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Hey! I'm wordonawing, and I've banded together with my great friend to form this joint account. We really wanted to write a story together, and we couldn't decide whose account it would go on, so we just made a new one. Hopefully you'll enjoy our story :)

anarchist mongoose's part of the profile is pending. Hurry up, mongoose!


Yo! I'm anarchistmongoose,and as wordy has told you, we have made a joint account so we can write a story together, and we just mushed our names together. It could also have been anarchistonawing :D. Yeah, I don't really have anything to say... I like rollercoasters, windsurfing, sugar and fanfiction (and Hetalia! LOL) and I hate anything that feels remotely like hard work. Sometimes that includes writing and sometimes it doesn't, you'll have to see.

I ate a massive strawberry yesterday. It was huge. But really, really yummy. Happy now, wordy? Ha, my part of the profile is bigger than yours. Sucka.


That's only because I wrote it in like two seconds and I had no idea what to put. I suppose I'd better do likes and dislikes. I like Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, X Men, Merlin and Loki. Also classics and tea. I suppose you could say I'm the brains of this operation. Is that fair, mongoose? I don't like avocado. Yuck. Or femslash. Double yuck. I have several OTPs, including Cherik and Frostiron. I spend my days reading fanfiction and rewatching Reichenbach, crying every. Single. Time. And I'm probably boring you now, so I'll pass the baton over to mongoose.


Hey, I never knew you didn't like avocado. That's amazing, neither do I! Snap! Our dislikes are the same! Except I can manage background femmeslash, unlike wordy. The brains of the operation? What the heck? I'm a genius! You're just jealous of my superpowers and the fact that I discovered fanfiction before you did. And the fact that at one point I memorised all the names of the Bond films in order and that I know more about LOTR than you do. So ha.

You're gonna hate me for this, but I had to google Reichenbach because I had no clue what you were talking about.


Really? Weird. Anyway, I don't really mind femslash, I just don't like it as the main pairing. Don't you dare put it in our story. I will disown you. Is it femslash or femmeslash? Or can you say either?
I never said you weren't. But who is it that is generally referred to as a human dictionary? Hmm? You're obviously jealous of my superior Doctor Who/Merlin/Sherlock/Assassin's Creed/Game of Thrones knowledge. (On a side note: you have to read GoT, it's the best thing ever.) And the fact that at one point I memorised the entire Wikipedia page for the first artificial satellite in space. Granted, it was you that suggested it, but do you know how long it took Sputnik 1 to complete a full orbit of the Earth? I didn't think so.

Good Lord. Now I really am disowning you. (I am watching it literally as I type and people keep mispronouncing "Reichenbach". They say it like "Reickenback". I just want to burst in there and shout, "IT'S REICHHHHHHENBACHHHHH YOU FOOLS." The German "ch" sound is rather hard to properly represent in word format.)

Anyway. We need to stop bickering and actually address our (marginal) audience.

To the audience: I'm putting up a oneshot that we wrote now. See if you can guess which parts are my esteemed colleague's and which are mine.

BAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry. That moment when Sherlock says, "Cancel it, you're having lunch with me," and does a kind of semi-gay gesture with the Quavers bags is just hilarious.

Aaaaand now the Fall's starting. Poor Sherlock. Poor John.

"No one could fake being such an annoying dick all the time." Oh John, you so funny.

Better stop with the running Reichenbach commentary now.


That's nice wordy. Yeah I suggested the Sputnik thing. I do German too you know. I just suck at it. Whatever. I told you so about double spacing. You're right. We should stop this. And continue in person.


(We did continue in person, if anyone's interested.)

We bicker like children. Heck, we are children.

Anyway, thanks to all the guys that alerted! It really means a lot to us that you're on board with our wacky story :) doesn't it, Mongoose?

Also massive thanks and hugs to our first (and only) reviewer! Your feedback is much appreciated.

Hmm. Mongy has gone suspiciously silent. I hope she hasn't been killed by a Turkish assassin or knocked out by her own windsurfboard or something. The latter seems more likely, to be honest. Never was a great one for being sensible, our Mongoose. That's my job. She is completely reckless, whereas I am full to bursting with it. Sigh. We make a funny pair, don't we?


Thanks a lot, wordy. Even though it's kind of true. No, I didn't knock myself out. What part of little-to-no WiFi in Turkey do you not understand?

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