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Why hello there, you fantastic-looking person! I have no idea how in the name of all things holy (or evil, if you prefer. You just don't know with people these days) you came across this particular profile page!


As any person should, I will introduce myself to a wonderful!

Now. Introductions...GO!

Name: Sapphire, but feel free to call me Sapph.

Gender: Female

Birthdate: November 17th = Proud Scorpio

Nationality: Scottish-Korean-American

Languages: Korean, English, Chinese, and a little bit of German.

Fandom: Elsword being my main, and Hetalia following second.

Favorite Genre: Bring thy forth Angst and Drama! But Humor works just as well :)

Writing: Still honing my skills.

What I write: Elsword. Currently, I am great with short stories, but writing long 50-chapter stories are fun too (though they are a pain in the rear)

Hobby: Playing the violin.

Food: Black Forest Torte is my favorite desert of all time.

Favourites: Violin, Fanfiction, the colour Prussian Blue, Nighttime, Tumblr

Pairings: I am pretty flexible with all pairings. But if I had to choose...Code Nemesis with either Deadly Chaser or Lunatic Psyker


Ok, I'm a bit picky with this one. I usually prefer M-rated (no lemon please) stories that grab my attention. It doesn't need to be accurate to the main story line, but if your main focus is on the main history of the characters...please...please do some research before writing!

Even though the Elsword characters were meant to be one-dimensional with only a few tragic moments here and there (my personal opinion), I just love stories that dig deeper into each of the characters' backgrounds.

I am also a bit of a Grammar Nazi, forgive me. I will understand if there are a few errors here and there (I make those mistakes as well), but if your grammar is bad to the point of me having a headache just from reading it, I will quite willingly throw a dictionary at you.

See what I wrote above? Yeah. I dislike texting "grammar" as well. I noticed that people love communicating with each other through shorter versions of words (lol, brb, idk, ikr). Don't get me wrong, I also like using these shorten words when doing simple text, but those of you who uses these words in their own stories where there is meant to have proper grammar drives me insane.

Me? I prefer using the English language which has been developed through years and years of hard work by our ancestors.

There's nothing much left to say.

Favourite (male) Elsword Characters:

1) Deadly Chaser

2) Lunatic Psyker

3) Infinity Sword

4) Blade Master

5) Lord Knight

Favourite (female) Elsword Characters:

1) Code Nemesis

2) Yama Raja

3) Code Battle Seraph

4) Code Empress

5) Blazing Heart


Currently trying to re-post all my old stories which are edited and made better for viewing. I am giving special attention to "Lost Memories", "Unfortunate Souls", and "The Lost Son", because I felt that you guys would like to see these three stories finished someday.

"Death Stories" will also be given special attention to, since it is one of my more special stories.

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Saltwater Room by natural selection reviews
'Your name is VRISKA SERKET. You are a MUTANT and so have been EXILED FROM SOCIETY and moved to a QUARANTINED AREA. Lousy goddamn stupid radiation.' Dystopian, apocalyptic sci-fi AU using major elements from canon. Beta trolls are now mutated humans, sent away and conditioned into soldiers for the Condesce in a Battle Royale style story. But not all is as it seems. c32 progress:4/5
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Her Sick, Twisted Game reviews
Aisha loved playing her sick game: beating me at something. Being a Nasod, until now I had unintentionally beaten her at everything. Except one thing: Chung. She stole him away from me, forever . And what's worst was, she never even loved him. Aisha OOC. Suicide Warning.
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I Hate Him reviews
"Just look at his stupid creepy smile, the stupid red hair, and his equally stupid obnoxious personality. He bothers me and makes me miserable, drives me insane with his crappy jokes, and makes me want to kill him. He is the worst student I have ever-HEY! ELSWORD! GET BACK HERE WITH MY HEADBAND!",AU Elsword x Aisha. For CodePolaris, who has given me the best motivation to continue.
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Hey, do you remember? Or did you forget? All those years I spent, waiting like a dog waits for his master? It's alright if you don't, because either way I will sit here - awaiting your return. You promised. Where is that promise now?
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