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Author has written 24 stories for Simpsons, Supernatural, Gilligan's Island, Animaniacs, Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew, Total Drama series, Pendergast series, and Psych.

The name was inspired by both Sideshow Bob and a 'Chicago!' musical kick I was on at the time of this account's creation. I'm also known as Isis 47 over on Fiction Press, just so you people know I don't just write fanfics. I have mild ADD, so I'm always starting and not finishing a lot of stuff, but don't enjoy to leave a story hanging. So yeah, I'll get around to finishing certain stuff sometime eventually. I love Broadway/Show music (and songs from cartoons such as Animaniacs), classical, and Irish music and despise country (aside from some songs, but none that have the strong accent) and most rap.

My obsession on The Simpsons: the Terwilligers, The Simpsons, and Sideshow Mel. You'll see all three of these families/people in my Simpson fics, if not at least a mention.

I want to tell you here and now: I won't kick off any of Sideshow Bob's family members. Or do BORT. I love Francesca and Gino, so I'm sorry. I can read other stories that have, but I don't really do that in my stories. There might be one or two that will not involve them, but I do like the general idea of Bob having a family (in most cases - you will find out what I mean in the stories). And before I forget, all Simpsons characters go to Matt Groening. Except for my OCs. And other people's OCs. Nothing/no one else on here is mine. Except story plots. Unless we're talking song fics. Then I'll have to go into some detail about copyrights and catfights.

These are several story ideas that I may or may not start, and some that I already have:

The Simpsons

Live and Lost—Sideshow Mel’s story, like ‘Life.’ Centers more around his career before becoming a sideshow - mostly.

You Just Won’t Succeed—Song one-shots, each a different story made into mini-stories. Because I’m going through a David H. Pierce phase, this’ll include the Terwilligers and a LOT of ‘Spamalot,’ or other DHP songs. Started on one song, but this is a series of song fics. It’ll be a LONG while before it’s done . . .

One By One—All of the Terwilligers deaths, like the ‘Ten Little Soldier Boys’ nursery rhyme. Possibly has ‘Life’ as a background for Cecil.

Don’t Blow It—Like ‘The Great Louse Detective,’ except with Marge and Cecil. And another Simpsons villain we haven’t seen in a while . . . .

Sideshows—An important Krusty episode from both sideshow's pasts are looked at in their points of views. Two different episodes, two different paths.

Trial—Sideshow Bob’s trial for framing Krusty, and thoughts. One-shot.

Ticking of the Clock - Tick-tock. Time's running out. Tick-tock. Both over-sized and children's feet getting tired and cannot run. Tick-tock. So tired you cannot shout. Tick-tock. For them perhaps not, but to the murderer it is fun... . . . . . Put aside that sick little poem, Sideshow Bob walks in on something he shouldn't have and has to pay the price - even if that price involves a certain spiky-haired boy and his family. Not started until I force myself to finish 'Legend of Springfield.' Has something MAJOR to do with Bob's new episode and genetic mutations.

Gilligan's Island

Flashbacks - LONG after their rescue, Gilligan reflects back upon those days at the island. One-shot.


100 Themes of Psych - A 100 Themes challenge I found on DA, and thought suited some ideas I've had for Psych one-shots. All shots take place before, during and after the show. Plus, PINEAPPLES, man!

50 Words of Shawn Spencer - Another 50 words/themes for Psych (except each word will have a VERY short story attached to it), mostly focusing on Shawn.

The Great Mouse Detective

My Story - The entire town of Mouse London is being stalked by a killer at night, and one amnesic girl might be the key to unlocking it. Told through the eyes of said teenage girl-mouse, and a bit of Jack the Ripper and 'Jekyll and Hyde' mix into the whole killer story. Started, but deleted. Sorry guys, I have some other stuff going on right now.

Dreams - Basil sets to discover what a recurring dream means, in which a young mouse is shot. I don't know if I'll just make it a one-shot on the dream, or if it'll turn into a full-blown story.

Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew

Ladybug - Posted/started. Takes place during/after the computer game Ghost of Thornton Hall, but before The Silent Spy. Major spoilers for Thornton Hall, so don't read ahead of the next two sentences if you plan on playing the game. A two or three-shot; as Nancy is finishing up her case, the brothers have one of their own. But one very important fact (or shall I say . . . SONG!) links what Nancy has seen at the mansion and the boys' case together, one little thing that opens a whole new world into one terrifying revelation: there truly are things that cannot be explained.

