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Kingdom Hearts-

Name: Master Arénam Akuma Rowan

Nicknames: Aré

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Height: 5'10

Weight: 120lbs

Role: Demon Wielder/Master, Keyblade wielder, Protagonist

Keyblade: (Human) Faith's Melody (Demon) Demonic Fate

Personality: Arénam is rather confused at most times, since she was isolated at such a young age and for a long time, she doesn't know what most common things are. She likes to keep to herself. She prefers thinking over talking. But she is is outgoing and funny, when she is comfortable with the people and place around her. Arénam can be witty and sarcastic from time to time. She is not very friendly, unlike most keyblade wielders, she makes mental trials for people she meets in her head to know that she can trust them. Aré is brave and protective of her friends and family, much like a certain person(s). But she is very tricky and is almost like a cat, the Cheshire Cat. To some extent she is rather intelligent, even though she may not know things we think are common, there were a lot of old books to read at the ruins.

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye color: (Left) Electric Green (Right) Dark Blue

Clothes: Red tank top, black unzipped vest (short sleeved), sleeveless red cropped vest (zippered, ends at her mid-section), tan hakama pants, black boots, one black fingerless glove on her left hand

Family: Nova (Older sister, 24), Terra (Older brother, 19), Daichi (Father, age unknown), Usagi (mother, age unknown)

Friends: None

History: Arénam was born with a strange mark on her wrist. The symbol only one person has per lifetime, the mark of the demon wielder. She was taken to a world where she trained by herself and her past lives locked away in a "prison" until she turned 13. When she was thirteen and her entire life turned into her own living hell.

Story: Remnants of a Master

Class: Assassin (Stealth)

Name: Nova Usagi Rowan

Nicknames: Nov

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Height: 5'5

Weight: Refuses to say

Role: Keyblade wielder, Protagonist

Keyblade: Destiny’s Star

Personality: A practical older sister, She is often worried about her younger siblings. But she is mainly proud of whatever they achieve.She is easily impressed almost anything, she often praises the other keyblade wielder's small achievements in training or whatever. She does have a somewhat maternal or big sister attitude to everyone, like said previous sentence.She is the oldest (Not counting Eraqus, Yen Sid, etc) of the group and she is always open to giving advice (On boys, or girls. And plenty of other things). Unlike her younger sister, Nova is very patient, she doesn't mind waiting. The only time she does mind waiting is when she wants something to happen. She is very sweet especially because she hates when people get hurt, or are sad, or angry. She tries to make them feel better. Nov is very intelligent, she acts as a school teacher to Flame, Suna, and Frost (And sometimes all the other wielders). She has a vast knowledge of many things, no one knows how she learned it all.

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Light green

Clothes: White sundress, grey sandals, grey vest, and white headband

Family: Terra (Younger brother, 19), Arénam (Younger sister, 13), Daichi (Father, age unknown), Usagi (mother, age unknown)

History: Nova was a keyblade apprentice along with her younger brother, Terra. Shortly after her younger sister was kidnapped, she decided that the keyblade brought pain and suffering (who knew that she was right *sweat drop). So she ran away from Land of departure when she was eighteen. She only left a note saying that she was sorry and that she does not wish to pursue keyblade mastery anymore. She returned to her home world and met her true love, Andrew. The two soon got married and had a child, a boy named Vim. She lived a joyous and peaceful life until disease took her love away from her. Without thinking, she couldn’t take the sadness anymore and took her own life. She is not a keyblade master.

Class: Acrobat

Name: Suna (Rowan)

Nicknames: Munchkin, kid, shortie

Gender: Female

Age: 6

Height: 3’6


Role: Keyblade wielder, Protagonist

Keyblade: Grains of Sand

Personality: Hyper- active, friendly, fun-loving, curious

Hair color: Dirty- blonde

Eye color: Green.

Clothes: Light blue dress with a dark green bow tied around her waist, dark green boots with light blue laces

Family: Mother (age unknown, deceased), Father (age unknown, in prison), Nova (Adopted mother)

History: For her whole life she has lived with her parents. When she turned four, every night her father would go out and get drunk, he’d come home in the middle of the night and beat her and her mother. When Suna was six years old her father actually killed her mother in a drunken beating and only managed to break Suna’s arm. She ran away and he followed. Arénam found her while this was happening and saved her. Suna’s father lost custody of her and was arrested. She soon summoned her keyblade and was taken in by the keyblade wielders.

Class: Assassin (Stealth)

Name: Flame Lysandra Phantom

Nicknames: Fire

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Height: 4'9

Weight: 80lb

Role: Keyblade wielder, Protagonist

Keyblade: Hearts of Fire

Personality: She may be fire but she is quite the opposite, but there is a fire that burns brightly within her heart.

Hair color: red hair tipped with orange

Eye color: Red

Clothes: red sweatshirt, Black tights, orange shorts, white sneakers, and brown gloves

Family: Frost ( Brother,10)

History: She is currently living on the ruins of her and her brothers, home world, after it being destroyed by the darkness thousands died except for Frost and Flame's parents and their cousins (who escaped the world on time). The twins parents died shortly after they turned five and were killed by monsters of the dark. Flame and Frost both summoned they're keyblades shortly after. The twins have been fighting these monsters ever since.

Class: Assassin (Stealth)

Name: Frost Lysandre Phantom

Nicknames: Froze

Gender: Male

Age: 10

Height: 4'8

Weight: 81lb

Role: Keyblade wielder, Protagonist

Keyblade: Kingdom of Ice

Personality: (opposite of Flame)

Hair color: Whitish- blue hair

Eye color: Dark Blue

Clothes: Brown leather jacket, blue tee- shirt, grey jeans, white fingerless gloves, black boots.

Family: Flame (sister, 10)

History: He is currently living on the ruins of his and his sister's home world, after it being destroyed by the darkness thousands died except for Frost and Flame's parents and their cousins (who escaped the world on time). The twins parents died shortly after they turned five and were killed by monsters of the dark. Flame and Frost both summoned they're keyblades shortly after. The twins have been fighting these monsters ever since.

Class: Assassin (Stealth)

Additional Keyblade classes:

Acrobat: Acrobatic wielders of the keyblade are a small but strong class of the keyblade. Not many keyblade wielders choose the path of the acrobat most prefer to use strength,magic, or speed. Acrobats attack with strong attacks using a flexible fighting style that can easily be used for dodging or quick attacks or confusing the enemy. Acrobats take a more graceful approach to fighting with the ability to have perfect balance and acrobatic style with flexibility. Acrobats are somewhat skilled at magic but fight more without magic.

Assassin(Stealth):The Assassins of the Keyblade are a secret branch of keyblade mastery. Assassins take a stealthy approach to fighting. They are also assigned missions to assassinate people with high class mastery of the keyblade or monarchs of the worlds, who do not deserve to live. These missions are called contracts and the person who assigned the contract pays the assassin with munny. The fighting style of the assassin has strong and fast hits with a branch of keyblade magic that is band from the other keyblade classes. Though through each attack the opponent never sees it coming due to the stealthiness of the assassin. Though assassins have a special class of magic all to themselves, they find magic unnecessary in battle. The leader of the assassins is the Demon Wielder/Demonic Master.

Priest/Priestess: These keyblade wielders take a more calm approach when it comes to fighting. This again is a small branch, like acrobat, but it is branched off of mage. This wielders choose to use magic and can barely use speed or strength at all. They barely fight and tend to wielders. Only few actually do fight one being the Angelic Master, who is their leader. They pledge to banish evil and save the wounded.

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