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Author has written 10 stories for Lost World, and Stargate: SG-1.

I'm 22 and a junior at art school, but it sucks orangutan balls.

I am actually pretty embarrassed by my fics (except the one SG-1 I have) but I feel a personal attachment to them as much as they may suck. So they're staying up until I get out of school, have nothing to do but sit around in my pjs all day, (halfway there- I do that on weekends) and complain about my programs. Then I'll get around to rewriting them.

This coming section is old, but I still give props because it got me into the fanfic world and being obsessed with TV shows: I am an extreme The Lost World Fanatic: Marguerite ~n~ Roxton 4eva, baby! (I am also a hopeless romantic for Will Snow and Rachel Blakely- the two actors that play M&R- they are gorgeous and "Are meant to be together" in the words of Shakira who is AT this moment on the radio, and creepy enough- that lyric came up while I was typing this. I think it's a pretty dumb song, but that one lyric fit what I feel about those two wonderful people.) Sorry- that sounded a bit obsessive and scary. I'm not scary. Ok- that's a lie. I am scary and obsessive, but not to the point where you should take my ramblings seriously. (At least, not the stalkerish ones).

Art is all I'm good at. I love singing, writing (though I'm not great at it, I'll admit!), rollerskating (where the hell can you find a good rollerskating rink anymore?!) I LOVE Barbra Streisand, Bernadette Peters, musicals, and movies. I'm eclectic and proud of it. I like cake. And chocolate. A lot.

There's just too darn many fics out there! I need to have stricter standards. Nothing but romance, romance/drama, or romance/angst. (Though not too much angst in there. My old, weak heart can't take it.) I'm a sucker for fluff and dirty, dirty, pervy NC-17 fics. I am. I'll admit it. There's too many stories and not enough time! Just give me the smut!

I used to only read LW fics, because I never knew about fanfiction, but I am now involved in a whole slew of fandoms. Though TLW is no more, it's still at the top of my list of favs, mainly because it's brought a lot of wonderful people into my life and for that, it will always hold a special place in my heart... But damn the head honchos for not giving us Season 4! We needed at least a 2 hour miniseries! Why couldn't you just give us THAT much? :X

I'm also completely addicted to Stargate SG-1, but I've only written one fic for it because I'm stuck in the middle of my second! Jack/Sam pairings are my absolute favorite, but 9th season sucked and 10th is not much better, which is awful, since it's the last season, so I'm a little pissed off at it right now. Doesn't stop me from loving SG-1, or SJ, because I'm convinced they'll get together on the show eventually...And I'm grateful for those 8 great seasons... Cuz there were some wicked awesome episodes.

I've recently gotten back into Star Trek: TNG, and love Riker/Troi pairing fics. LOVE them. Actually, I won't read any TNG fics if they're not R/T or Picard/Crusher (because I love them a lot too!)

I'm also a HUGE Law and Order: SVU fan, and though I know Dick Wolf hates EO shippers, I will not give up my fantasies of them getting together- at least on internet paper. I just think they're both passionate, rough-around-the-edges, glorious characters, and they need to get together to heal eachother's wounds... ;) FAULT! Dick Wolf doesn't hate us Shippers after all! I am so glad that there are others out there obsessed with EO- my roomate's looked at me like I was crazy for screaming about SVU the other night...

And The X-Files ROCKS. I'm a big MSR fan. I have a few XF fics in the works, but don't expect them anytime soon...I have nothing else to say about XF. It rocks my socks.

CSI- also a passion of mine. I love Grissom/Sara and Warrick/Catherine.

Many thanks to all the nice people that review my stories and the 4 people that put me on their favorites list. It means a lot.

Ok. I think this was WAY more than a sufficient amount for my profile. And much more than you probably cared to know about me... :)

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