a wait another thing was that the story changes to Clarys POV every other chapter so basically she only had 3 chapters. And in the chapters she started to get hints of romance anyways. And people wrote flames! One person said: Seriously Clary? It took you that long? Wow.

That hurts. I think its strange that people forget that when you read a story, you aren't just reading a story. You are reading someones hard work, time, dedication, and talent. People write these stories so that other people can enjoy them. I didn't write the story so that I could enjoy it. That would be stupid. I wrote it for the followers. And it really hurts when people say things like that. If your an author and you've ever written flames think about this: How would you feel if you spent so long writing one of your stories, being proud of it, and then someone comes up, probably without a care in the world, writing something that takes all of the pride out of you.

So if you have written flames on my profile, don't do it again. Because you may not realize it, but I am a person, I have a life, a boyfriend, a school, friends, and a busy schedule. And yet I sit down, ignoring all of those things, to spend my valuable time, doing things for your entertainment. And no matter how much I love writing, I don't do it for me.

I do it for you.

(Well enough of the dramatics)




Peeniss (god I hate their ship name)




PM me if you have any questions about my profile, stories, and other things! Caio for now!


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