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Author has written 3 stories for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Half Moon Investigations, and Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人.

Erm... yeah. I write.

I like tea better than coffee, that's for sure. But I recently learned that I will choose chocolate without hesitation. Apparently, I'm seriously craving for some coffee chocolate latte Ash had given me.

Time to make some sense.

I read manga (Shounen, Psychological and Horror) and books and for some weird reason, my friend asked (FORCED) me to read a story of hers so that i could edit her grammar and when I did, I was SCARRED for life. i never expected her to be actually write- no... scratch that... LIKE two guys hitting it on with each other. At first I was like 'WhatthehellisthatIdon'teven-' and 'whattheheckaretheydoingdoesn'tthathurtImeanhowdoesthatevenfit?!', but I did manage to finish reading her story and edit a couple of parts. In the end, no matter how disturbed I was right in the midst of reading that story, it didn't really matter. I like the plot, the flow and almost everything. Truth to be told I'm still a little creeped out about two guys doing... that... but after some time I got over it.

But I still can't get over some things... I mean crapping a massive... well... crap- is painful as hell and yet they're sticking that in there? I'm disturbed...

Right now i'm writing a story for my friend since it's her birthday. I had a couple of experiences in writing, mostly scifi and NORMAL ROMANCE STORIES (i know, it's geeky for a guy but i don't do romance without horror or psychological or without someone dying in the end) but i'm trying my best and her favorite pairing is Belphegor and Fran of Katekyo Hitman reborn! (trust me, i never looked at that anime-no... at every anime with two guys at the same again. Even my classmates that mess with each other, it's weird. WEIRD) so I wrote a story about them. I did my best so yeah, don't say THISISSHITYOUSHOULDBURNINHELLFORTHESECRAPPYSHITLESSSTORIES, please say 'you suck, kindly go to hell and don't ever write again.'

...the difference?


That's it,

Oh, one more thing...

Did I mention that the story that she wrote is about me and my roommate?

yeah... it's about me...

doing it with a guy...

my roommate...

who I am always with...

every freaking night of the day...


I love my friend...

I hope she dies soon...

or at least lose both of her hands...

so that she can't type...

or write anymore...


I love my friend.

Lines I won't forget throughout my life:

"Honey! I told you not to eat near the computer!"

-said my mum while eating her lunch in front of the computer, while playing chicken chase (?)

"Wake up, I know you'll love this."

-Dad said while I was sleeping, referring to a grotesque M rated movie

"Why did you choose to be a psychologist?"

"Because I want to."

-I told my psychology teacher at the first day of school

"Who among you have visited the guidance councilor during your high school days?"

I raised my hand


"Because it's cold in there"

-I also said this at the first day of school

"What is lemon?"

-Ash asked me while chatting with one of my readers

Mum is talking with me through the phone and heard Lucy speaking beside me*

"Is that your girlfriend?"


Lucy turns towards me

"What's wrong?"

"My mum mistook you as my girlfriend"

she suddenly snatches the phone

"Don't worry Mrs. *state my surname here, your son's gay"

I snatched my phone back

"Don't worry son! We love you the way you are!"

-during some random day

"So, masturbation."

-Lucy said out of the blue

"Oral, Anal, Oral, Anal, Oral, Anal, Oral, Anal..."

"What? Are you choosing which one to do tonight?"

-Lucy said while I was memorizing something in our psychology test

Mum and I were buying my school supplies when she tossed a yellow high lighter on the basket*

"Mum, this color is painful. It hurts my eyes. It's illegal."

she arched a brow at me*

"How do you feel about pink then?"

-(frankly, I think pink should be banned from the world)

sees a cup of noodles with random japanese scribbles in it.*

calls brother*

"Hey want some Japanese noodles?"

"Yeah sure."

later that day*

while eating noodles, brother looks over the cup, the suddenly cracks up

"Did you tell me earlier that this is Japanese noodles?"

"Yeah, kinda obvious because of the brand name."

"Look under your cup."


Product made by *state another country's name here*

"Fucking fraud."

Just another day at the Vasille household...

while eating dinner...

Mum: So, honey? How was your week?

Me: Nothing special, really. It's just that my math professor did something annoying...

Dad: What is it?

Me: Well, he announced that there'd be a quiz, so of course I'd check my notes and scan them. Then he noticed me and told the guy in front of me not to give me a hand out because I was reviewing along with some others who were also reviewing. I didn't care much because I wasn't in the mood for studying.

Mum: Not in the mood fir studying? honey-

Dad: Let him continue, I'm already starting feel like reporting that teacher.

