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- 12/03/2019 Update -

I have been spending most of my time writing silently these days and most of my stories here are unlikely to see updates any time soon.
There's at best two fanfics here that may be updated should the story ideas ever pop into my head. As for the others, the updates on stories section down below shows a fair few getting dropped or undergoing major changes. The long and short of it is that I've been moving away from fanfics to focus on my original characters in my stories instead.

I don't really know what else to say at this point... in my head I still have grand thing planned out for the Mermaid Melody S3 fanfic and the Mako Reverse Tail fanfic, I've put too much effort into both in notes to not go ahead with both of them. However, the two stories I am working on for myself are both important pieces of subtext for my overall large own story, and I have far more down for those. As I said, if inspiration strikes, I won't hesitate to carry on with the two mentioned, but I do want to do them justice and not rush them all out.

Oh hi... It's erm, it's been a while since I've been on here man feels like forever. Profile last updated 22nd August 2015 bloody hell... What is there to say about me? Well my real name is Cathy, I'm now 22 years old (though I don't believe I am) and I live in the UK. I love my anime, manga, video games, baking and drawing, and I'm not very outdoorsy, quite shy, introverted, but I can speak more with writing than I can with my mouth. (I'm just very shy that's all)

So, what stories do I do here? I'll say this, unless you're into the mythical wonder that is mermaids you might as well just turn around now and don't look back because this is pretty much all I write about :P it's just a secret guilty pleasure of mine and well it's nice to be able to express it in writing and make stories. Though whilst I have my fanfics I do have another incredibly long project that I've been working on for 8 years which is my original story Godly Renaissance. Not too much to say about other than holy hell there is a lot of work to do on it.

Lifestyle wise, even though I'm not outgoing I might get courses, work, or heavy gaming stuff (like raiding on FFXIV and rhythm gaming events on games like Bang Dream) stopping me from doing much else which means I don't update very often and I have to be in the right mindset to be able to write, and I know when I'm not because I'll look back on a chapter and just know that it wasn't as good as it could have been. So yeah, please be patient with me on updates. This is just a hobby at the end of the day.

What I have works wise is a lot of stories that are currently in sort of a reboot phase. Pretty much all of them are getting fixes to them, lots of details need to be added and changed, and the writing itself needs to be updated. So pretty much everything is on hiatus w/ revamp atm.

I'm also going to be on FF's sister site, hopefully under the same name, and it's where I'll be posting 2 stories that are spin offs (okay so they are and they aren't at the same time, it's all subtext for a plot detail and how certain beings came into being) of Godly Renaissance (my own story), based on two stories I was writing here for different fandoms, but dropped due to not feeling comfortable carrying them on with characters that weren't my own, and not being able to do the fanfic chara's justice in their personalities and how these stories play out. You may not see any updates on anything for a really really long time now due to these two, as I'm not doing them in chapters so far... The pair of stories are sort of linked, they share the same world but both stories do not exist at the same time if that makes sense. Both take place between a pair of Islands, each story exploring each one in links to mythical activity.

There also might be a 3rd story to the above, which would again, not be an in universe take, but another alternate reality, though not quite based how the other two are given the setting wouldn't work. This one would be the vocaloid one I was working on ages ago (thank you FF for losing over 40K words on it those few years ago...) and will be sticking to the songs lyrics still. No idea when I'll get going on it but it is something I want to do still.


Mermaid Melody Season 3: Book 1

Some time later in late 2017: Chapter 5 was released of the new version

2018 Late August Update: I admit I haven't moved much with Chapter 6, I'm in a bit of a rut as to how to progress the story onto the next main bit and I just don't know when I'll figure out what to write and be satisfied with it, so sorry on this one.

If Love Exists, will I find it?

25/03/14: Chapter 2 was at long last posted!

2018 Late August Update: This is one of the two stories being dropped for Godly Renaissance instead, sorry to disappoint anyone...

In Trouble

31/01/14: On the last day of January 2014, In Trouble has been completed, with Chapter 13 as the final Chapter

In Trouble Once Again

9/08/14: On the 9th August 2014, In Trouble Once Again has been completed, with Chapter 11 as the final chapter

In Trouble Over The Trident

06/09/14: The first chapter of the sequel to In Trouble Once Again is out!

22/12/16: So, this sequel in the chain of In Trouble is actually being dropped. Reason being, I'm not happy with it at all. Everytime I read over what I have I can only think of how wrong it feels. However because all 3/4 seasons of Mako are out (and oh my god I love all of them so much!) I've been working on a much bigger story using all 3/4 seasons and flipping it on its head with a new story.

2018 Late August Update: The following is still true, the series has ended for me with 'Once Again' and I'm more focusing on 'A Reverse Tail' instead.

A Reserve Tail

18/03/15: Wow, my first update of 2015 is a new story! Woohoo!

2018 Late August Update: There are currently 2 chapters out of this story, the 2nd of which I am still revamping after realising "oh crap, this isn't the direction I wanted to go in." So expect it to be some time before I'm there!


The Siren: Alternate Ending. Going back to 'The Siren' episode from Season 2 of Mako Mermaids, what would have happened if David's enchantment wore off the second Sirena's singing was drowned out? Just a one-shot, not going anywhere too deep with it. It might actually turn into a 2 shot, as I had 2 different versions of this planned out. EDIT: I seem to have forgotten a lot about the ideas I had put into this one, don't hold out on this coming to light in the future, but who knows, I'll leave it here as a memento to me.

The Other Worldly Affair: A 5D's Fanfic- THAT HAS BEEN DROPPED! This is the other story going to the GR cast.

2018 Late August Update: It's been a while and I haven't shifted on a lot of these, no real major updates needed

And that's all there really is to say for now, I will try to update this board of information as best I can and hopefully update or post something new whenever I can.

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