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Poll: What should my next fanfiction be on? (Summery and titles are not official) 1) A Little Bet, Anyone?: When a little bet turns into an all out war in the treehouse, the troublesome trio turn against each other. Let the prank war begin! When will it stop? Who will win? And who will finally have the guys to prank the one and only Pumpkin King? 2)A new Game: When a dare sends Vannelope into the newest, scariest game in the arcade, she didn't expect to come face to no face with the one everyone calls the Slender Man Vote Now!
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Author has written 7 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Wreck-It Ralph, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Minecraft.

Hi! WritergirlLB here! Welcome to my bio thing. So, I don't really know what people write in their profiles so I guess I'll start with the obvious.

I like

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Wreck-It Ralph, Soul Eater, Evenessance, Panic! At the Disco, Skillet, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Linkin Park, Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood is WAY better!), food, purple, cool people, writing stories, Minecraft, getting scared, Disneyland, youtube, rollerblading, climbing trees (Don't judge me...), dogs, Green Bay Packers, 30 seconds to Mars (This is War is my fav song!) chocolate, basketball, gymnastics, funny tv shows, and japanese anime tv shows.

I hate

People who always bother me about the same thing over and over again, dogs who bark at 2 o' clock in the morning for no reason, people who over react, pickles and mustard, people who boast and anything super annoying.

Age: 13, My Bday is November 18

I am: a girl and a writer

Name: You really think I'd tell you! Ha! Don't make me laugh!

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown, a little below my waist. (Haven't cut it in 4 years!!)

Favorite Color: Red, Grey, Black, and Silver.

Zodiac Animal: Rabbit. (*THIS* Close to being a dragon! Why!?)

Nationality: Tawainese/White

Favorite sport: Basketball, but I love to watch football and hockey.

My fanfics are/going to be:

Soul Eater, Nightmare Before Christmas, Minecraft, Fullmetal Alchemist, Wreck-It Ralph AND MORE!!!


EdithAndJez and I are best friends in real life. Her writing is pretty cool, so check it out.

I obssess over anything anime.

I have a silverpocket watch that looks just like Ed's. (It even has the 'Dont forget 3, Oct. 11' engraved in it!)

I draw chain sythes all the time

I was obsessed with anime since I was six and I didn't even know what it was. (I loved the movie Spirited Away, but I didnt know it was an anime)

I am the tallest girl on my basketball team. (5"8)

I am obsessed with the piano. I know how to play River Flows in You, Jack's Lament, HappinessRequim of The Blind Alchemist, Lurking, Bratja(Brother), Tsunada Te, Beaming Sunlight, Numb, One Summer's Day and The Scheming Song (Kidnap the Sandy Claws)

The girl that is in my profile picture looks just like me and it's super crazy cause I found this while I was looking for the cover for my Minecraft fanfiction, Revenge. The only real difference is that my hair actually goes a little below my waist and HEROBRINE is in the background... 0_o


1) Envy (He's a shape-shifter, has the insanity to start a war, and super cool!) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

2) Herobrine (He's super cool and scary. I believe in him and I can't say much else because he may be watching me...) Minecraft

3) Izumi Curtis (she is like a one-man army!!) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

4) Soul Eater Evans (Guys who would take the bullet for you are cool. Plus, I love piano!) Soul Eater

5) GLaDOS (Her insults and come backs are pretty clever and funny) Portal

6) Calhoun (She is the coolest character ever!!) Wreck-It Ralph

7) Lock, Shock, and Barrel (They freakin' kidnapped Santa. You gotta give them some credit...) The Nightmare Before Christmas

8) General Armstrong (She so intense it's awesome) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

9) Happy (He's a freakin' blue cat with wings!) Fairy Tail

10) Wheatly (He's so funny) Portal 2


1) Scar (He's freakin' scary! If he touches you, your dead!) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

2) Blair (The freaking perverted cat!) Soul Eater

3) King Candy (I don't know how Turbo is one of my favorite characters and at the same time King Candy is my least. He's just creepy...) Wreck-It Ralph


Surpass God or Truth? In progress

Symmetry Day Complete/Yearly Update

Vanellope Meet Gene Complete

Revenge In progress/Taking a break

Misplacement Complete

Revenge: Original Extended Summery

Revenge- Have you ever wondered why Herobrine looks just like Steve? Has no one thought that that may have been too much of a coincidence? This story will tell you the truth of Minecraft and explain a few things you may not have know. This story will explain why Herobrine wants to kill Steve and much more. Everyone thought Notch and Herobrine were the only gods in Minecraft. What if I told you that theory was all wrong? What if Minecraft as you know it has a dark secret? The true story of Herobrine, Notch, and Steve

Revenge Explainations:

Chapter 1:

How Steve makes things with his mind (Using his will power and mind he created wooden planks that then became a crafting table)

How Herobrine was banished to the Nether ('Begone demon!' Only gods could come to the Aether! And if Notch, god of the gods called him a demon...
Herobrine stood, horror struck. He wasn't a god anymore. He truly was a demon.)
Why villagers have swords (This must have been the work of Steve! How could his young brother betray him so, giving these mortals tools to save themselves!?)
Herobrine's grudge against Steve ("How dare you make such a weapon to kill my creations!?")
How TNT was invented
(Herobrine liked to help Steve make objects too. Herobrine, not use the making things that didn't destroy, invented TNT; a powerful force that can make large crevasses in the ground)
Why Herobrine has a scythe (I've made a weapon for you! It is a pickaxe with one side and it is like a weapon. It's made more for killing animals and handling more durability for the job. Here take it!")
How mobs were born (All day and all night Herobrine worked on a monster who will attack the humans)
How caves and abandoned mineshafts were made in the over world. (Using the TNT he invented, Herobrine made large tunnels and caves that were as dark as night for the mobs to retreat to in the morning.)

Chapter 2:
Why we refer to Herobrine as "Him."("Do not speak his name to me, for he is not my brother. I want nothing to do with 'Him'")
Where strongholds come from (Herobrine made a lovely home underground. Actually he made three to be exact. Each an equal ways apart and all had twists and turns, which made navigating in it nearly impossible. He called it a stronghold for the walls were strong enough to house the demigod and large enought at that.)
Where lava comes from (Bringing water, fire, and lightning Herobrine created a liquid fire that burned anything in it's path. Getting a bucket of it, the demigod brought it to Notch.
"Feast your eyes on my liquid fire I call lava! It will burn through everything whether trees, homes, and above all else bedrock!"
Pouring the lava over the block the cloud under it began to disintegrate and lava flowed down on the world. Wind carried the new found substance and most fell in large pools. Others seeped into the ground where it bubbled beneath the surface)

Where Bedrock comes from (I just created a new block." Notch said. "I will be at the very bottom at the world."
Herobrine nodded his head. "You should call it Bedrock."
Notch titled his head. "Bedrock? Why would you name it that?"
Herobrine shrugged. "If it's at the bottom of the world then by the time someone hits the bottom of the world they might as well die their so deep.)

Chapter 3

Why people in Minecraft Respawn Death. Herobrine was the god of destruction, so death would fit in that category. Now that the former demigod became a demon, death was no longer a fear.

Review, follow, favorite, enjoy.


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