Me: Dad, *sour look*

Dad: Kidding, just go ahead.

Me: *nods* then he'd start asking questions in the class, leaving me and some others without a hand out. Since I know the answers, I answered each of his questions alone. Apparently, only I and him were understanding each other, surprisingly, even if I'm the only student without a hand out, only I can answer his questions. Once, I stopped answering his questions since there was this really stubborn dirt inside my nail and I had to pick it off, then I noticed him and everyone in the class looking at me. I asked them why and my professor said he was waiting for my answer. Then I answered his question and he once again resumed discussing.

Mum: You got your brains from your mother, of course. *winks*

Dad: He got your looks, that means he got my smarts.

Mum: He got your height, honey. He's still bitter about that.

Dad: He probably got it from his grand father. My height's pretty good.

Mum: It's good that way, I like him like that.

Me: I can hear you.

Mum: *chuckles*

Me: Anyway, he announced that there's a quiz on the back of the paper. He started giving the other students with the pages and only I didn't receive one. I felt a little offended and just brushed it off, writing random stuff while the others were taking their quizzes. Then when they were done he asked me where my paper was and I told him I didn't receive one. He snapped at me and told me why I didn't ask for one and I just answered that I didn't know he forgot about me. Therefore, I didn't get to do my quiz that day.

Mum: Maybe because you were so antagonistic.

Dad: You got it from your mum.

Mum: *grins* Yeah, want to experience my antagonism, honey?

Dad: *smirks* Really now.

Insert competitive aura in the atmosphere

Me: I think I have indigestion.

Mangas I'm currently reading...


Kuroko no Basuke

Kagerou days


Hammer Session

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Hetalia (I watch the anime)



Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Umineko no Naku Koro ni


and the list keeps going...

Books I've read...

Artemis Fowl (read up until the last book. Damn it trolfer, you troll)

Half Moon investigations (I really liked this one.. Fletcher's character somewhat grew in me)

The Supernaturalist (I only managed to read halfway since out dog ate it) (I'm serious about this one, I fell asleep on the floor while reading it and the next day I found it ripped to pieces.. worse.. I only borrowed it from the library) (I just bought a copy, I'm currently reading it) spoiler: (I'm officially cursed... why the hell do all my favorite characters die? Damn it, Colfer!)

Airman (I'm going to read it soon)

I feel like Colfer's stalker. It's not my fault I like his writing style.. *facepalm*

A series of unfortunate events (up until the last book)

Thief Lord (I've read it long ago so I don't remember it clearly now)

Gone (I've only read the first book.. I have the third but I'm not reading it until I've read the second so..)

and the list keeps going..

Mangas I'm seriously waiting to update...

Btooom! (amazing story... although the unneeded fan service is...)

Kamisama no Iutoori (yep.. insane but a good read)

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) (Just finished it.. I feel kind of sorry for Akise. I'm favorable to his character. Poor guy)

Suicide Island (I think I got lost while reading it so I'll just look for it...)

High school of the Dead (hiatus... for years)

and for those who noticed the common thing about these.. (no, not the rating. I'm not a pervert... I just happen to know that they are rated for gore) survival mangas are my thing.. so if you have recommendations.. I'll gladly hear you out.

sidenote: if possible.. I don't want ecchi/ too much fan service.. or romance.. but it's fine I guess... as long as the story doesn't revolve in it..

For those who like my writing style, I could make a customized story as a prompt... I like challenges so don't hesitate to ask...

I can make fan fictions of..

Artemis Fowl

Half Moon Investigations


The Supernaturalist

(frankly, anything that was written by Colfer)

A Series of Unfortunate Events (My memory's a blur but I could reread it.

The mangas and books mentioned above (if you've got any request I could check them out and read them first, no romance please. Romance is fine as long as it has gore or death or the story doesn't focus on it.)

I'd like it very much if you were to request a dark!character prompt/gore or anything of the lines but it's fine if it's clear of it.

Slash is fine, since it has grown on me during these past months. About hetero pairings.. I'm not that confident but I can try. Apparently humor naturally comes in with my stories, but I can't make anything that is solely on humor. I've never tried writing a crack story my whole life.

The harder the prompt, the better. Like I said, I like challenges. Character death also doesn't bother me much.

Impending plot bunnies that appear during a stormy day:

Note: While these stories can be considered as AUs, it's possible for these to happen seeing that anything can happen during those ten years.