Total Drama

Total Murder Island - I'll think of a better name later. This is a really old idea of mine (and, from what I've seen, a very cliché horror idea for a story period...), which I have mostly finished writing out. Plan on posting for sure, just to entertain you guys while I finish up other stories. First season characters (as this is OLD - sorry if it's AU compared to the show now) on a deserted island . . . with a murderer. Watch as the players of this exotic game fight for their lives, all the while discovering bits about Chris' past. I'm editing it now (so it isn't THAT AU), and plan on posting once it is finished.

Within the Walls - This takes place after All Stars, with Mike's personalities. Possible one or two-shot. The personalities, after pressing the reset button, all wake up inside a beautiful mansion, with red and gold and blue all over! There are the necessities for life: a kitchen, library of Mike's memories, bedrooms, a game room, everything. But how ARE they still alive after pressing that reset button? Will Mike ever know they are? And for lord's sake, how does the Malevolent One fit into all of this? Started and almost finished, but not posted until I KNOW for SURE it's done and I won't just leave it sitting there collecting dust and unfinished.

My Little Pony

After the Cupcakes - The wrong number is picked. Pinkie's cupcakes are no more after Discord uses his magic to defeat the sick baker. But how will the town, friends and family of the victims pick up the pieces? Can they really handle what truly happened to the missing loved ones? Each chapter is dedicated to a character (main, antagonist, or background). Reviewers may request any characters they want, that are dealing with trauma or have been killed themselves.

The Job - "Trixie needs a job, and you two Flimflams are the only ones who accepted my résumé." "That's Mr. Flim and Mr. Flam to you, Miss Trixie."


Trials of the Siren - Pre-Thor story. After having put their lives in danger to sirens, (slightly younger) Thor and Loki are both sent to Midgard to find a woman and hear her own serene song amidst the horrors of the world she lives in. What horrors could these possibly be, to near-immortal Asgardians? Soon, they find out for themselves, battling the greatest war of all time against the horrible evil of fear and accusations of an early Midgard: "WITCHES!"

All Crossover Ideas Involving Already Started/Finished Stuff

Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew and Scooby Doo: 'Never Again.' One-shot. Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys investigate a series of crime waves that are building up in Crystal Cove, and find a gang of teenagers that might be able to help them out here. So they set up a meeting . . . . But no. There was NO possible way she was going to pay that restaurant bill. FINISHED! Not posted, but FINISHED!

Total Drama Island and Animaniacs: 'Christmas Drama.' A certain host is visited by the three Warners of past, present, and future at Christmas. Zaniness and scissors are soon to follow this story that is currently being held together by rubber bands, and that ain't a good thing! FINISHED!

Total Drama Island and Animaniacs: 'More Christmas Drama.' Once again, I have reached out to the cast of our first Christmas Drama for a sequel! More parodies come along with more villains trying to steal the spotlight as revenge for not being cast! We might even reach out to the cast of Pahkitew Island for several parodies! ;) 'It's A Wonderful Life' 'The Night Before Christmas poem,' and 'The Nutcracker' will definitely be parodied, and possibly more stories/poems/even songs if anyone is interested and makes some suggestions.

Total Drama Island and Animaniacs: 'Total Halloween Special.' ALL HALLOWEEN. FEAR OUR MANY PARODIES. We WILL have The Headless Horseman, asylums, The Raven, That Pesky Fellow (a Newfoundland fishing tale - where Chris is from? Anyone?), and many more! We are all quite enthusiastic about a holiday that has a *special* place in our hearts, and can't wait to get to it!

The Simpsons and Animaniacs: 'Totally Awesome Story with an Awesome Name.' Yeah, unnamed. Either Sideshow Bob is visited by the three Warners and Simpsons at Christmas time - suspiciously (copyright suspiciously...) just like the above Christmas-themed story - and learns some sort of lesson, or Professor Frink discovers the consequences of unleashing the Warners onto Springfield after a mishap involving different universes. Homer and Wakko eat everything, Dot gives Moe fashion and girl advice, Yakko and Lisa face off with the three bullies (with MALLETS, of course!), and later on Maggie and Slappy hit it off.

