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I'm the same Angie which used to go by the PenName AngieLuz, URL , UserID 2099613. This is the URL to my Avengers story "Whispers In The Air": In case you want to read that one before moving on to "Heart Of Fire".

Hello! My name is Angie and I welcome you to the Wonderful World of Angieland!!! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my stories. I don't really have much to say about me only that I have a BA in History, I sing opera, I play the guitar, I cook like a pro (yeah, I do!), I love to read and write and I think that's about it.

I am a huge fan of Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, Edgar Allan Poe, Christian Jaqc, Paulo Coelho, Taylor Caldwell, Carlos Fuentes, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling among quite a few others.

I love all kinds of movies, although I think my current favourites would have to be Midnight in Paris, La Vita E Bella and Inglorious Bastards but yeah, I love action, comedy, romance, epic, historical, weird stuff, indy, big blockbusters, muscials (I love Singin' In The Rain!), oldies... everything and anything!!!

My favourite actors are: Jeremy Irons, Sir Kenneth Branagh, Ralph Fiennes, Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Michael Fassbender, Christoph Waltz, Alan Rickman, Sir Iam Holm, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Sir Lawrence Olivier. My favourite actresses are: Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz, Glenn Close, Katherine Hepburn, Dame Maggie Smith, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Aileen Atkins (yeah, you guessed, I want to be a Dame one day LOL), Cate Blanchett, Hilary Swank and of course the great Meryl Streep. (And the entire list of members of the Royal Shakespeare Company, why not?).

Favourite musicians: Adele, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Foster The People, The Cure, Josh Groban, Imelda May, Van Morrison, James Morrison, Olly Murs and Michael Buble (among many, many others).

And that would be all :)

Lots of love for everyone!!! MWAH!!!

Link to map of Asgard:

EDIT: Hey, guys, make sure to visit the joint account I share with AnnDroyd,
At the moment we're starting a new Thor/Spiderman crossover,
Be sure to check it out. Jessica's stories (AnnDroyd). She is a wonderful writer and I am honored to be colaborating with her.

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Sequel to Whispers In The Air. Author AngieLuz. Six months after the unexpected ending, Emma, Thor and the rest of the Avengers find themselves in yet another adventure as they are forced to face their worst fears. A new villain appears to destroy everything our heroes hold dear while Emma struggles with her loss, which she thought to be irreparable. Loki/OC, Steve/OC, Thor/OC.
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