Eoin C.: Ten Years Later series

Dark!story collection:

Title: Blissful Vengeance (Half Moon Investigations)

Genre: Angst, Crime, Suspense, Slash

Main Characters: Fletcher Moon, Red Sharkey

Side Characters: Genie Sharkey, Herod Sharkey, April Dereveux, May Dereveux, Murt Hourihan

Summary: Eoin C. TYL!series. Ten years after the arson/assault incident, Fletcher Moon thought that it was the end, that he can live a peaceful life as a private investigator but things just won't let him. Now that Red Sharkey was accused with murder and he was accused of bombing the crime scene. Rated for crude language, Angsty!Fletcher, smokes, alcohol, insanity, slash and cross dressing.


"Times have changed, Red. You've changed, and so have I. We lead different lives now. We separated ways ten years ago. Let's just move on." I cast him one last, melancholic smile. Then I turned and walked away, not even sparing a single glance toward him.

"What brought this on, Fletcher?" He called out through the noise.

Several thoughts ran in my mind to answer his question. I paused but didn't look back. "A lot of things," I released a sigh "It's your choice whether to figure that out or not."

I knew from my instincts that Red had his teeth clenched as he answered me. "Why do you have to make things harder?"

I smiled for the second time that night. "You're a smart guy, Red, you can figure it out."

Warnings: This fiction contains lots of swearing, smokes, blood, explosions, innuendos, insanity, Dark!Fletcher, DualPersonality!Red, Sly!Genie, Sarcastic!Herod and Smartass! OCs

Title: Second Generation (Artemis Fowl)

Genre: Dark, Angst, Violence, Crime, -Beckett's extreme attachment to Myles, it's up to you if you'd consider that incest or not-

Main Characters: Myles Fowl, Beckett Fowl, Beau Paradizo

Side Characters: First Generation Characters


Eoin C. TYL!series

Ten Years Later, thirteen year old's Myles and Beckett Fowl started attending St. Bartelby's School for Young Gentlemen. Things have been going normal, other than the fact that there had been an irregular increase of homicidal murders around Dublin. The normality shattered when Minerva Paradizo attempted on killing Artemis Fowl. The sudden appearance of an old, mythical which only existed on story books brought fear to the People. The supreme creatures, the Golden eyed Geisse.


“Don’t pull anything funny,” he whispered darkly over the man’s ear. “I could kill you with, or without it.”

-Beckett Fowl

“That’s hardly a reason to kill me, is it?”

-Myles Fowl

The French male snorted then locked glares with the younger twin. “I know you would be safe with that killing machine with you.”

-Beau Paradizo

Warnings: This fiction contains violence, blood, Megalomanic!Myles, Violent!Beckett, Angsty!Beau, Insane!Minerva, and a whole new race.

I'm making a story at FictionPress.com...

It's pretty similar (but not exactly) to my story...

because once again, akuma-sama found out about the existence of original stories at fictionpress... thus... another story to make...

but there's no need to worry because I'm only waiting for my beta to finish... beta-ing my first story...

and I'm changing our names for the sake of privacy...

for those who are interested...

I'll post the link here...

and I have the same name over there...

cause I'm too lazy to make another account...

here's the synopsis...

I’m Seth Vasille, just your typical loner (and no, I don’t cut myself up), and I’m currently hating, and am equally hated by the school’s dick-er… jock; Ashe Treviso. And if that wasn’t bad enough, we’re lab mates. Still not enough? We’re fucking roommates. Yay, how fucking fantastic.


uh... please review?

and when you do... please inform me if you read that story from here... so that I could acknowledge you and familiarize with you better...


have a nice evening everyone... and please remember that you shouldn't waste choco caramel frappes because the frappe god will punish you...

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Blissful Vengeance reviews
Ten years after the arson/assault incident, Fletcher Moon thought that it was the end, that he can live a peaceful life as a private investigator but things just won't let him. Now that Red Sharkey was accused with murder and he was accused of bombing the crime scene. Rated for crude language, Angsty!Fletcher, smokes, alcohol, insanity, slash and crossdressing.
Half Moon Investigations - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Crime - Chapters: 7 - Words: 22,840 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 2/23/2016 - Published: 9/1/2012
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Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人 - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Chapters: 6 - Words: 13,203 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 1/28/2016 - Published: 1/8/2015 - Eren Y., Levi A.
You are mine, remember that you frog reviews
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 10 - Words: 26,107 - Reviews: 129 - Favs: 83 - Follows: 110 - Updated: 11/9/2013 - Published: 6/20/2012 - Belphegor, Fran