Gilligan's Island and The Simpsons: 'Island Smash Up.' After a bolt of lightning and an odd white light explodes from the TV, the Simpsons find themselves on a deserted island . . . with seven castaways. Everybody is in Simpson-style, no third-dimension-headache-causing stuff.

Animanaics and Futurama: 'Yakkorama.' After a freak accident involving cloning and, of course, an Animaniacs thousand-year-old re-run, the Express Crew are left with the Warners . . . and a LOT of zaniness and candy! How will it all turn out? A-a-a-a-ah...I'll think of something later.

Psych and Supernatural: 'A Supernatural Psych,' FINISHED! Supernatural murders in Santa Barbara attract the likings of Sam and Dean, and there you have it! A lot of confusion, pineapples, and other supernatural and terrifying things - such as Lassey's hair style - occur next!

Captain America and Sleepy Hollow: 'Soldier Meets Soldier.' Two super soldiers being taken out of their own time only to be waken up now and with a great purpose? They will meet, whether it be because of supernatural forces, aliens, SHIELD cases . . . or just meeting by chance at a bus stop.

Dexter, Doctor Who, and Pendergast Series: 'Untitled.' (Considering 'Silent Laughter,' not sure yet) A series of highly unusual murders have taken place in New York. Why are they unusual? For three different reasons: the TARDIS has brought together, once again, two Doctors of different generations (10 and 11) to help solve these murders. A serial killer/blood splatter analyst, working right under the NYPD's noses, is attracted to the crimes by the unusual coloring of the victims' blood. And finally, an FBI agent puts himself on the case for only one reason: the victims are not human.

When you dial a mental hospital:


Welcome to Psychiatric World. If you are obsessive-complusive, please press one repeatedly.

If you are codependent, please ask someone to press 2.

If you have multiple personalities, please press 3, 4, 5, and 6.

If you are paranoid-delusional, we know who you are and what you want. Just stay on the phone so we can trace the call.

If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and the little voice will tell you which number to press.

If you are manic depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press. No one will answer.

If you are delusional and hallucinate, please be aware that the thing you are holding on the side of your head is alive and about to bite off your ear.

I like to see reviews that give me what you like and didn't like. Also, I kinda don't like it when you favorite something or add it to alerts without reviewing or PMing me. I mean, I do appreciate it that you like it that much, but it isn't the same when you don't tell me WHY. It's especially annoying when that happens with a certain story, and it has more alerts/favs than reviews (or people reviewing). It's fine if you can't finish it and favorite for now, and then come back later to review (I do that, I know), but I've been seeing with several stories they have way more alerts than real reviews. This is bolded for a reason, I really don't like my story situations.

Point being: Can't anybody just take four seconds to leave a review? Even if it's not too long, let me know you're out there. :/


My grandfather passing away has stopped me from writing more of my Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys fanfiction 'Ladybug,' which I promised I would finish. However, I honestly have no idea where I will be going with it. It was originally a one-shot, but turned into something more. I thought I had something written out, and I now realize that the ending is weird. My grandpa passing has stripped me of writing anything involving death for a while, I'm afraid, minus the upcoming story I plan on posting within a week or so because it is already finished and all I need to do is edit it so it isn't too bad. 'Ladybug' will not be cancelled, and I will be posting this other story which IS done soon, so I can buy a little more time to write out the final chapters of 'Ladybug.' Then we'll go from there. :)

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Crossover with my first story, "Being The Oldest" and my Goosebumps story "Slave To Passion". Includes my OC, Stephanie Taylor Simpson. Stephanie keeps having weird dreams when she is in the body of a girl she's never met, who's always with some boy. Who is the girl, and why does she feel so scared around the boy? Please review!
Simpsons - Rated: T - English - Angst/Supernatural - Chapters: 13 - Words: 15,365 - Reviews: 37 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 4/12/2013 - Published: 11/12/2012 - Complete
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AU. What if Homer and Marge weren't the parents of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie? With a workaholic father and an abusive mother who argue amongst one another, the children live a nightmarish home life. But when they move to Springfield, they find a new life at school, where they befriend Homer, one of the groundskeepers, and Marge, a second-grade schoolteacher. R&R! COMPLETE!
Simpsons - Rated: T - English - Family/Drama - Chapters: 23 - Words: 54,533 - Reviews: 176 - Favs: 100 - Follows: 38 - Updated: 2/7/2013 - Published: 8/21/2012 - Marge S., Lisa S. - Complete
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