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developing war games in my head

daydreaming about hell breaking loose

developing enormous alterations to stories... primarily original characters

reading about current political situations




wars (as long as they're short)

Uranium rounds

decent people

minimal casualties

arrogant people who are just being honest

Robert E. Lee

The TRUE confederate cause (not that slavery hocus pocus, I'm talking about the honest southern freedom idea)




war hungry leaders

arrogant people who can't back what they say

anyone who believes that a girl is an object to be owned (girls are human for crying out loud)

people who claim the Islamic faith (or christian for that matter) and commit acts of terror in the name of their god

being outnumbered

uncontrolled warfare or ultimately, Tyranny in its more barbaric of forms

People who say they'll always be there and leave the moment things get hard

Betrayal of the highest caliber



Those who go back on their word

People who assume rather than know

tolerable (could go either way)

respecting superiors



Boredom baffled the bureaucrat

Rule one- wait... who came up with these things any way? Stupid rules.

allegedly... I love that word

violence isn't the answer, it's the solution (and a pretty good one in some cases)

git' er' done

all is fair in love and war... except in war, cause they could use a nuke on you... or in love, cause they'll probably walk out on you... yeah. Dang.

fair is the f word in my book... any way you say it naturally, it comes out like you're a whining pathetic little victim

I have a strict gun control policy. If there's a gun, I control it!

I'm not a subservient bitch... I'm a decent individual who likes helping people. There's a difference.

In the dominion of fear, I am well known. Yet Terror knows not my name.

Some may ask which is mightier; the pen or the sword? It all depends upon which is in the hand.

Don't ban the gun. Learn to live with it. Because this is simply the way things are. We are a society who has learned to adapt. This is simply another situation to deal with.

Silence is the one friend you still have when you are all alone. So thank God for your comrades, your family and all you hold dear.

There is a fine line between logic and insanity. As you can see, humanity has waged many wars on this frontline.

The one thing that a man cannot give into is his despair. It will be the one foe he will never beat. It will be his every desperate grasp at hope, his every fleeting memory of a past full of promise.

If you have a tendency to hurt those you love, keep their enemies closer to you so you can go down fighting.

When you feel most alone, recognize that someone somewhere in the world is happy in the company of their friends. Remember that if you alone feel this way, the world won't fall apart on you. You are simply obligated to walk it's streets, it's bridges, it's mountains and it's fields until you find those who will never run FROM you but TO you.

Forgive and forget, even if they never apologized. And if they won't in return, then don't run after them. They aren't worth your breath.

Some of the greatest people worth dying for are never just people to you. They're parts of you you'll never cut away.

If a girl breaks her promise, don't fall into the mistake of breaking yours.

Hurt being returned in kind has been one of the greatest divisions that has rent the human race in two. And so long as people cannot bring themselves to come to terms without apology, the true enemy of mankind will continue to work the devastation he so deviously inspires.

Heroes on Both Sides by Hemofhillppl reviews
When Separatist officer Calhava Kushi faced the dreaded Jedi Pong Krell, he never imagined what would follow. Betrayed and imprisoned, Calhava began an epic adventure that would cross the galaxy. Along the way he'll gather a group of heroes who dream of a free outer rim. I'm writing this with the intent of truly having "Heroes on Both Sides".
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Carda knew the old Imperium planned to invade Earth. Why wouldn't they? At first when he tried to warn Starfire, he was interupted in a rather painful manner. But once he said his part, the team is now faced with the threat of alien invasion. They are outnumbered, out gunned and have very few troopers to defend Jumpcity with. And Carda can't help. Maldia has arrived. Rated T
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On a rainy, stormy night, three figures appear at the gates of the Fairy tail Guild, clad in dark billowing cloaks. Their features masked in shadow, their forms casting darkness on the Doors. Each one the same height and build as their comrade. Yet they were not here to destroy. They came to join this guild. For their own was no more. Rated T for alcohol references and violence.
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The galaxy is experiencing military and political tensions as the Auroran and Borialis governments engage in heated warfare. As the alliance of humanity crumbles in this galaxy and war forces neutral foreign race governments to take sides, a stargate is found. Only it's not from this galaxy. It is the rubble of a destroyed planet from ours. Rated T for violence and minor language.
Stargate: SG-1 - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 13,930 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 9/22/2012 - Published: 6/20/2012 - Teal'c, D. Jackson
Transformers: Willpower and choice reviews
Blades had been raised all his existence as a Decepticon. Never once had he questioned Megatron. Never. Anyone who challenged Megatron was evil. Even if it was a team member second guessing Megatron's will. Blades' loyalty was that of a model Decepticon. But he wasn't a Decepticon. He wasn't an Autobot either. He was a drone. Rated T for character death and language
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